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  • Cia

    October Classic Author Feature: Myr's A Ranger's Duty

    By Cia

    October's a month for fantasy and fun, so who and what better to feature than Myr's short story, A Ranger's Duty? This is one of my favorites of his work, and I always hope he'll go back to write more. Let's encourage him, shall we? Length: 3,930 Description: A trade caravan left on the King's Way as soon as the roads cleared, but Winter hasn't quite given up yet. A storm is bearing down on them, and Ryn needs to get them off the road before it hits. A Reader said: I hope th
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September CSR Discussion Day: Thwarted by Renee Stevens

I can't believe it's the end of September already! This month has flown by, unlike the 56 weeks it took for Renee to write her 1k a week Wednesday Briefers flash fiction story, Thwarted. Did you read it? Make sure you share your comments below, but first my interview with her!  Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate What's your favorite room in your house? Do you plot or write there? My favorite room in the house is my craft room. I don’t really plot or write there though, partly be

My Daily Bread Crumbs 26 Sep

September 26th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast days: Canadian Martyrs (Catholic Church in Canada) Cosmas and Damian John of Meda Nilus the Younger Wilson Carlile (Anglican) September 26 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Day of the National Flag (Ecuador) Dominion Day (New Zealand) European Day of Languages (European Union) National Goo


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 76

True As It Can Be Chapter 7 is now Live-Author's thoughts

Chapter 7 is now live, here's some thoughts and commentary: -A nice Brunch of Beignets doughnuts and Chicken Fried Steak, what can I say, I am sucker for southern comfort food. -The package reveal is a neat little twist to explore character backgrounds and open up things. -Chip's excitement over the new Pokemon games isn't completely fictional, they really are coming out on November 19th and pre-orders are already in. There's usually some Nintendo event that goes with these launch


W_L in Writing Stories

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 19 - Sept. 25th)

It's not me, I'm in disguise! 🥸 🤡 😜 In the absence of your usual wrapper, you get me... sorry, I'm simply not nearly as entertaining. Well, unless you watch me stumble around the classroom trying to to kill myself on all the student's things strewn about. That's hilarious. 😒 Last weekend Wildone said he was older than dirt and this week I'm a clown in disguise. I certainly entertain the students enough. Fortunately, we have one more day of weekend to enjoy. Why don't we take a look at what was s


Cia in Weekly Wrap Up

My Daily Bread Crumbs 25 Sep

September 25th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Armed Forces Day or Revolution Day (Mozambique) Christian feast day: Abadir and Iraja and Companions (Coptic Church) Aunarius (Aunacharius) Anathalon (Archdiocese of Milan) Cadoc Ceolfrith Cleopas Euphrosyne of Alexandria Finbarr Fermin of Amiens Lancelot Andrewes (Church of Eng


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GA Survey Results and Writing Where The Audience Is

I want to start this article by addressing the elephant in the room first.  There are a number of authors who want to write what they want to write and simply do not care whether people want to read it or not.  I'm not here to change your mind.  If that's how you approach writing, that's fine.  You do you.  The purpose of this article is give people who are interested more insight as to the audience they are posting their stories in front of. A lot of factors play out in how much a story gets re

My Daily Bread Crumbs 24 Sep

September 24th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Armed Forces Day (Peru) Christian feast day: Anathalon (in Brescia) Antonio Gonzalez Blessed Émilie Gamelin[16] (Canada) Gerard of Csanád Our Lady of Mercy and its related observance: La Mercè (Barcelona) Our Lady of Ransom (Mercedarians) Our Lady of Walsingham (Church of England)


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 74

Jonathan Roven is Lost (The True Story)

Jonathan Roven is Lost is a story I am proud of. It concerns a subject that I have rarely seen written about, namely how a gay couple manages when one of them develops Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m also proud of the journey this story has taken. Originally, it was just 900 words long, with a different ending. It was written as a flash fiction story (stories under 1,000-words long) to a prompt of Losing Your Lover. So often do I find a left-field response to subjects. It was first published on th

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Writing

My Daily Bread Crumbs 23 Sep

September 23rd - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Adomnán Cissa of Crowland (or of Northumbria) Padre Pio Pope Linus Sossius Thecla (Roman Catholic Church) Xanthippe and Polyxena September 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Grito de Lares (Puerto Rico) Holocaust Memorial Day (Lithuania) Kyrgyz Language Day (Kyrgy


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 73

Special Thanks to Readers so far and Poll of Favorite Characters in True As It Can Be

Thanks to all the wonderful readers for recommendations and getting the story more readers views than I imagined, I am deeply gratified that readers enjoyed this story so much in recent weeks. For newcomers, you can catch up on the 6 chapters posted located here. For Fans, I want to run a poll with you all this month to see who is your favorite characters in this story. --------------- I also want to give an individual shout-out to all those who have given me reactions or recommen


W_L in Writing Stories

Anthology Entry Revisited: Two Lives

Upcoming Anthology Due: October 31, 2021 Top Themes A Winding Path An Unconventional Gift Pot Luck Themes Pick Your Poison     -     Lockdown     -     Left Behind     -     Dire Monotony     -     Mutation is Progress     -     Blood Moon Birthday Presents     -     Falling for Fall     -     Elves or Elvis?     -     Life’s Past     -     The Woods Rings of Fire     -     Plateau Wolves     -     Rock     -     Men and Women     -     A Legend Retold Ech

My Daily Bread Crumbs 22 Sep

September 22nd - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) American Business Women's Day (United States) Christian feast days: Candidus Digna and Emerita Emmeram of Regensburg Felix and Constantia Ignatius of Santhià (Lorenzo Maurizio Belvisotti) Laud of Coutances Maurice (Western Christianity) Paul Chong Hasang (one of The Korean Martyrs) Phocas (t


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 72

True As It Can Be Chapter 6 is now Live- Author's thoughts

Well, Chapter 6 is now live. Here's some thoughts: -One thing I've considered about Beau, if he's a modern gay character, he's most likely has had experiences with other guys. Our urges drives us into things that we may very well regret, especially in an environment where we can't really be free to find good relationships or sexual outlets. Fantasy heroines and heroic lover archetypes are usually virgins, who save themselves for the "right guy", but reality is, most of us don't wait. -


W_L in Writing Stories

My Daily Bread Crumbs 21 Sep

September 21st - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere (see September 22😞 Spring Day (Argentina) Christian feast day: Ephigenia of Ethiopia Laurent-Joseph-Marius Imbert (one of the Korean Martyrs) Matthew the Evangelist (Western Church) Nativity of the Theotokos (Eastern Ortho


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 71

Book Review: London Urban Legends by Scott Wood

London Urban Legends: The Corpse on the Tube and Other Stories   by Scott Wood     Urban legends are fascinating; they say so much about our society and the stories that it runs on. Scott Wood certainly loves urban legends. Scott ran the Southeast London Folklore Society, and it shows in this absorbing book. He doesn’t only write about those common urban legends that have been circulating for years—though they have their space here—but he has also dug deep and found

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Book review

My Daily Bread Crumbs 20 Sep

September 20th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Agapitus (Western Christianity) Eustace (Western Christianity) Evilasius Fausta of Cyzicus Glycerius of Milan Jean-Charles Cornay (one of Vietnamese Martyrs) John Coleridge Patteson (commemoration, Anglicanism) José Maria de Yermo y Parres Korean Martyrs, including Andrew Kim


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 70

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