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Mike Finds Himself - 20. Surprise at New City Pride Fest

The following day, Friday, both looked forward to using their new talents. Each had the same thought: ‘which is better, the fantastic pleasure my dick gets from pumping away on top or the feeling of compassion, knowing the pleasure I am giving my guy while receiving? While neither told the other, both left work early to prepare for their coupling. When Bob arrived home he heard the shower running. He quickly removed his clothes. By the time he slide the shower door open he was hard with anticipation. The smile on Mike, as he stepped in, intensified the rigidity of the erection. Mike grabbed Bob by the back of his head and pulled him into a hard kiss. As tongue explored tongue, the two dicks greeted each other. By unspoken agreement they quickly finished the showers and hastily toweled each other dry.

Mike sprinted into the bedroom and laid spread eagle on the bed, his ass up, giving a welcoming sign. Remembering Mike’s pain before pleasure, Bob forced himself to go slow. He leaned over Mike and massaged his shoulders, back and then moved down to the spread legs, ignoring the greeting the pulsating ass cheeks communicated. When Bob finally moved his magic fingers up to the ass, he gently rubbed it. Mike moaned with pleasure. He raised his ass exposing the eager hole. Bob gently massaged the cheeks letting a finger roam over the hole. Mike moaned more. Bob reached for the tube of lube on the night stand. Generously lubing his finger, he massaged the area around the rosebud. Mike thrust his ass up further, giving a clear invitation. Bob inserted a finger. Mike moaned more and pushed up forcing the finger deeper. Bob remembered the location of the spot. When he touched it Mike cried out, “Stop.”

Bob tenderly pulled out his finger and leaned forward. Whispering in his love’s ear, ”Sorry, I will be more sensitive.”

Mike replied, “That was not the problem. I almost shot my load just from your touch. I do not want this to end with just a finger fucking me. I am ready for you.”

As Mike raised himself Bob laid on his back, rolled on a condom and lubed his ready dick. Mike then straddled him in the cowboy position. He leaned back and placed the dickhead against his already lubed hole. As Mike let the dick move in he became light headed with joy. When Bob’s dick found that spot Mike leaned forward letting Bob fall out. As Mike smiled at his love he whispered, “I have a problem. It feels too good. I almost came again. I need a short break.”

Bob replied, “Good idea. I am in a similar situation. We both need to cool off. Let’s get a snack.”

Two naked guys, one wearing a condom, sat at the kitchen table. They shared a bottle of beer. After a while, a half soft Mike said, “Do me now.” He stood and leaned over the kitchen table. By the time Bob got up and moved in behind, his dick was ready. He placed his dickhead against the hole and Mike pushed back. Despite the pain resulting from the lack of foreplay and a less lubricated condom, Mike thrust back more as Bob plunged forward. Mike screamed in pain and pleasure as his hands free cumming spewed onto the kitchen floor. Bob, who had been willing himself not to cum, immediately filled the condom.

Fifteen minutes later, with Mike on his back and Bob squatting over him round two began. With each having recently satisfying their immediate needs, this session lasted long.

Following dinner at Outback Steakhouse each session lasted longer to the pain of the asses and pleasure of the dicks. In round three Mike again received and an hour later, thrust in during round four.

The following morning, each with a tired dick, kissed and cuddled with neither making an advance on the other. At breakfast their quiet smiles related their feelings as they discussed the plans for the day.

The two lovers were soon on the road anticipating a unique adventure. The New City Pride Festival on-line schedule listed a morning parade, afternoon performances on the outdoor stage at Ridgewood Park, numerous booths with clothes, art, and medical information as well as food and beverage tents. This would be the first time either had made a public gay appearance. Had the festival been in their hometown Springfield, not New City an hour away, it is probable they would not have actively participated and possibly not even observed the evens out of fear of outing themselves locally.

Their outfits, khaki shorts and tight pastel T shirts that outlined nipples (pink on Bob and lavender on Mike), were conservative compared to the flamboyant clothes of many participants. They planned to march in the parade holding hands. This would be the first time the two would give any indication of a public display of affection. They lost any concerns about making a spectacle of themselves as they waited at the parade staging area surrounded by hundreds of festive men and women of all ages, races and ethnicities. It was a wonderful and surreal feeling as they felt like they belonged there. Being away from home, they did not feel forced to hide their feelings and passion. Their brief chat with two dads and their three children, two girls and a boy between the ages of 5 and 11, gave them a clear indication of how the gay environment was changing.

There were cheers when the Grand Marshall of the parade arrived. The openly gay State senator was in his second legislative term, having been re-elected by the constituents of his rural district. There were three marching musical groups: The Five Scots – bare chested bagpipe players (there was speculation as to what they wore under their kilts – if anything), Lips and Sticks – group of macho trumpeters, tromboners, a tuba player and drummers, all wearing as little as legally possible, and The Rhythm Ladies - women’s marching band of twenty playing various instruments.

As the parade began, Bob and Mike found themselves in a group in front of the bagpipers. As the bagpipes began playing, Mike turned around to catch a glimpse of the handsome Scots. As he turned, he discovered himself staring at a young couple that was part of a group of college age men and women. His eyes focused on one of the most handsome men in the group, his son. Pete, looked up and, with an expression of astonishment, recognized his father.

Mike knew that at some point he would discuss his orientation with his children. He had not planned to do it at a Gay Pride Festival. As the marchers in the parade started walking forward, Mike stayed in place until Pete was next to him. As they began marching together, he said to Pete, “I have been planning a father-son talk. Didn’t plan on doing it today. In brief, here goes, I am gay. Your mother knows. It is complicated. We will talk later. Hi, Aiden. I am not surprised to see you two here together.” Mike was surprised when his son wrapped his arms around him. They had never hugged before. Mike was not the only person surprised by the hug. Bob was totally confused when he saw his love in an embrace with a tall, handsome, really hot looking young guy. Mike saw Bob’s bewildered look. When the embrace ended with the marchers going around them Mike led Pete and Aiden to the confused Bob. “Bob, meet my son, Pete and his friend Aiden. Pete and Aiden, meet my friend Bob. Now, let’s march and have a family reunion later.”

Between the bagpipes and the loud and festive banter of the crowd, serious conversation was impossible as they marched. After the parade, Mike purchased soft drinks for the four and they sat on the grass in the shade of a maple tree. He would have bought beers, but neither Pete nor Aiden was 21, the minimum legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages.

As they settled in the shade of the hot June day, Bob said to Aiden, “Let’s take a walk and check out the booths while these two talk.”

Mike then told his son about his personal revelations following his decision to focus on a healthier life style. He told how he now realized that he was gay all his life but had suppressed all sexual thoughts. He did not reveal his teenage jack off sessions with his cousin, Pete’s Uncle George. He explained that a month earlier, he had admitted to Pete’s mother that he was gay. “Thankfully, your mother realizes gayness is something you are born with, not a deliberate choice. We have discussed your relationship with Aiden. While we were not positive, my gaydar said you were in a relationship. We did not discuss it in a negative way.”

Pete chuckled, “Who would have thought that my dad has ‘gaydar’?”

Mike continued, “Your mother and I have decided to not make any life decisions concerning how my orientation effects our marriage for now. We had planned to discuss it with Kathy and you in the near future. Your mom knows Bob is a good friend and that we do things together. I try not to shove the situation in her face any more than necessary.” Mike specifically did not mention Pete’s mother’s relationship with Dale. The latest medical information on Ellen, Dale’s wife, gave her six months at the most. If after her death, Maggie and Dale decided on marriage, there was no reason for her children to know she was fucking Dale in their dad’s bed, as well as in the same house where his wife lay dying.

Pete commented, “I am really happy that you and mom are working through this in a dignified manner. While I do not see mom doing it, I would assume that such a revelation would result in screaming and hatred by some wives. I have no problem with you telling mom you saw Aiden and me and that you and I discussed your situation.”

Mike questioned, “I do not understand how you were able to attend today’s festivities. When Aiden helped you get a position at Hallelujah Christian Camp for Girls and Boys, I assumed you would be tied down all summer.”

“We were given most of the day off to take care of important family business. We promised to be back this afternoon no later than 3:00. Since it is a two hour drive we must leave by 1:00.”

“I am curious: how does it feel to be a queer couple working at a conservative Christian camp?”

“Those people are totally clueless. Since Aiden and I are clean-cut all American boys, there is no way they would even consider we could be, as you say, ‘queer’. The camp director actually called me ‘macho man’ when he discovered I played on the State champion high school soccer team. He asked me if I would be willing to coach both the girl’s and boy’s teams at the camp. Originally, since I am not a member of the church that sponsors the camp, my job was limited to maintenance and kitchen help. Aiden is a counselor, a position that can only be held by those active in the church. Little does the camp director know that Aiden gave up on the church years ago and only attends to please his devout mother. He told me that the pastor seems intrigued with gays and enjoys bashing them in his sermons.”

“I have good news. Yesterday the camp director told me that his good friend, Mr. Windsor, will visit the camp for a few days next week. You remember him - my high school soccer coach who we all called ‘Win’? He is going to run a soccer clinic and I will assist him. It will be a real pleasure to work with my old coach.”

This revelation gave Mike reason for thought. Walt Windsor or Win, the man he lunched with at Tomas’s followed by a very interesting sexual encounter, was a good friend of the camp director. I wonder if the two met in the backroom of Secrets, the gay video emporium. Is this camp director living a double life? Will my son learn more than soccer techniques from his high school coach?’

As Bob and Aiden returned, they seemed to be in a happy conversation with smiles and laughs. Aiden asked, “We were just wondering, did you two bond in ways fathers and sons rarely bond?”

Mike smiled, “If you are asking if we shared sex histories, the answer is NO. I am happy to report that the perversions of you two have not been graphically discussed.”

Aiden replied with a mock surprise, “Why do you think we have perversions?”

“Since you are a normal healthy young man and a friend of my healthy son, I certainly hope you are not a virgin monk.”

Bob changed the banter, “OK, enough sex talk. Let’s find some food so these guys can be on the road by 1:00.”

After tacos in the food tent, Bob and Mike walked the two young men to Aiden’s car. Pete gave his father another hug, “Wow, this day was a lot more enlightening that I thought it would be!” And then to Mike’s amazement, his son gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

As their car pulled out, Mike commented to his love, “It was not a surprise to discover those two are in some form of friendship. It was obvious by their body language when Aiden visited our home that they were more than study mates. ‘But, Holy Shit’, I did not expect such a positive reaction by Pete to my news, our relationship and his mother’s acceptance. Life is good! What makes it even better is that you are part of it.” Standing in the parking lot, Mike reached for his love and pulled him into a tight embrace and deep kiss, something they could only do in public far from Springfield.

As they disentangled Bob remarked, “You are certainly in the spirit of the Gay Pride Festival.”

They walked hand-in-hand through the festival grounds. At the band shell in Ridgewood Park, they listened to a performance by a group of twenty somethings. After a couple of minutes Bob commented, “We must be getting old. That music does nothing for me except irritate my ears. Mind if we move on?”

“Totally agree.”

Mike stopped at a booth with literature related to organic fruits and vegetables. As he thought about the advantages of eating food without pesticides and additives he suddenly was grabbed by someone. This person had him in a powerful hug. As the unknown assailant released him, he said, “Mike so good to see you. I want you to meet my man, Todd.” As Mike stepped back he saw the smiling face of his first real love, Farmer Bruce. As he shook hands with a somewhat bewildered farmer, Todd commented, “So this is the Mike I was told about!”

As Mike held the hand, a very big hand, of the tall, lanky farmer he felt a twitch in his dick. The wide grin, golden mop of hair, strong arms and luscious chest exposed by the bib overhauls outshined any guy he had beat off to while watching porn. Mike regained his composure, “And this is my man, Bob.”

Bruce suggested, “Let’s go to the beer tent and catch up over a cold brew. As the four walked, Bruce led Mike ahead and quietly talked into Mike’s ear, “Mike, I really felt terrible breaking up with you the way I did. While my dick wanted you, my brain told me a long-term relationship with a married, city man would not work. I thank you for helping me find that a man can really love a man. When I met Todd at the Farm Bureau Seminars, our first encounter was sort of a drunken mess. But we seemed to hit it off and spent the next day together attending seminars. I learned that Todd was a total virgin to sex, male or female. At first, I felt uneasy taking advantage of such a handsome guy. I know he felt a lot of guilt after our first night, fueled by too many beers. But he was the one that suggested we attend seminars together the next day. It was also his idea that we buy another six pack of beer after dinner and return to my room. This time fueled with passion and just a little beer, we I discovered he was a fast learner of man sex. Also, I was the beneficiary of his letting loose his pent up sexual feelings.”

Sitting at a table in the beer tent, the farmers shared their history together. Todd, who was not shy, said “I was never with a guy until Bruce got me drunk and seduced me. I will admit I was a very willing participant. Actually, it wasn’t a seduction, but one guy learning about what he had been missing and the other experienced one sharing his knowledge. Not just knowledge - but his dick.”

Bruce continued, “With our farms just two miles apart, we started seeing each other every day. I would go over to his place after having dinner with my dad. Eventually, I started staying all night. Within a few weeks, we decided to share our work and equipment. As soon as I told my dad I was going in partnership with Bruce, who he had met a few times, my dad got a big grin. He said, ‘Finally, I can move on. I’ve been wanting to retire for years but did not want to leave you alone to run the farm.’ The next day my dad packed up and moved in with Gloria, his girlfriend. She is a librarian and will retire in six months. She and dad had vacationed in Florida most winters and plan to move there permanently. As soon as dad moved out, Todd moved in. He rented his home to his married cousin, Jake, a mechanic at the John Deere farm equipment dealership. He and his wife Charlotte have three sons between the ages of sever and eleven. Todd gives him a reduction in rent in exchange for helping on the farms when necessary. We would not have been able to come to this Pride event if we didn’t have Jake covering. Already, we are making plans to take a real vacation next winter while Jake and Charlotte watch over the farms. I have always had this fantasy of visiting Key West. Hopefully we will do it in January. Now, tell me all about your friendship.”

Mike then explained how Bob had been hired to investigate possible thefts. “I felt a tingling all over the first time I met this handsome guy. My gay co-worker shared his opinion that Bob was likely one of us. I invited Bob to workout with me at the fitness center. In the sauna our knees, not by accident, touched. Later that evening I touched more than his knee. And so our friendship began.” Mike also told how he had come out to his wife and that he and Bob were basically living together. He did not mention that Maggie was happily fucking the neighbor with a dying wife.

As they walked back to the farm exhibit, Bruce quietly confided to Mike, “I thank you for being such a tender lover. While you were not the first to fuck me, you were the first to fuck with love. Todd had never considered such an activity. I was hesitant to encourage it - not because I didn’t want it, but because he has the biggest dick I have ever seen except on a couple of porn actors. One evening while watched a fucking porn scene on the computer in our living room, I suggested he try me. His reluctance turned into total desire. Unfortunately, I have not comfortably accepted a guy hung like a horse. Almost daily we work on it. He has learned to be exceedingly gentle. Hopefully someday we will have the energetic, erotic and extremely pleasurable fucks you and I had. Let’s just say that for now we’re in a period of adjustment, or at least my asshole is.”

On their drive back to Springfield, Mike told Bob everything Bruce had told him. Bob replied, “Both of those guys are really enjoyable to look at. I’m getting hard just thinking of big dick Todd attempting to plant it in his buddy.”

As Bob drove, Mike reached for his friend’s cock. Feeling its hardness, he undid Bob’s belt buckle, unzipped his pants and with some difficulty pulled out the rigid piece. Then Mike leaned over and going under the steering wheel swallowed the slightly pungent dick from a day of sweating. Mike actually savored the strong man taste of his love. Usually it tasted of nothing or Irish Spring soap. Bob continued to drive with a smile on his face as Mike’s head bobbed up and down and was soon rewarded with a mouthful. After Mike swallowed his love’s juice, he sat up and unzipped himself. As they passed a truck while Mike stroked there was a horn blast. When Bob looked in the rearview mirror he saw the truck driver waving a thumbs up out the window. Mike was delighted that he had given the trucker an eyeful. He continued to jack and filled a tissue.

As they continued their trip home, Mike checked email on his phone. There were two messages that he found interesting.

From his son, Pete, ‘Hi Dad, Great seeing you today. Your friend Bob was a really nice guy. We enjoyed our conversation. Aiden says Hi! Love you.’

From Farmer Bruce (This message had been automatically forwarded from his special e-mail account he had opened when he listed a profile on the gay site.) ‘I was happy to see you today. I had told Todd about you (well not everything). Todd thought you were a good man. I am glad you found Bob, he is nice. We do not have any friends like us. It would be nice to talk more and we would like to show you what we have done to the farm. Todd suggested I invite you and Bob here for dinner. Todd is an excellent cook and his specialty is fried chicken. Your friend, Bruce.



A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say. Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language.

If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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So Mike was right about his son.  What a way to find out!  Great chapter!

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nice chapter  👍

loved the 2 scenes with Pete & Aiden and then Bruce & Todd. ❤️

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