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  • Valkyrie

    Please, Sir (or ma’am), may I have some more?

    By Valkyrie

    Short stories can be many things – a complete story, a character sketch, or an experiment in form. They are, by definition, short, which may leave some readers readying the torches and pitchforks.  @wildone asked a question in our last guest blog about what to do when readers are clamoring for more, and you want to continue the story, but not necessarily at that moment. It’s a great question and one I deal with on a regular basis since I primarily write short stories.  I’ve gotten quite adept at

MDBCs 29 May 2024

May 29th 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Army Day (Argentina) Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh (Baháʼí Faith) (Only if Baháʼí Naw-Rúz falls on March 21 of the Gregorian calendar) Christian feast day: Bona of Pisa Hypomone (Eastern Orthodox Church) Joseph Gérard

Horror Deep Dive 3

Top reads by Horror Sub-Genres Since Feb 2024. Top 0 Most Read Horror - Body Snatcher Revolving around the invasion or replacement of human bodies by extraterrestrial beings, parasites, or other entities, body snatcher horror explores the loss of control over one's own body. No stories Top 0 Most Read Horror - Gothic (aka gothic romanticism; and dark romanticism): fiction mixing themes of horror, romance, and death No stories Top 0 Most Read Horror - Ha

May CSR Discussion Day: Deeds of Their Past by mcarss

Did you read Deeds of Their Past by @mcarss for our Can't Stop Reading, or CSR, Blog Feature for May? This story has magic, foul deeds, and a few twists and turns to keep readers guessing. What did you think? Share your thoughts in a comment below the author interview!  If you were an animal, what would you be? Most certainly a bird. I love all birds, but especially hold a deep affection for corvids. More than once, I've considered befriending a murder of crows. The idea of having them

Weekly Wrap Up (May 19 - May 25)

Greetings and salutations from the GA Weekly Wrap Up   For some reason I am feeling giddy today, or maybe even ducky 🦆 ! Why, I have not a clue. My washing machined died on me this morning, and I don't think that should make be feel great. We had another thunderstorm today like the past few days, which I'm not a fan of (look at someone's anthology entries  ). And I went out to dinner tonight and my medium rare steak came out on the well done side. I'm not the guy to make a big deal and send

MDBCs 26 May 2024

May 26th 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Augustine of Canterbury (Anglican Communion and Eastern Orthodox) Lambert of Vence Peter Sanz (one of Martyr Saints of China) Philip Neri Pope Eleutherius Quadratus of At

MDBCs 25 May 2024

May 25th 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Africa Day (African Union) African Liberation Day (African Union, Rastafari) Christian feast day: Aldhelm Bede Canius Dionysius of Milan Dúnchad mac Cinn Fáelad Gerard of Lunel

MDBCs 24 May 2024

May 24th 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Aldersgate Day/Wesley Day (Methodism) Battle of Pichincha Day (Ecuador) Bermuda Day (Bermuda), celebrated on the nearest weekday if May 24 falls on the weekend. Christian feast day: Anna Pak Agi (one of The Korean Martyrs) Donatian and Ro

Freaky Friday

Sometimes life can get a little freaky.  So let's get our freak on and explain the unexplainable.     PT Prompt #221 You're running late to work and don't have time to stop for your customary cup of coffee.  Instead, you end up taking a completely different route to work and end up experiencing what can only be described as a 'glitch in the Matrix'.  What happened?   PT Prompt #222 You keep having moments of deja vu, to the point where it's starting to freak both y


Valkyrie in Prompts

MDBCs 23 May 2024

May 23rd 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Aromanian National Day Christian feast day: Aaron the Illustrious (Syriac Orthodox Church) Desiderius of Vienne Giovanni Battista de' Rossi Julia of Corsica Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler (

Secret Author Contest Rewind - Shhhhh....

With the announcement of this year's Secret Author Contest - Hidden - I thought it would be a perfect time to take a look back at last year's winner, @Libby Drew If you haven't read her heart-wrenching tale based on the theme of "Secret", then I highly recommend you do so.  It's worth a re-read, even if you've already checked it out. So read Libby's story, then get writing for this year's contest!     Details for Hidden can be found here:  Remember to keep your participation in

MDBCs 22 May 2024

May 22nd 2024 - Holidays and Observances   (click on the day for details) Abolition Day (Martinique) Aromanian National Day (marginal, celebration on May 23 is more common) Christian feast day: Castus and Emilius Fulk Humilita Michael Hồ Đình Hy (one of Vietnamese Martyrs)

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