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Mike Finds Himself - 18. Quiet Acceptance

Maggie quietly commented, “Where do we go from here? I don’t know either. There is a lot for me to process. Will I tell Dale? Should I tell Dale? I do not know. Goodnight,” Mike was relieved that the confession did not initiate a hateful discussion.

As Maggie lay in bed with the lights turned out, she thought about her husband’s revelations. For years she had considered a separation or divorce. She saw no hope for their marriage, when he seemed addicted to beer and unhealthy food. The fact that he was a chain smoker made the home situation disgusting until she and the children had demanded that he not smoke in the house. However, despite his bad habits, he was a good father: he showed real interest in family activities and plans; while not athletic himself, he strongly supported Pete’s passion, playing soccer. She had decided that when both Pete and Kathy had moved out to attend university, she would talk to a lawyer about ending their marriage. Then, there was a total change in her husband. A year ago, he changed his way of life and went from being a couch potato to a guy with a healthy lifestyle and attitude. She also, for the first time in years, found him to be attractive. At social events, she sometimes flirted with her husband in an attempt to prove to her friends that she was a lucky wife to have the now handsome Mike as a husband. Until his ‘gay’ confession, she was puzzled about his lack of interest in sex, especially since he had energy for hikes and regular fitness center visits. Since they had not done ‘it’ for years, she had been afraid to bring up the topic.

As a result of his announcement, she realized Mike was probably not capable of providing her with the pleasure found in many, but not all, marriages. Now she knew the reason why her husband was not a Don Juan. From the beginning of their marriage, she had never had a truly enjoyable sexual encounter. With Dale she had feelings she had never encountered or expected. With this awakening, she was anxious to explore this new world. The book she had purchased, The Big Black Book of Sex Positions: Take Your Sex Life From Boring To Mind-Blowing in a Few More Than 69 Moves, had given her an insight to sexual pleasures. She had even impressed Dale with some of her new skills. When she admitted to him that she had learned them in the book, he borrowed it. Practicing their new found skills was extremely enjoyable to both. (Note to reader – since this is a gay-themed novel, these new hetero skills will not be discussed in detail.)

At this point her emotions were all over the place: she hated Mike, since he had denied her years of ecstasy; she loved him for helping create two wonderful children and his being a good father to them. She thanked him for providing an opportunity to be fulfilled as a woman should be by finding Dale. With his gay revelation, she could now have a wonderful fucking good relationship with Dale with no guilt. Neither was denying their spouse, as Ellen was unable to have or desire sexual relations, and Mike apparently did not want them, at least with a woman.

She realized it would be cruel to blame Mike for an orientation that was actually his creator’s choice. She could blame him for leading her on for years. However, she did believe him when he stated he was totally confused and had never known who he was until a few months ago. Should she end the marriage? She decided to wait at least six months to make that decision. While she felt an obligation to tell Dale about Mike, she decided to wait for now. With those thoughts, Maggie fell asleep.

Soon after Maggie had gone upstairs to their bed, Mike picked up his cell phone. He needed to talk to Bob. It was 10:00 and hopefully Bob had not gone to bed yet. Even if the call woke him, Mike was positive Bob would be OK with his late call, considering the topic. The content[AF1] of the call would not be a surprise to Bob, as Mike had told him of his plans to tell Maggie when the time appeared right. They talked over an hour as the two discussed the ramifications of Mike’s revelations.

An exhausted Mike went upstairs and was soon asleep in bed, next to his sleeping wife.

The next morning, they had breakfast together and shared the Sunday paper while they discussed their plans for the day. Maggie was meeting a real estate client at 1:00 and would probably not be home until 5:00. Mike told his wife that he and Bob were either going to a movie or take a walk that afternoon. He suggested that for supper they either order a pizza or get take-out from their favorite Japanese restaurant.

Monday afternoon when Mike returned home from work, he smelled the sweet odor of cookies baking. As he entered the kitchen, Maggie told him, “I’m baking a batch of cookies. I thought I would take a plate full to Ellen and Dale this evening. I am preparing a second plate for you and Bob.”

Maggie had a happy evening with Dale.

With the apparent blessing of his wife, Mike had a happy evening with Bob.


Over the next couple of months, Maggie and Mike never discussed the topic of his gayness or her relationship with Dale. However, they did appear to accept each other’s situation. Now that there was no guilt, Maggie became infatuated with Dale’s bed skills. Mike, who had denied her for years, now became the person who gave her ‘freedom to fuck’ (a saying she created for herself). Eventually, most evenings, Maggie prepared a late supper to be taken to Dale’s home after Ellen fell asleep. Those evenings, Mike either had dinner at Bob’s, or the two went to a restaurant. Two dishes that were specialties of Maggie, and greatly enjoyed by Mike, were spaghetti with meat balls and chili. At least once a week she prepared enough of one of these dishes for four, with Dale and her sharing at his home, while Mike carried a hot pot to Bob’s.

Mike took his travel bag and some clothes to Bob’s. Most evenings, he would stay the night. In the morning, the two would go to the fitness center together and then to their offices.

Every day, Dale prepared a light supper for Ellen who had little appetite. Often he used food prepared by Maggie. He and Ellen would eat together either on trays in the bedroom or at the dining room table, if she felt up to it. The two then watched TV together until she fell asleep, usually by 7:30. On their evenings together, Maggie would arrive after Ellen fell asleep. She and Dale would either have a full dinner or just a snack and wine. After cleaning the kitchen, they watched TV or read or caught up on work and then made love. Dale set up a love nest in the guest bedroom upstairs, away from the master bedroom on the ground floor where Ellen slept. As suggested in the book Maggie had purchased and shared with Dale, they had done it in numerous positions in the kitchen, in the den, in front of the TV, outside on the deck and mostly in the room upstairs. Following loving and cuddling, Maggie returned to her home, as she understood Dale’s desire to sleep with his wife and be there when she woke in the morning.

Mike had never slept naked until he shared Bob’s bed. Now it felt natural and wonderful, knowing there was nothing separating them. They always fell asleep with their bodies touching. Sometimes it was just shoulder against shoulder or leg against leg. Even slight physical contact gave Mike a feeling of pleasure that sent him to a sweet sleep.

In the middle of one night, following an especially intense love session hours earlier, Mike woke. Bob had shifted onto his side and was pressed against him. As Mike spooned against his man, chest to back, dick to ass crack, Mike felt his dick rising. As his hard dick rubbed against Bob’s crack, Mike had flashbacks to the fucking encounters with Alan and Bruce. As he wrapped his arms around Bob his passions rose. Once, when he was in this same position with Farmer Bruce as they napped following an intense and long session, he reached for the ever-ready lube and condom and gently push in. Eventually, Bruce woke, and the gentle movements intensified. Following his cumming in the farmer, while still spooned, he helped Bruce fill the tissue kept in arms reach. The two fell back to sleep, with Mike in his friend. As Mike’s dick rubbed against Bob’s crack, he was suddenly brought back to reality when a now very awake Bob declared, “I hope you are not planning to go where no man has ever gone.”

Mike was ashamed to admit his thoughts of fucking and replied, “Just enjoying holding my man.”

Bob rolled around and they were soon facing each other. Following a tongue encounter, Bob slipped down and swallowed Mike’s hardness. Mike rearranged himself placing them in the 69 position. Both were highly aroused resulting in no foreplay, just suck and cum. Almost instantly each was swallowing the juice of the other. The two fell asleep entwined facing each other, chest to chest, soft dripping dick against soft dripping dick.

That morning when Mike woke, he quietly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. Rather than doing his morning piss in the toilet, he let loose onto the shower floor as water streamed down his back. He was still draining himself when the shower door slid open and Bob stepped in. “You bad boy, pissing in the shower.” As Bob said this, he aimed a hands-free stream of piss onto Mike’s feet. Following a playful shower, each with a rock hard dick, they dried off the other. Then Bob said, “Mind if we skip the gym this morning?”

Mike replied, “My thoughts exactly.”

For the next twenty minutes they edged each other. Mike with his hand brought Bob close, who pushed him away just before the point of no return. Bob returned the favor. Then Mike used his soft lips, educated tongue and deep throat to bring Bob to the edge. Bob returned the favor.

Mike then decided this would be a perfect time for a break. He then admitted, “When I was spooned against you in the middle of the night, I fantasized fucking you. My dick responded to the thought as it rubbed your ass crack. Have you ever fucked or considered being fucked?”


Reader Friends: Following a discussion of fucking, Mike and Bob move to the next level. What will it be? You, my readers, will decide. Will Mike become an enthusiastic bottom for Bob? Will Bob crave bottoming for Mike? Will both or possibly neither become bottoms? Based on your vote, who learns the joy of submitting to his love, if either, will be decided. The next chapter will begin with their discussion of bottoming followed by action. Please vote by posting a comment. Only one word is necessary but you are encouraged to elaborate. Vote BOB if he is to be the bottom accepting his love, MIKE if he is to happily bottom, BOTH if they both discover the joy of submitting to their love and NEITHER if neither enjoys being submissive.

The votes are in. To find out who you, the readers, chose to become an enthusiastic bottom (if either), read the next chapter.

A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say. Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language.

If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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yes « both » would be the logical choice 🙂 

it is interesting to have Maggie’s feelings and that would be interesting to have Dale’s ones as well 🙂 

great chapter  👍

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They are exploring each other. I think Both should Explore the possibilities

Edited by Fetalis
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Both! I still really enjoy Mike's story! He has put himself first to become healthy and discover his true sensuality. I appreciate that you have included Dale and Maggie and what changes are happening because of Mike's new lifestyle! This may be a gay author and gay character sight, but there are straight people out there that gay people live and interact with. I do appreciate the lack of detail for their serial activity. On the other hand, I have been enjoying the details of Bob's and Mike's serial exploration! Thanks. 

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