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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The Alpha - 10. Respect

It was supposed to be a quiet evening for Dorian to relax and spend time with his mother. His day had been a frustrating mountain of paperwork dealing with merging the Lassen Pack into his own. He briefly thought of using their name in the combined entities, but decided he was born Pit River and would remain so. Still, Lassen did have some prestige to the name from the majestic volcano nearby. Dinner was relaxing and they had a pleasant conversation. When he brought up the merger Sarah stopped talking and wouldn’t even look at her son for a while.

“Dorian, how could you?” His mother glared from across the dinner table when she could no longer keep her opinions quiet.

“What’s the big deal, Mom? It’s not like we knew either of them.”

“How can you be so cavalier about killing those two boys? They were someone’s babies.”

“They weren’t babies, and this wasn’t something I planned ahead of time. I didn’t go to Gene’s funeral with the intention of killing his nephews and adding his pack to mine.”

“Still, you didn’t need to jump in there and take it while they mourned their alpha. Think of what you’d have done if an outsider tried that after Alpha Wagner died.”

“I stood before their people and asked if there was anyone who planned to challenge either of the boys for leadership. No one stood up. I saw a threat to our border and I eliminated it.”

“How were they a threat? It was a pair of boys. They were just barely men.”

“Mom, those boys were arguing in front of everyone at Gene’s funeral over which of them would become alpha. That should have been handled in private. Not around the other packs who sent someone.” He growled at having this argument with her. “Levi told me something like this would happen. He briefed me before Gene died and said one or both could be a security issue for us. I tried to keep an open mind but they proved him right. Hell, I would have offered my support and guidance if they’d done things differently.”

“Oh, Levi said. Well, by all means do whatever that man says.”

“Mom, don’t go there again. He’s my best friend. Always has been and always will be. I couldn’t have run this pack without him at my side.”

“Hmph. Wade and Thad are better friends to you and this family. They stop by to check on me if Marshal’s away on business. Levi would never lower himself to talk to me. Because of your beta you’ve hurt a lot of people who are loyal to you and the pack.”

“Levi loves you, Mom. And how have I hurt people because of him?”

“How many have you fired and replaced with members of his family?” She pushed back from the table and threw her napkin at her plate. “You’ve changed over the last couple years. And not for the better.”

“Mom.” He crossed his arms and glared at a spot on the wall. “I’ve had to change as I learned more about running a pack. I’m an alpha now and not the little boy whose dad didn’t come back from a battle.”

“This has nothing to do with running a pack. Your attitude towards people is different. Do you have any avian or feline friends left or did you run them all off? You’re rude and bossy. I see you bullying people at pack meetings. You don’t allow any option other than your own, or that beta of yours.” She stormed into the kitchen only to return a moment later. “I’m your mother and I can honestly say thisyou, my son, are an asshole.”

Dorian rolled his eyes. It was the burden of leadership, and she didn’t understand. She was mated to a senior advisor, but the man didn’t have the responsibilities he did. All he wanted for the evening was to have a peaceful dinner with his mom after the headache and pressure of the day.

“I suppose you’ll want a slice of pie?” Only a mother could successfully use that tone against someone.

“Am I still allowed to have one? You know, being the asshole I am?” He quickly amended his response. “Yes, Mom. I’d love a slice of your pie.”


Eight months after claiming the Lassen Pack, Dorian found himself in a briefing about a small neighbor to his east. It was made up of two families who controlled about two square miles of land. They had treaties with others in the area to allow trade and hunting. Dorian could never understand those ultra small packs. Wolves were a social animal and should have lots of others around. That pack kept to itself and didn’t associate with Pit River at all. Their leader only spoke with Dorian by phone when absolutely necessary, so he was surprised when they were brought up in a security briefing.

“I got word from a family member our little neighbor is attempting to get control of the logging leases for several areas in our territory.” Levi pushed a file across the desk.

Thumbing through it, the alpha glanced at his beta. “This covers eighty percent of the areas we planned to thin out over the next couple years.”

“I know. If they were to get those leases, we’d have to pay them to log our own lands.”

“How the hell are they getting the money to do this? It’s less than ten wolves. One of the brothers runs an overpriced market for the humans and the other is a home mechanic.”

“From what we could figure, the Shasta Pack and maybe one of the others are fronting the money. My guess is one of the bigger players thought if anything went wrong it would only be the little guy who’d face your wrath.”

“The information was double checked, right?”

“Yes, Dorian. When my cousin went to submit the lease renewal with the Forest Service, one of their guys mentioned we had competition that could drive the prices up. He paid the guy off to get the name of who was bidding against us.”

Levi suppressed a smile when he heard the low growl.

“So not only do we have this little piss-ant pack that’s gone out of its way to stay off our radar going against us, we have Shasta Pack funding them?”

“It would appear so.”

“How big a hit could the lease issue be for us?”

“It could cost us in the hundreds of thousands over the long run if not into the millions. It really depends on what they charge us to use our own land or if we manage to outbid them. They could also let someone else log our land. Bring in human crews we’d have no control over. Even worse, they could sell the timbers to mills we compete with. In that case we lose in all respects and it would be financially devastating to us.” Levi leaned back to give his alpha a moment. “How would you like to handle this?”

“Call Andy and tell him to meet me at the border. I want to talk face to face.” Dorian stood and moved to the window. “Once I’ve dealt with him I want you to send a formal challenge to Shasta’s alpha. If it comes to it, I’ll lead our warriors to take them by force.”

“If they’re trying to undermine us financially, bringing them under our control might be our only option, Dorian. You’d think they would want to keep the peace, but maybe they’re mad over the Lassen issue.”


The two men faced one another standing on their own side of the border.

“What was so important we needed to meet in person, Dorian?”

“I heard about your little scheme to get the logging leases in my territory.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit, Andy. My people managed to get a copy of the application submitted to the forest service.” He handed a copy of the papers to the other alpha.

“Someone’s pulling your leg and trying to start a problem where there isn’t one.”

“So you deny anything’s going on? Even with official government documents saying otherwise?”

“You’re damn right I deny it, Dorian. I can’t afford those leases. I have a hard enough time feeding my family.”

“When you have a large pack giving you the money for the scheme, it doesn’t need to come out of your pocket. We’ve left you alone and you turn around and work with another neighbor to undermine my pack financially. How could you stab me in the back like this?”

“Seems you’ve got a serious paranoia problem. Might want to speak to someone about that. We’re done here.”

“You walk away, and this will get bloody.”

“What? Are you going to come for my mate and daughters? Dorian, my brother and I are no threat to you.”

“The evidence I have contradicts that statement. You have two options: willingly join Pit River or die in the circle. Either way, your pack’s coming under my control so you won’t go behind our back on something like this. Walk away and every male member of your family dies. The women won’t be harmed, but they’ll be chased from the land.”

“You can’t be serious.”

Dorian’s glare and crossed arms indicated he was deadly resolved to carry out his threat.

Andy thought of his family’s safety. He didn’t know what was going on or where the documents came from. There was no chance he would ever do something to piss off one of his large neighbors. “I didn’t do what you’re accusing me of. For the good of my family and only to keep them safe, I’ll join.”

“Smart choice. I’ll be keeping an eye on you for a while. If I hear even a hint of a rumor you’re going behind my back again, you’ll wish I’d killed you.”

“You’re an asshole, Dorian.”

“I know.” Dorian climbed into his truck and called Levi. “Send the necessary paperwork to Andy. He agreed to join. Now you can send the formal challenge to Shasta Pack.”


Levi watched the brawl as it grew bloodier and more violent. The excitement of watching his alpha’s most vicious fight yet surged through his body to the point he was getting hard. There would be a lucky stud making him howl in pleasure later. After his immediate needs were met he’d find some bitch to make scream. He already had someone from his family picked out to govern the new territory if his alpha was victorious. It pleased him to see the pack growing in size. He knew Dorian was strong and an exceptionally well trained fighter, but even he was surprised at how long this battle was taking. Still it was a fun blood sport to watch. If Shasta’s leader won, it wasn’t like the wolf would survive long. He would order Dorian’s warriors to decimate Shasta if needed. After all he’d done for the Pit River pack, Levi wasn’t about to lose his position.

He had to fight the urge to cheer when the grey wolf grabbed the older black lupus by the throat and shook violently. Blood spattered the spectators closest to the challenge circle. It was only a few moments before his alpha’s triumphant howl signaled another victory for Pit River. Levi rolled his eyes as Dorian insisted on moving the dead leader into a respectable position before claiming victory. The wolf was dead. Who cares how it’s lying on the ground.

As Dorian licked his wounds and readied himself to address both packs, Levi pulled a folder from his briefcase and handed it to the Shasta beta.

“Here’s all the legal docs for us assuming control of your territory. I just submitted the electronic forms to the Lycan Council.”

“I see you didn’t even wait for the body to get cold before moving on this stuff.”

“Not like you wouldn’t have done the same if my alpha lost.”

“We may be predators, but it doesn’t do our kind any good when we prey on each other. Guys like you make even lawyers look good.”

“Just the cost of doing business.”

“You mean like faking those documents we were behind a plan to force up the price of your leases?”

“We got those from the Interior Department. But yes, this is the cost of you doing business in our territory without telling us.” Levi didn’t pay attention to Dorian’s speech on how the packs would merge under his leadership. He’d heard it before and probably would again. This was just another day in corporate expansion, and he did love a bloody hostile takeover.


Dorian’s council argued amongst themselves as he spoke with Levi. Wade and Thad sat off to the side, opting to stay out of the fray this time. The pair of enforcers felt more and more apart from their leader.

It was the group’s weekly meeting and something the alpha had grown to loathe. Marshal had been the voice of reason who could still get through to their leader. After the recent acquisitions, even his frustration was mounting about the council’s effectiveness.

“What do you have for me this week?” Dorian finally started the meeting.

“Not much, Alpha. We’d provide a business report like we used to, but we’ve been shut out of that or retired from the companies we led.” One of the men Dorian had appointed as an advisor following his ascension spoke. “We’d offer our counsel on the border issues you dealt with over the last few months if we could. But we only hear about them after you’ve killed another alpha and need our assistance in merging the packs.”

“Is this how all of you feel?”

“Yes, Alpha. It is. You asked all of us to advise you. At the start you demanded we stand our ground if we thought our opinion was right. The order was to be advisors and not enablers. You didn’t want to be surrounded by yes men. For years we’ve been a sounding board when you make a decision and help you choose what’s best for your people. We can’t do that when you don’t speak to us until after you’ve taken action on something.”

“Marshal, you’re being unusually quiet.” Dorian eyed his stepfather.

“I’m just considering my options. Outside this room I will not disagree with you. I’ve always felt in here it was not only allowed, but expected. To help you see other points of view. The way I see it, I’m no longer of use as an advisor, since you won’t listen to any of us. Perhaps I’ve done this job for too long now.” He approached the alpha’s desk and laid an envelope on it. “Your mother and I want to travel more, so I’m giving you my resignation. It’s time I join the group of elders and make sure our stories are passed on to the pups.”

“You’re quitting? The rest of you complain I don’t give you a heads up on what I feel is best. Fuck this and the lot of you. Guess what? I’m the alpha. If you provided me with useful information we might be able to have a good discussion, but you don’t. I have to use other sources to find out what our neighbors are up to. I didn’t want this job, but I’ve tried to do my best for the people.” He pushed back from this desk and stalked to the window. “We’ve grown stronger in the region. Our wolves have enough space to run and new areas to hunt. The packs who willingly joined are acclimating. The ones I claimed are coming around and becoming one with us.”

“Alpha, all we’re asking is you include us, so we can do our job. The final say is always yours, but the debates we’ve had over the years helped you. You got to see every side of an issue. You listened to all points of view before making an important decision.”

“ENOUGH.” Dorian turned sharply and faced the group. “You say you can’t do your jobs anymore? Whine that I don’t listen? Marshal at least had the courage to resign. Obviously this council has outlived its usefulness. As of this day, consider the group disbanded.”

Levi used his hand to cover the smile on his face. He didn’t see a point to keeping the council around, but it was one of those traditionalist things the alpha had insisted on. The pleasure of the moment was increased since he hadn’t even discussed doing away with the advisors yet. He knew they were upset and let them bring about their own end.

Sitting on the side, Thad was whispering to Wade who buried his face in his palms, shaking his head.

“Get out of my office.” The alpha’s fierce glare followed each man out the door.

“Well, I guess that’s one less headache for us to deal with.” The beta was a little too chipper.

“Shut up, Levi.”

“Alpha, was that really a good idea to disband the council?” Thad stepped in front of the man’s desk. “They do help get your message out to the people and handle lower level problems so they don’t end up on your desk.”

“I guess those problems are now yours to handle. What the fuck do you think I pay you two for anyways? You’re my enforcers. Now act like it.” Dorian stomped out of the room growling.

Wade turned to Levi. “This is your doing. Isn’t it?

“The decision was Dorian’s, but I do agree completely with him.”

“Those are good men who have worked hard for this pack. They should be shown respect.”

“Look, he’s the alpha and didn’t think they could provide him with useful services anymore. Be careful you don’t fall into that category and find yourself replaced.” Levi grinned. “That will be all. You two may go now.”

Copyright © 2020 WolfM; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Chapter Comments

21 hours ago, Thomas Haworth said:

I think Levi is, indeed, behind the poisoning. I think his purpose is to take over as alpha and run the pack as a dictator for the benefit of his family, as in the Good Old Days.

Anything is possible ;) But I'm not giving away anything at the moment.

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21 hours ago, mikedup said:

Levi is a prime dick and needs to be ripped apart and fed to the pigs

You always bring a smile to my face, Mike. :) 

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4 hours ago, Clancy59 said:

Don’t give up yet.  We know where the story is heading with the ‘confrontation’ with Ethan.  Things will change after that.

Maybe ;) But definitely don't give up.

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6 hours ago, WolfM said:

You leave that statement opened to two possible characters, though I'm pretty sure you're leaning towards just one. ;)

I like that you caught that, because even though some actions have earned my ire the bigger picture is more troublesome 

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On 4/14/2020 at 1:41 PM, dez421 said:

This was the hardest thing to read so far.  It just saddens my heart to see Dorian act this way.  I know his real heart is better than what he is showing and I also know it is being forced by what is. Being done to him. 🤐😣🤯😖

As fun as it was to write, I've grown to like the character. Especially his early years. But he was a royal ass by the time he was originally introduced in the first book so it had to happen here too.

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On 4/13/2020 at 7:36 PM, centexhairysub said:

Honestly, the story is going to lose me if Dorian continues to be this stupid.  Not even silver poisoning can explain this level of stupidity.

Can only agree with you, fellow reader - seems like this story is morphing into a Shakespearean-esque tragedy. I think that there's something more significant than 'a little silver poisoning' going on here. Why isn't Dorian listening to his own body, when he describes the return of that same pain that Ethan originally got rid of for him?  Why isn't Dorian listening to himself, reflecting on his own thinking as he was before his ascension to Alphahood, I wonder?

It's all soooo very frustrating to watch him descend into savagery...

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