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Do vaporwave kitsune count technicolor sheep? - 24. Chapter 24

“Moon! Moon!”

Someone is shaking my shoulders insistently, and loudly calling my name. Parting my eyes, I can see Hikaru’s face hovering over mine with worry etching the features of his face.


“Are you alright? You were moaning with fear in your sleep, and a cold sweat sheened over your skin.”

“This time it was different. It was the first time since coming here that I dreamed of this world. It was terrifying.”

Blearily, I can see the blushing pink associated with dawn creeping in through the bedroom bay windows. Slipping out of the postered bed, he walks over to fill a glass with water from a pitched across the room. Returning to my side, he sits beside me on the black duvet.

“Drink some water, please.”

Sitting up, I take the fresh cold glass from his hands and partake of a long gulp. I notice that his hands are shaking where they are grasped together in his lap.

“Are YOU okay? Hikaru, you are shaking.”

His eyes refuse to meet mine as he answers.

“There are matters that are weighing heavy on my mind, several actually. Last night when I returned from bathing to find you sleeping peacefully in my bed, I could scarcely believe it. It brought such peace to my heart to climb beneath the sheets of my usually empty bed and hold you flush to my body. Letting your warmth seep into my skin as I shut my eyes… Nothing has ever made me feel so complete. Then I woke to find such a terrible haunted look on your face… groaning in terror as you slept.”

Taking the glass from my hands, he sets it on the bedside table next to a shaded witch light lamp.

“In a flood all my worries… the rumors that have reached my ears, everything rushed back in a deluge of panic and I began to shake you awake… anything to take away that hunted look on your face.”

Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I am barely able to span his expansive breadth. My own vivid nightmare evaporating like mists after dawn when presented by his rare moment of weakness. That someone with his overwhelming aura of power would lay himself bare before me was a humbling thing.

“I’m sorry to have caused you worry. I promise I’m fine, it was probably only a nightmare brought on by worry over the Lost Ones.”

As I mention the kobolds, something inside me shrivels and dies all over again at the thought of what they were forced to endure.

“I should check in on Ein and Frau. Hopefully they were able to get some rest, but they do not care for being in the city limits. They do not trust the people who reach for the sky. The Lost Ones are subterranean.”

My stream of words is interrupted by the loud growling of my stomach, and Hikaru turns away to hide the sudden smile on his face.

“I will dispatch Genghis with all due haste to personally retrieve reports on how they have fared through the night. Don’t worry, I left my most capable men in charge of their care. Refresh yourself as you please, and I will have breakfast brought up.”

Completely nude, I enjoy the view that is presented to me as he stands and leaves the room, heading in the direction of the entrance where his personal manservant invariably waited.

Twisting to hang my feet over the side of the massive bed, I find that my toes dangle just out of reach of the floor and I have to give myself a little scoot to slide off. Plush thick carpeting cushions my footsteps as I cross the room to a dark wood armoire. Throwing the wood doors open wide, I take my pick of one of Hikaru’s more surprisingly casual looking shirts and pull it from the hanger.

I let myself become lost in the comforting if indistinct sound of the dragon’s conversation. A smirk lifts my lips as I imagine the content of said conversation, which is taking far longer than it should to issue a command and order breakfast. This Genghis must be quite a trusted underling to be able to voice his opinion so vociferously in the face of his employer. I wasn’t particularly worried,since I could feel through this growing bond we shared that he was just as amused by the grousing of the manservant. He was placating his loyal servant by listening patiently.

After ten minutes pass, I finally hear Hikaru’s footfalls on the white marbled floors prevalent in the rest of the wing I’d seen so far. When I step out into his path wearing one of his shirts, he does nothing to hide his disappointment that I’ve chosen to clothe myself, even if it is only a shirt. Being one of his, it still falls past my hips.

“That took a long time…”

“Long enough for you to get dressed. I’ll have to take him to task for that.”

“Sure doesn’t sound like you are in the habit of taking him to task. Looked quite the opposite from where I was standing.”

“More than anyone, he has proved time and again since I came to this world that his ideals fall most in line with my own, usually. He is simply concerned for my well being. Not a bad thing to be worthy of concern to one like him.”

“High praise indeed, Dragon.”

“I give where it is due, Fox.”

Gathering me into his arms the top of my head, vulpine ears not counted, only just managed to reach his pectorals. It gave me the feeling of being safely surrounded on all fronts. Like I weigh no more than a bag of feathers, he scoops me effortlessly up off my seat.

“Am I never to walk under my own power again?”

“Not if I can help it. You should be thankful I am allowing you to remain in my shirt. It makes you smell of my scent, marking you as mine.”

“Don’t you think that comes off a bit barbaric?”

“You like it.”

“What gives you that idea?”

Leaning in he nibbles just at the base of one pointed fox ear with his fangs.

“When I make you excited, the scent of jasmine rolls off of you in intoxicating waves. Trust me, if you knew how long I’ve spent attempting to replicate it then maybe you’d have so much as an inkling of the effect that it has on me.”

Held up high in his arms, I wrap my legs around his chest, claiming his lips with mine. I take my time to savor the taste of him, and beneath me I feel one of his hands drift up to stroke my tails.

“They like when you touch them.”

“Again you say ‘they’ like they are independent of the rest of you.”

“I told you they have a mind of their own, can’t hold me responsible for their antics.”

“Oh, I think they are on my side… you are quite outnumbered. Best to yield to our demands.”

“I will never go down without a fight.”

“I would expect no less of you.”

“Can you bed your wife before breakfast arrives?”

“Breakfast can gods damned wait until I am done pleasing my wife.”

Carefully pulling my tails out to the side, he deposits me flat on my back atop the bed. This time he is the one standing completely naked above me.He makes quick work of pulling up his shirt I wear so that he can squeeze one of my breasts in his hand.

With infinite tenderness he claims my lips, sliding the swollen tip of his cock and not an inch more he teases me. Again those growls rumble in the pit of his belly as his tongue delves to rasp the depths of my mouth. Darting and retreating, Hikaru practically oozes a sense of satisfaction as little moans vibrate in my throat.

“Say it again.”

“I’ve said quite a few things.”

“Wife. Of your own volition, with your own words… say it for me.”

Hikaru inches deeper inside me, making my mouth form a perfect little ‘O’ as I feel him stretching my body around his erection like a glove.

“I find I have no desire to be away from your side.”

“That’s too many words.”

In retaliation he draws free of my clasping sheathe, nibbling against my collarbone.

“Say it, Moon.”

“Caught inexorably in this web that you have ensnared me in.”

Sighing he begins to stand up, looking down at me with disappointment.

“Wife! Now don’t you dare… “

“Yes, that’s the one. When I watch it formed by your lips it makes me want to…” Grasping my hips in his hands, Hikaru holds me beneath him as his hard length slides to the hilt until he is buried inside me. “Answer in kind. You are mine, Moon.”

Sliding almost free, he plunges forward to fill me again.

“Mi Tiefal… “

Every withdrawal is compensated for with a quickening in pace until he is slamming himself to the fill inside, my clenching walls doing all in their power hold him prisoner. When the sensation becomes too much to bear, I dig my nails into his hips, eagerly grasping him close that he has no recourse but to topple atop me, his hot seed spurting as he shakes against my sweat-dampened skin.


As I test the word on my tongue, I find that I like the feel of it.

“I might like that one even more… “

From somewhere in the vicinity of the wing entrance, we hear a very loud clearing of a throat.

“You can choke on it too.”

Hikaru calls back over his shoulder before, hurriedly pulling himself free of me before his body has a chance to swell in the way dragons are known to do after mating. Walking to the armoire that still lies open, he pulls a white robe free and quickly ties it about his waist.

“Does it hurt?”

Curiosity gets the better of me and the words softly leave my lips before I can think better of it.

“Have no worry, Wife. Any mark you leave upon my body is welcome and encouraged. I shall return in a moment with our breakfast.”

Sitting up, I can feel a flush coloring my cheeks. The folds of his overly large charcoal grey shirt pool around my more diminutive frame once more. Not bothering to look in his direction as I dart across the main hall to reach the bathroom, I wash up and stare accusingly at the crimson stain across my cheeks like I am some lovelorn schoolgirl.

I feel as though something inside myself has changed, but what it is, I cannot tell for sure. The feeling of flames licking at my fur and the acrid scent of smoke and death. Again the grisly scene echoes in my mind, haunting my waking thoughts as well as nightmares. Splashing water on my face, I try to clear my mind.

Hikaru pauses behind me in the main corridor with two platters balanced on each palm. I smell an assortment of delicious aromas and my stomach begins to growl anew. Following him back into the bedroom, I watch as he sets them down on a cozy sized table situated in one of the bay windows. He looks so natural settling onto the upholstered cushions, that I imagine that he has spent many a morning breaking his fast in the little alcove. It is a mental picture that I store away for later, as I sit down beside him to force him to scoot over and accommodate me.

“What are we having?”

Uncovering each platter in turn, he gestures grandly with one hand.

“Crepes with fresh cream and fruit compote, sausages, sweet rolls… and fresh juice from the trees out back.”

Instead of being laid out in individual plates, the dishes are meant to be enjoyed in a communal fashion. Automatically, Hikaru moves to cut a slice off of a sausage and lifts it on his fork to feed me.

“I can feed myself.. And I can walk, too.”

“A dragon feeds his mate to ensure they receive the best portion as offering.”

I can’t help but roll my eyes, but open my mouth to eat the bite offered to me. Besides, I can’t argue with his logic when he employs that smooth matter of fact tone. As though I would be insulting him to refuse…

“Fine, but you need to at least let me walk. Truly, you are not required to carry me everywhere… It will look odd.”

The look of utter revulsion that crosses his face tells me all I need to know about what he thinks of that particular presented concept.


“Because I want to.”

Not one ounce of sarcasm is present in his tone, he states this with utter conviction.

“You can’t.”

“Who is going to stop me?”

“I am.”

A snort of laughter escapes him and I slap his arm.

“I… Is there some reason you dislike me carrying you? You are not very tall, and I thought that it helped.”

Grasping his chin, I force his gaze to meet mine.


His eyes dart to the side nervously.

“You can’t prove that it’s not.”

Leaning forward, I press a kiss to the corner of his mouth where a dab of whipped cream lingers.

“I do like being held in your arms… “ Flashing him an enchanting smile, I continue. “Someone worthy of being your mate will have to prove that they are strong in their own right. If I am seen as weak, then I will forever be marked as a target.”

For a moment I lower the veil hiding the depths of my own latent power, and he sits up a bit straighter. Looking down I can see where the fabric over his lap is tenting.

“Stop looking or I will never be able to will it away. Please, enjoy your breakfast.”

Resuming the hold on my draconic kitsune powers, I hum gaily as I stab another sausage.

“This is delicious! Anyway, sometimes it’s okay, but you are just going to have to let me assert my own position if I am to receive any kind of respect around here.”

“Oh, they will respect you.”

“By my own merit.”

“You bit off a finger. Something like that gets around, you know.”

“And if I have to do it again, then I will!”

Pushing myself up from the table, I stamp my foot for emphasis as I poke him in the chest.

“You will give me this. Please.”

“Husband… “


Cheeks flushing with hot embarrassment after my flagrant outburst, I sit down again.

“Thank you.”

Making a big deal of sampling a bite of everything, I make sure that my mouth is otherwise occupied before I start making other random demands over breakfast. I don’t know what about being in his company prompts me to behave in such a manner.

“That must be important to you, no matter what form you don it remains a constant ornament.”

His eyes are looking at the opalescent pendant that still hangs from the simple chain around my neck.

“It was a gift from the Lost Ones…” I can feel the salty sting of tears welling in my eyes. “The very first day I arrived here, I saw them when I ventured into the city. After finding their den in the forest, they told me some fantastical tale about my coming being foretold in a vision. They even knew my name… Treated me like some kind of goddess from the first.”

“Please excuse me, Mi Tiefal. I will only be a moment, please eat as much as you like while I am gone. It would not please me to know that you are going hungry, ever. When I come back, we will get ready to head downstairs.”

“Of course.”

Sliding out of the way, I let him pass. My curiosity is certainly piqued, but I decide to place my trust in him and simply do as he says for once. Again he disappears in the direction of the wing entrance. Having a word with Genghis then.

I partake of the delicious array left before me, loath to leave anything so well made to waste. Wiping my mouth clean with a napkin, I sit patiently and wait.

“Sorry about the wait, I had the liberty of having some ready made things bought for you in town. I trust that they will fit well enough, after all it might be a bit full of myself but I am intimately acquainted with your body.”

My eyes dart to the glass panes of the windows where the sky continues to brighten outside.

“There is no way anything could be open yet.”

“You need a wardrobe that will be at least satisfactory for your use, until I can arrange to have one made specifically for you.”

From his tone of voice, I can tell that it would be pure folly to entertain the thought of naysaying him.

“Thank you for your forethought. It will certainly be convenient to not have to parade about in nothing but your borrowed articles.”

“When you say that, it feels like I made a mistake instead of doing you a service.”

“Too late now.”

Pulling his shirt up over my head, I toss it pool in a pile of fabric at my feet before walking naked over to the bed.

“I must say, I do like pretty new clothes as much as any other woman. Let’s see what you got.”

Hikaru is frozen mid step in the doorway of the bedroom, with a handful of packages grasped tightly in his grip. Turning, I present him with my back.

“I would be obliged if you help me tidy my hair.”

“It would be a delight…”

His words are low and breathless, followed by the soft shushing of his footfalls on the lush carpeting. Placing the parcels atop the bed, he crosses over to the armoire where he pulls open a drawer. Shutting everything behind him, Hikaru returns with a white bone comb carved with a lotus handle. Standing behind me, he takes his time running the comb through the sleepy tangles of my ultraviolet ombre toned locks.

Almost like he’s become entranced by the act, I can practically feel the zen calm that comes over him when he’s fully concentrated on lovingly touching my hair. Once he’s sufficiently assured himself of it being straight, he takes great care in separating the strands into neat partitions. I must admit that it is very relaxing to have your hair braided by someone else. With deft fingers he makes quick work of arranging it, and after he is done I look over my shoulder to see a herringbone braid perfectly executed.

“It is beautiful, thank you, Hikaru.”

A genuine smile lights my features, and I pull him down to reach my lips while pushing up on tiptoes to give him a kiss. Turning on my heels, I tear into the topmost package with unadulterated zeal. Wrapped in perfumed white tissue is an off the shoulder white day dress that is very close to the shade of his snowy hair. Well played.

My ears perk and my tails wag out behind me.

“It’s so pretty!”

Spinning around I pin it close against me as I admire the way the skirts twirl in a pretty blooming kind of way. Laying it down atop the bedclothes, I spy the matching gloves laid neatly beneath in the box.

“This one. The rest can be saved for a more private modeling later. For now, I am concerned with how my friends have fared through the night. I would like to see them.”

“Then that is what we will do. I will make myself presentable as well, and we will head downstairs together.”

Kissing the top of my head, Hikaru retreats in the direction of the bathroom where I hear the sound of water running in the background, and I am once more struck by how easy it is for me to fall into this routine of blissful domesticity. Almost as though it were as natural as breathing, a repeated ritual that my body has done many times over before…

It is both comforting and discomfiting at the same time.

The fabric is light and flowing, and when I have a closer look I see that the body is shot through with skeins of silvered thread, making it shimmer beneath the light. Pulling down the zipper, I step into the delicate white confection of a dress. Carefully I pull my delicately braided hair over my shoulder before I zip myself back up. That is, until my short arms cannot reach any further up…

The white gloves that accompany the dress are lacy intricately crafted things of great quality and they slide over my arms like a second skin. He wasn’t lying either when he bragged about knowing the lines of my body. Right down to the puffed sleeves that hang in a froth of fabric from my narrow shoulders, and the belled out skirts leave ample room for my seven tails to comfortably move freely.

Well played, indeed.

The silence of the faucet quieting signals Hikaru’s return. His long snowy hair is pulled back into a neat que at the nape of his neck. A pressed white collared shirt hidden beneath a black jacket, pleated slacks, and black loafers completed his ‘Mob Boss’ persona. It did present an intimidating figure, I had to admit.

“Would you be a dear…”

Fastening his white gold cuff links where the shirtsleeves are rolled up neatly around his wrists, he crosses the room to stand at my back.


Copyright © 2021 Tsukihana; All Rights Reserved.

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