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Mike Finds Himself - 13. Mike Meets a Farmer and an Accountant

When Mike was home alone he enjoyed watching videos members had posted and also seeing naked guys in the chat rooms on the site where he had posted his profile. While he did not have the nerve or desire to turn the computer’s cam on himself, he did enjoy watching guys from all over the world show off their bodies, mainly while jerking off.

Although he enjoyed observing the handsome, nicely hung Dale perform, seeing his wife fucked creeped him out. He decided to remove the spy cam. While he had carefully hidden it, the conversation he would have with his wife if she discovered it would be something he was not sure his marriage could endure.

He spaced his visits to Alan further apart until they rarely got together and finally visiting him stopped. While his dick totally enjoyed each encounter, his personal feelings of ‘nothing’ following each tryst finally won out and convinced his dick to find happiness elsewhere, even if it was just with his very experienced fist. He knew Alan was seeing other men and wondered if he permitted himself to be fucked bareback. The thought of getting a STD (sexually transmitted disease) from the promiscuous Alan made his stopping easier. When Tomas invited him for lunch Mike made excuses until the invitations stopped. While he had overcome his unhealthy habits of gluttony, smoking, excessive drinking and a sedentary life, giving up casual sex was even a greater challenge. Possibly only having had sex with random guys for a few months, not like the years of his unhealthy lifestyle, lessened the aching of withdrawal. Also, his dick and mind had alternatives thanks to an ever ready hand and internet porn.

A couple of guys from the area contacted him who he thought might be interesting as friends and possibly ‘friends with benefits’. After a number of messages back and forth he agreed to meet Jay at the local coffee café. As soon as Jay opened his mouth Mike realized he was not a potential life-long or even short term friend. On the positive side he was even more handsome than his nude online photos showed. At fifty years old, nice smile, sparkling eyes, he was a piece of middle-aged eye candy. They ordered coffee at the counter and found a table in the back corner. As soon as they sat, Jay picked up the salt and pepper shakers. He then gave a fifteen minute lecture on his personal collection of salt and pepper shakers. The lecture was interspersed with complaints about the quality of the coffee, the décor of the café, his asshole boss and, finally, the stupidity of building a new high school that would result in higher property taxes. Mike finally gave up trying to enter the conversation. He looked at his watch, “Wow, it is 5:30 already, I will be late for dinner, Goodbye.” He never saw Jay again.

Fred was his next coffee date. When the portly old man approached his table Mike had no clue that this was Fred. Fred’s profile stated he was 55 and weighed 180 (81.6 kg). The man who introduced himself was at least twenty years older and had not seen the stated weight for years. Although Fred had implied he was sexually active in their messages prior to meeting it became obvious he was only interested in friendship. Despite their differences, Mike found the conversation with the older man uplifting and interesting. After twenty minutes Mike called Maggie and told her his problem at work was more complicated than anticipated and that he would not be home for a couple of hours. Mike and Fred then went to Outback Steakhouse and continued their conversation. The two became friends without benefits.

By mid-November, Mike had lost an additional ten pounds (4.5 kg). He now weighed 190 pounds (86.1 kg), having lost a total of 35 pounds (15.9 kg) since May. He was now 20 pounds (9.1 kg) from his goal of 170 pounds (77.1 kg). Mike and Jim discussed another photo session so the profile could be updated with the slimmer Mike. He had purchased the same shavers used by Jim and now manscaped, keeping his balls shaved and cock thatch crown trimmed. Unfortunately, since he was taking care of himself there would be no hands on manscaping at this session. The cumming photo already in the profile would still be used. Mike visited his friends on a Saturday morning and new photos of slimmer Mike in the same positions as the original were taken. Rob cropped the photos and updated Mike’s online profile.

A week later, son Pete arrived home on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving (Thursday) holiday. This was Pete’s first visit home since starting university classes at the end of August. His friend, Aiden, who had a car on campus, had driven Pete home. Pete asked if it was OK if Aiden stayed overnight since they were tired from the three hour drive which had started immediately after class. The drive to Aiden’s home would be another hour. Before Maggie or Mike could answer, Pete said, “He can sleep in my room. I will put the camping air mattress on the floor.” As Pete said this, Aiden joked, “It will probably be more comfortable than my bed in the dorm.” Following a late supper, the two boys were in Pete’s room with the door closed.

Mike had read that one should have pleasant thoughts when in bed prior to falling asleep. This night, Mike scolded himself as he had very pleasant erotic thoughts about Pete’s friend, Aiden. The two boys were certainly a handsome pair. His muscular son Pete was 6’ 2” (1.88 m) with a strong face. The thin Aiden was slightly shorter. To Mike’s shame he found this boy with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes very erotic. That was his last vision before falling asleep.

Mike had taken Wednesday off to be home with the family, which was something the old Mike would have never considered. He took the two boys to the local diner for a hearty breakfast. There, he learned his son had met Aiden the first week of classes. They were both business majors. Mike really enjoyed their conversation as the boys discussed their classes and other activities. While Pete played intramural soccer, the very different Aiden was interested in theater and did set designs for college theater productions. After breakfast Mike followed Aiden’s car as they drove to a gas station and Mike paid to fill the young man’s tank. Aiden would return Sunday, and then the two boys would drive back to campus.

Later that morning, Pete commented to his father, “Dad, you look great. How much weight have you lost? Are you still going to the gym?” Mike updated Pete on his weight and exercise situation.

He commented, “When Uncle George died, I realized I was on the same path that had caused his death. I had to make changes and feel like a totally different person now. Would you be interested in visiting my gym today? We need to be finished in time to meet your sister who had classes this morning and is arriving on the 6:00 bus this evening.”

Pete replied, “I work out on a regular basis. Let’s go to your gym now.”

In the locker room following their workout Mike happily noted that his son was well-equipped.

The family had a delightful Thanksgiving. Everyone helped prepare the dinner. Mike enjoyed listening to his son and daughter tell stories about their classes and activities.

Aiden arrived late Sunday morning. Following lunch with the family they departed. Kathy rode back to State University with her brother and his friend.

Sunday evening Maggie went to bed early, not to sleep, but to read. Mike was at the computer downstairs looking for the elusive ‘Mr. Right’ with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his dick.

Mike was pleased with his updated profile. A week after Thanksgiving, he decided that if he found the profile of an interesting potential friend he would do the contacting, not just wait to be contacted. He went through the profiles of Springfield men. As Mike examined the profile of Farmer Bruce, he had mixed feelings. Everything about the guy was appealing, especially his appearance and what he had written to introduce himself: ‘Hi guys. I am new to online activity, having just learned about this site. I am a farmer. Many women have pursued me – nothing that I did with any of them gave me satisfaction. I have had a few encounters with men and want to explore that more. I know I like guys because the only porn I enjoy is gay porn. I want to be caressed by a guy, held by a guy, maybe even fucked by a guy. When I beat off, I fantasize I am doing it with another guy. I am looking for a friend, not just a fuck buddy. Farmer Bruce’.

Mike had never met a farmer. He was not sure why he found this guy who claimed to be 35 so appealing. Maybe being different made him interesting. Sitting at the keyboard he typed a message. This was the first time he was initiating a contact – ‘Hi Farmer Bruce. I am somewhat new to this. I suppressed my gay feelings all my life and finally ten months ago I discovered my real self. Since then, I have messed around with guys. While these activities made my dick happy they did nothing for my soul. I want more than just a fuck, I want friendship. I want to have a good feeling all over my body, not just the dick. Let’s talk about life over coffee.’

Farmer Bruce – ‘Hi ready2love. Could we meet this Saturday afternoon? I live with my father. My mother passed away five years ago. Most Saturdays my dad visits his girlfriend and does not return home until Sunday evening. My farm is in Maple Valley, about ten miles from Springfield. We could meet at Maple Valley Donuts on route 72 not far from the farm.’

Just looking at the guy’s profile again made Mike hard. In his profile, Farmer Bruce had included one photo dressed as a farmer. The other three revealed a rugged but thin body featuring an impressive dick. Mike replied that he could meet at 1:00 on Saturday. His reply included, ‘I am familiar with Maple Valley Donuts. Never realized such a hot man lived nearby’.

Luckily the first Saturday of December was unusually warm. Mike told Maggie, who was hosting a real estate open house that afternoon, he was going on a hike. He arrived at the donut shop a few minutes before 1:00 and easily spotted Farmer Bruce sitting at a table in the corner. Mike briefly introduced himself and then went to the counter and ordered a coffee. He overcame the temptation to celebrate his new friendship with a donut, which would be his first since cousin George’s death. He took his coffee and sat at the table. The two men smiled at each other. Mike whispered, “Just looking at your handsome body makes me want to hold you.”

Farmer Bruce, in a very low voice, “I want to get naked with you and hold you. Let’s finish this coffee and go.” Since the coffee had been served in ceramic cups they had to drink it in the shop. Both gulped theirs down. Mike was so hard during the five minute drive to the farm that his dick was in pain by the time they arrived.

As soon as they entered the farm house Bruce took Mike’s hand and led him up the stairs to his bedroom. Their mutual eagerness was indicated by the haste in which each removed his clothes. The two naked men briefly stared at each other. Then Mike opened his arms and Bruce fell into them. Chest to chest, hard dick against hard dick, they embraced. For the next two hours they hugged, caressed, kissed, playfully tickled, explored, fondled and sucked. After his third cumming, an exhausted and extremely happy Mike said goodbye to his new friend.

The following Saturday Mike arrived at the farmhouse soon before noon. Bruce’s dad again had taken off for a visit with his girlfriend. The two were immediately in Bruce’s bed. Both were hard and ready. Bruce rolled over and laid on his side with his ass against Mike. As he pressed his ass against Mike’s hard and now dripping dick, the message was clear. Bruce reached for something and then handed Mike a condom and tube of K-Y. He whispered, “Please, I want you deep in me.” Mike rolled on the condom and lubed his dick and Bruce’s ass. Then as the two spooned with Mike’s chest against Bruce’s back, he placed his dick against the waiting hole. Mike was surprised at the resistance the hole gave. The only other person he had fucked was Alan whose hole easily and eagerly accepted the dick, in fact Mike’s dick had just fallen into Alan.

As Mike attempted to force himself he realized it was not going to happen, at least not in this position. “I don’t think I can enter you from this position. Maybe if you got on your knees things would work out better.” Bruce rolled over onto his stomach and then raised himself with his ass fully exposed. Mike applied more lube to himself and the reluctant hole. He had lost half his erection and jacked himself to full hardness. Then with Bruce on his knees Mike moved in placing his dick against the hole. As he pushed in Bruce cried out. Mike pulled back.

“Please, try again.” Mike pushed his head in and stopped. “Go deeper.” Mike pushed in more and soon had half his dick planted. Bruce made no comment. Mike had the feeling that the farmer was in pain but wanted more. Mike pushed in deeper. “Don’t move, let me adjust.” Mike leaned forward and, without moving his dick, kissed the side of Bruce’s face. Bruce turned his head and the two locked lips. Mike gently pulled slightly back and easily thrust deep again. Bruce said nothing. Mike gently moved in and out. The next thrust took his dick to that spot. Bruce cried out, “That feels wonderful.” Bruce was not being totally honest, while it felt wonderful it also hurt like hell. Mike reached for Bruce’s dick and jacked it while he continued to tenderly pump. Suddenly he felt it happening and as Mike filled the condom he felt Bruce pulsating in his hand as he exploded onto the bed sheet.

The two immediately embraced on the sticky sheet with Mike still wearing the condom. Bruce told his friend, “You are not the first person to fuck me. But, you are the first person to make love to me. Thank you!” Following togetherness in the shower Bruce again offered his ass.

As Mike drove home, he compared his fucking of Bruce to fucking Alan. With Alan it had been athletic, with Bruce it had been making love. He wanted more.

In following weeks, if Bruce’s father was home, they met in an out building at the edge of the farm. Originally a farmhand’s home - the building was now used for storage.

December was a busy month for the Madison family. In addition to the usual holiday decorating, Christmas present shopping, parties with friends, in the neighborhood and at both Mike’s and Maggie’s offices, Mike found time for his visits to the farm in Maple Valley.

Three days before Christmas Pete and Kathy arrived home, having just completing the semester and final exams. Aiden had driven them and stayed one night before continuing on to his home. Mike again scolded himself for lusting after Aiden. He imagined acts happening behind Pete’s closed door that gave him a tingling throughout his body. Two days after Christmas, Mike took Pete to the bus station where he boarded a Greyhound bus to Aiden’s home town. Pete was planning to attend a New Year’s Eve party hosted by friends of Aiden. On New Year’s Day, Pete arrived home by bus. Three days later Aiden picked him up and the three, including Kathy, returned to the university. (Note to reader – there will be more about the friendship of Pete and Aiden in later chapters)

In the winter, some of the members of the hiking group cross-country skied. Mike frequently joined them on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons enjoying the fresh air and exercise. In addition to appreciating the great outdoors, the going on a ski adventure could provide an excuse to visit Bruce in Maple Valley instead.

Mike did not see his friend the third week of January, as Bruce attended the State Farm Bureau Convention. When Mike visited Bruce the week after the convention, his friend seemed somewhat distant. The sex felt mechanical, not loving.

Two days later, Mike received an email from Bruce. ‘Hi Mike. At the convention I met a farmer who has a farm about two miles from mine. As farmers, we have a lot in common. The first night, Todd came to my room after the convention dinner and we talked. We shared a six pack and got a little drunk. When it got late, I suggested he not drive back to his hotel. We slept in my bed and I think you can visualize what happened. The next day we attended all sessions and meals together. He returned to my room again. Todd and I are talking about moving in together and doing our farming together. Mike, I really enjoyed our time together. But I must be honest and say we should not see each other anymore. You showed me how to love a guy - not just get quick dick satisfaction. I thank you for the great times we had and your friendship. Your friend, Bruce.’

Mike was devastated. Then he decided to be positive and remember the good times he had with Bruce. It was understandable that his farmer friend would be better off with another farmer.

The next day Mike sent Bruce an email, ‘You are a good man and deserve a great life. Being with you was wonderful. However, I fully understand that as a farmer, your future would best be with another farmer. Thank you for the good times and I wish you and Todd happiness. Your friend, Mike’.

That evening, while drifting off to sleep, and the following morning, while exercising, Mike put a positive spin on his relationship with Bruce. Their times together had proved that Mike could have emotional feelings about another man, not just think of the guy as a dick pleaser. He realized that as a married man with children working and living in the city, life with a farmer would not work out. He was glad that he had taken the initiative with the farmer. Bruce was one step in his quest for a fulfilled gay life. He had never told Jim about his relationship with Bruce. Maybe it was because he knew it was not something that was long lasting.

The next morning he and Jim arrived at work at the same time. Having a short chat as they walked in from the parking lot improved his feelings. The good spirits soon changed to total bewilderment. Mid-morning, Charles King, CEO and President, appeared at his office door. The King, as he was called, put a finger to his lips indicting silence. He handed Mike a note and walked out. The note read, ‘Meet me at Starbucks on Elm Street at 10:30’. Why did the CEO want to have a secret meeting? There had been some rumors about layoffs. At 46 years Mike dreaded the thought of finding another position. Then he convinced himself that If he were to be laid off, it certainly would not require a meeting with the CEO at a clandestine location. Mike could only think of one possibility. The King had found out Mike was gay and was going to proposition him. Sex with Mr. King was not at the top of Mike’s list, not even on the list. When Jim popped in for a mid-morning chat, he noted Mike was somewhat distant. When asked about his disposition, Mike just said, “I think the potato salad I had last night gave me indigestion.”

With anxiety and fear, Mike entered Starbucks at 10:20. He ordered a coffee and sat in a comfortable lounge chair in the back. Immediately behind Mike, an attractive man about his age entered and ordered a coffee. He smiled at Mike as he found a seat at the most remote table. Mr. King entered at about 10:35 and ordered coffee. He then walked to the table of the handsome man. They greeted each other and then Mr. King turned to Mike and waved him over. “Mike, meet Bob Knight. He is from our outside auditing firm. His specialty is forensic accounting (fraud investigation).” They shook hands. The handshake was electrifying to Mike. Something about this guy felt good, no, not just good, but amazing.

“Please sit down. We have a problem and I hope Bob can help us take care of it. Let me explain my concern in a very simple way. If our inventory at the beginning of a period is 10 and we produce 100 and sell 95, what is the ending inventory?”

Mike was dumbfounded by this line of discussion. He replied, “The answer is easy. Ten plus 100 minus 95 would result in an inventory at the end of 15.”

Mr. King continued, “Correct! Easy answer to an easy question. But, using those numbers, how would you explain an ending inventory of 8, not the 15 you calculated?”

Mike replied, “Seven were either damaged or missing.”

Mr. King, “Since there is no report of defective items, then there must be seven missing or in plain language, stolen.”

“Over the past six months our production and sales do not tie into inventory changes. While the numbers are not as simple as in my example there appears to be substantial shortages. I have asked Mr. Knight, who has expertise in fraud investigations, to help us discover why there are shortages. No one in production, the warehouse, sales or information systems knows I am aware of these shortages. Mike, you are the only person who knows I have hired an outside expert to investigate the shortages. This is my plan. This afternoon I am going to send an email to management at all levels. Here is a copy of the email.”

King Manufacturing is developing a new marketing plan that should increase market penetration and sales. Bob Knight from our auditing / consulting firm will be assisting Mike Madison, Director of Marketing, in developing this new strategy. This plan, when developed, will affect production, sales and information systems. Please assist Bob and Mike as they review our operations. Charles King, CEO / President’

“Mike, As Bob does his investigation, he will appear to be working closely with you. During breakroom chit-chat, I suggest you make vague comments about the ‘new marketing strategy’. You should accompany Bob as he makes initial contacts with various departments. For appearances, I am moving you to a larger office that you and Bob will share. While Bob investigates, you and he will appear to be working on the marketing plan together in your shared office. Mike, I am thanking you in advance for assisting in this investigation. Maintenance has been alerted to help you move into your new shared office. Your support is essential. For the next few days you will have to put your regular work on hold as you assist Bob. Hopefully, then he will be able to work on his own without bothering you.”

“One other item. While it is highly unlikely, our offices might be bugged. That is why I invited you here with a written note. Assume that any conversations you and Bob have is available to the thief. Unlikely, but possible.”

Bob commented, “I hope I will not be a burden when sharing our office.”

Mike replied, “I’m sure there will be no problems.” This was said as he checked out this forty-something year old piece of professional ‘eye candy’.

If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story.

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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Farmer Bruce was an experience and Mike seems to have taken the good from it as he realized it was over.  Auditor Bob is eye candy and seems nice.  Hopefully they get along great as they work together and maybe even have to work late...

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It is interesting to watch Mike move forward in his new life. I can't wait to see how things go with the new hunk in the office, Bob. Sharing an office and appearing to work together will put them in a lot of close proximity. Hmm. I am still really enjoying Mike's  story! Thanks. 

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