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  • Cia

    April Classic Author Excerpt: NickolasJames8's Bodega Bay

    By Cia

    This scene is what inspired the banner. It's a rare moment of simple enjoyment in Kevin's life, but you can see he's hesitant to burst the bubble. Why? What has taught this youth to be so thankful for a day with his dad? Well, that's explored before this scene and more comes after. Read on and see what you think!  Want to read more? Click here
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Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 7 - Mar. 13)

First off, a PSA on behalf of the World Time Federation (WTF)  If you live in any of the regions that observes Daylight Savings, it kicked in last night. So if you are late to everything today, don't say I didn't warn ya Well, I'm shocked, shocked I say. I looked out my window today and there was a tiny little white bunny rabbit frolicking around the courtyard. I honestly believe it was the Easter Bunny's scout checking out places for when the big guy (or gal) comes in a few weeks to leave

Things and Stuff

Adjectives... The simple act of using extra words to further describe the sights, sounds, and feels, of the picture that you're trying to paint for your audience. A single adjective can change the whole perspective of the current scene that your readers are engaged in at the moment. For example, let's say they walk into their bedroom and there's a body laying in their bed. Ok, so what does that mean? The truth is...it can mean a LOT of things. An adjective will set the tone for th


Comicality in Articles

Prompt 866 and Prompt 867

March is not sure what it wants to do. Windy and chilly, quickly followed by warmth and a beautiful day. Anyway, we reached Friday and I have new prompts for you. Prompt 866 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a bunny, a bag of jelly beans, a card, a new blue shirt, and an egg. Prompt 867 - Creative Tag - First Line "What are you trying to hide?" So those are the latest prompts. Does either one appeal to you? If so feel free to c


comicfan in Prompts

Anthology Entry Revisited: Destruction--Self and Otherwise

Upcoming Anthology Due: April 1, 2021 Top Themes On the Road Forbidden Pot Luck Themes But Wait; There’s More     -     Through a Glass Darkly     -     Of Gods and Monsters     -     It Takes All Kinds     -     Darkness Falls Boys of the Hills     -     You Wouldn’t Understand     -     On the Beach     -     Great Balls of Fire     -     Laughter, the Best Medicine

When the news you get, isn't the news you wanted

When the news you get, isn’t the news you want… My Husband,  Phil, gets regular injections to his eyes for complications from diabetes. (DME) Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. It's been happening for over three years now. Two weeks ago He saw the doctor for His regular appointment. The doctor asked the staff to go ahead and scan both eyes, not just the left. It wasn’t good news. The swelling in that right eye was back. It’s been stable for two years; it’s just been the left eye being trea

Author Guess Who #14

Well well well, it's that time again. I hope you all have your thinking caps on, cause I'm ready to see if anyone can guess the author this month!  I keep hoping that eventually one of these will stump members, but it never happens. *sigh* Oh well, we'll keep trying! What is one thing that most GA members might not know about you? Although I sold off most of the collection a few years ago, I once had over 3,000 Hard Rock lapel pins. There are 300 odd ones left on display at my place.

Music - Ensembles

Stravinsky Suite Italienne  Stravinsky is a name that scares off many people, maybe thinking Rite of Spring, or The Firebird with lots of dissonance and it’s not for them. Which is not just a shame (both those pieces are incredible experiences with a full orchestra in a concert hall) but simply wrong. Stravinsky was not just an exceptional composer - the greatest of the twentieth century? - but wide-ranging and versatile, composing in many styles during his life and perfectly capable of wri


Zombie in Music

Just posted a new short story, Never Ending Struggle

Well, I have my old editor and I am writing again Today, I present for those who enjoy short stories of 5K words or less, Never Ending Struggle It's not a massive story with heavy plots or complex characters, it's just a straight forward slice of life story. I approach modern life and its issues with honest reflection in here. I highlight facts people don't think about from the lower paying and grinding work of teaching assistants, known as Paraprofessionals. That stuff is quit

Masetto, July 12th 2010~March 7th 2021

. I guess with death, a father’s wish is a simple one – To believe it’s an easy, painless one, because What is a father to do with the lifelong memory Of hearing the shrieks, the cries and pleading Begging in tones to “Take it away”; to “Make it stop”; To “Help me; help me; help me…”   And so, for a father to live through the death of a son And have these thoughts his constant companion To his own end is too cruel to imagine, and, naturally,

AC Benus

AC Benus in masetto

Featured Story: Desert Air

Hard to believe it's already March!  Then again, my days get all mixed up since we don't do a whole lot!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy this review from our review team!   Desert Air by quokka Reviewer: chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 134,256 Well if we fancy an escape from the cold weather that many of us are suffering from, what better than a visit to Perth, Western Australia. We meet Jexon Kendrick a veterinary student wh

Did You Ever Get The Feeling?

It's been a while since I last visited Blogland here at the ol' GA, so I might as well update you on how things are going in my little corner of the world. First off, my service-connected disabilities were reevaluated by the VA. I'm no longer rated at 50% for Bipolar Disorder. I've been rerated at 70% for Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type. The only reason I wasn't rated at 100% (the next level) was because I wasn't frequently hospitalized, had many suicide attempts, or homeless. Also, m

Weekly Wrap Up (Feb. 28 - Mar. 6)

We seem to be well on our way to April. Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Are the bees buzzing, the birds chirping, and the flowers growing up? Well I want everyone to take note that we are only about 5 weeks from April 1st. So to get everyone  having some fun this year, as last year I think most of us were shell shocked, let's plan a really good April Fools Joke for this year. If you have a good idea share it with everyone so if anyone is drawing blank, they can maybe borrow the idea


You know, there's a quote that says that jealousy in a loving relationship is a lot like salt in your food. Just enough can enrich and enhance flavor, but too much can bitter the taste. I think that, when it comes to putting cliffhangers in your stories, perhaps from chapter to chapter, or maybe even from completed novel to completed novel...the same rule applies. I mean, sure, you can write cliffhangers all day long if you really wanted to...but it can get tiresome in the long run. In fact, I t

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