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    CSR Discussion Day: Exit to Redemption by Valkyrie

    By Cia

    Well, the end is near! The end of June, that is! Did you check out this simple short story... or is it as simple as it seemed? Exit to Redemption introduced readers to characters who could be the driver in the next car, the man in the next office, or the jerk at the next table disturbing your dinner. Learning about Valkyrie is a lot more simple than the choices and changes faced by the characters in her story! Check out my interview with her and then share your thoughts about that or her story i
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    Goodreads is hosting a giveaway of my book Bear Hunter in case you'd like a free copy in exchange for an honest review :Dhttps://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/17600493-live-bear-hunter-by-albert-nothlit---dbml-213


    Here's the blurb!


    Bear Hunter

    Sven is on the run. He escaped to Alaska trying to get away, but the cops are still on his trail. Desperate, he kidnaps Matt and hides in his house. He has to keep Matt tied up, and Sven is surprised and turned on at the fact that he refuses to be intimidated. Matt fights back every single time, waiting for the moment to turn the tables. Every day of captivity, Sven gets to know Matt better. Enough to feel bad about what he's doing. He can't let his guard down, though. If he does, he knows Matt won't hesitate in getting his revenge.


    Any takers?

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    How to write a blog? I've no idea, since this is my first try. I've looked at a few blogs written by other GA members, and I don't think I could come up with anything remotely resembling the interesting, funny or cool entries of other people.
    In any case I don't have much to say, and I certainly don't expect anyone to pay a lot of attention. Except my GA friends who're kind, supportive and wonderful. You know who you are. ;)

    My main reason for creating a blog and making an entry is to compile a list of the reviews I've written for the site blog Featured Story. This will make it easier for me to find them, mainly when I want to enjoy reading the nice comments they got. Apart from having the chance to draw attention to stories I admire, one of the best things about writing reviews is the feedback. I'm grateful for every single reply and like I got for those story reviews.

    I can recommend writing reviews for the blog, and Renee Stevens is always happy to receive them. I suggest reading her description of How to before you take the plunge.

    My list of Featured Story reviews:

    Judas Tree

      by @AC Benus
    Misunderstandings by @BigAKHorton
    The English Year by @Jwolf
    Meta by @JohnAR
    Savory, Bitter and Sweet by @Percy
    Prophylaxis by @Rambling Robin
    Presence (no longer on GA) by @carringtonrj
    Confounded by @Andr0gene
    Kissing the Dragon by @lomax61
    Trouble Plus Trouble by @Palantir
    Team Building (no longer on GA) by @EBWilson
    Red Running Shoes by @aditus
    Thaw by @Puppilull
    About Carl by @Diogenes
    A Taste of Desire (no longer on GAby @Arazon
    The Navigator by @Cynus
    9.11 by @Mark Arbour
    Little Man by @Mann Ramblings
    Christmas at Famous-Barr by @AC Benus
    Travelling Home by @podga
    The Lilydale Leopards by @Graeme
    Never Too Late by @northie
    Finding Refuge by @Headstall

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  3. I just wanted to share this with you all. My mom subscribes for a weekly magazine :facepalm: I generally steal away for a couple of hours it to read about the sex Q/A. You know, the kind of one where couples send questions to a sexologist :gikkle: and he/she answers them. You can just call it a guilty pleasure or a pet peeve or whatever. I find it entertaining to read about the kind of problems straight couples face regarding sex :gikkle: This week I read something that made me think :o now that's rare :P ....okay the question was from a person asking about his attraction to men.


    the reply was "homosexual feelings are caused due to a change in the genetic structure of a human during their formation. It can be cured by behavior modification therapy" :angry:


    okay my question was how can someone change something in genes with therapy??? :huh: and even if it's curable, then why are there so many LGBT+ people in the world??? why couldn't they just get themselves converted and live an easier life??? -_- or why is it legal in those countries in the west for two people of same gender to marry and and have children??? :thumbdown: isn't there a reason why aversion therapy was called inhumane and banned in these places??? <_< ....then why are all these people just so against them??? :( .....why do you recite religion and culture and nature as a reason to condemn them??? :,(


    so, that's it guys :blushing: , I don't want to bore you or get you angry :no: ....it kept disturbing me for the whole time, so I thought to share it :( If I hurt any one's feelings, I want to say that I had no intention of doing so and I apologize for it. :thankyou:

  4. The_Jordanator
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    So like, something curious happened today.

    Me and my mate, on the school computers, cracking out some media studies work, and I just happen to be on my photo drive staring at this picture I snatched off a digital album posted on the school site of a junior hockey sports game. The photo was of my best crush in the whole wide world even if you combined hot guys like Charlie Puth and Zac Efron together he still would be my pick crush since last year, standing on his lonesome, in the middle of a hockey game. It's creepy, but hey.

    So I was staring at the beauty of that right, and then my mate goes: "Who the fuck is he?" [exact quotation]. And I pretend like I definitely did not steal that picture how-could-you-say-I-stole-that-picture and I make up some shitty rush-and-panic reply that goes along the lines of a pelican flying across the skies and excreting a random picture into my photo drive. "Weird aye?" I say to him.

    He looks at me like wtf but then he says something that turns everything around.


    "That guy is my sister's boyfriend."




    "Oh really?" I reply casually.


    "Yeah." he says.


    There was one scary moment in which he explicitly asked if I was a gay stalker and I just laugh that off because definitely 100% no way in a million years would I do something as hopeless as that.


    This revelation was still pressing in my mind though, so just to clarify, I said: "So is he really you sister's bf?"


    "Nah I was joking." He said.




    So that was my drama today.

  5. Hey Guys... I am back with some information relating to the Next Chapter of the Story. Until now we have seen Davy's misery and an investigation about Davy's disappearance. One was a sad thing and another one is an action thing...


    The next chapter is going to involve fully about a guy named Francis and something he has been holding for his entire life. I think you will guess what it is, but You have wait to know everything...


    And in this chapter some of the characters are going to introduce in this chapter. Like Zowie, best friend of Francis. This chapter only involves this set of friends and an important thing relating to Francis's Life...


    As I have given mystery in every chapter, this chapter is also going to contain a Mystery at the end of the Chapter...

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    We need to reestablish the family. We need to put it once again in the center of our hearts. We need to prioritize the bonds that link us, prioritize the hugs that bring us together, prioritize the tenderness that makes us love each other, prioritize compassion against an impersonal world that negotiates everything, that corrupts everything.
    I’m willing to compromise, that’s why today I told my parents about that part of me that has been hiding for so long. We need to start the change in society at our homes. Small people at small places doing small things can create something big, and that’s us. Things are changing, everywhere, is it for good? We need to take part in those changes, move the world to where we want it to go. We’ve already broken down tons of barriers, now we need to build. And not just us LGBT people. Everybody, do we give a shit about where we’re going? I think we do.

  6. Running into people at the store is very common even more so when you live in a small town like I do. Last night, my boyfriend and I had a late night run to the store for some gelato (I got sicilian pistachio, it was awesome!) while in the store we split up to look around and I ran into an ex of mine, Jenna. I haven't seen Jenna since maybe '07 so, seeing her was nice...


    Jenna being Jenna starts to lead the conversation towards men (she has always been what some might call boy crazy)and, how she just talked to a guy that was very attractive to her but he told her he was gay. I just kind of shrugged but she went off about "how much of a waste" / "so disgusting"/ "wrong" (you get my point) it was and, all I could do was stare at her and think "I can't believe I dated this person".


    I was just about to tell her how rude she was being when she points behind me to show me the guy she was talking about and, it turns out to be Tanner, my boyfriend, walking over to me with a goofy smile on his face and an arm full of things he wants to buy. The thing about Tanner is he never calls me by name, he never has even before we started dating its always been baby, sugar, darlin' (these one is my favorite). I'm sure you could image her face when he called me baby...it took everything in me not to laugh. I smiled back at my boyfriend and said "Jenna, this is my boyfriend Tanner."


    She really didn't say much after that she just kind of stood there like a fish opening and closing her mouth. I didn't really care what she was thinking so Tanner and I made our way to check out.


    I guess I could of been a bit more nice about it she was in shock but, I just couldn't bring myself to care.

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    (If this is an improper use of a blog, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.)


    The Alphabet Game is a game we've been playing over in the "Forum Games and Humor" section of the site. We've been having a lot of fun over there, and we'd love to see you there, too. The object is for us to take turns writing lines, with each successive line beginning with the next letter of the alphabet from the line before it. There are examples below in the spoilers.


    Come participate in writing a scene. So far, it's almost like they're connected, and I created a cast of characters below as well, just in case we do decide to connect these scenes in the future.


    Who knows? Maybe we'll end up building an entire world together?


    Scene: Two kids walking home from school.


    Starting Letter: F


    This was our first scene:
    "Feel free to come over today."
    "Going home with you will probably get me grounded though."
    "Homework causing you trouble?"
    "I don't understand it."
    (Just disregard the lack of the letter "J")
    "Know the material, that is my advice, but I can tutor you."
    "Like the way you tutored your last boyfriend?"
    "Maybe you should listen to what I have to say about that instead of believing gossip."
    "Noah, why are you blushing then?"
    "Oh! That's none of your business!"
    "Please, you've got to tell me the details!"
    "Rachel said you wouldn't lie to me. But I see she was wrong"
    "Stop it! I'm not lying to you!"
    "Tsk tsk, we have been friends since pre-school, I know when you are lying or hiding something."
    "Usually I have a good reason, don't I?"
    "Why can't you just tell me the truth?"
    "Xenophobia; I'm afraid the aliens will hear me."
    "Yet somehow I still don't believe you."
    "Zach, you never believe me."
    "Ahaha, well can you blame me?"
    "Because you're my best friend, yes, most definitely."
    "Can't we put this behind us and start over? Please? I care about you."
    "Don't do this to me again."
    "Even if I did, you know you'd forgive me."
    "Forgive you? There is nothing to forgive you dork."


    Scene: Two friends studying in the Library
    Letter: H
    Our Second Scene:

    "How do you remember all the material?"
    "It's easy for me, I have a good memory and never forget anything"
    "Jotting down notes helps too."
    "Kinetic theory is just boring, though. It's hard to remember something you're not interested in."
    "Let's take a break and talk about something other than homework. Did you see the new movie that came out last night? It starred that new actor who's really cute, but I can never remember his name."
    "Magic Mike XXL? Is that the movie? Oh and I need specifics on the actor since there is a lot of eye candy."
    "No, that wasn't it. I can't remember the title but the actor could easily become another Channing Tatum."
    “Oh, wouldn't that be good? I'd go to all of his movies.”
    "Perhaps he'll do a scene in his underwear. That would be worth the price of the ticket!"
    "Quiet down, the librarian is coming our way."
    "Relax! The librarian wants to see him in his underwear too!"
    "Shush, you two. There are people in here studying, and they don't appreciate your volume anymore than I do." -The Librarian
    "Tommy, I told you so."
    "Underwear, underwear, underwear." Tommy chants quietly as the librarian departs
    "Very mature,” Luke replied, rolling his eyes.
    "Want to see my underwear?" Tommy asked with a leer.
    "Xerox machine, now. I dare you to sit on it and take a copy of your underwear."
    "You dare me? I don't need a dare to do that and I double dare you to do it too!" smirked Tommy
    "Zoo dare to double dare ze Magnificent Luke?"
    "And here we go... you do realize talking like a baby is not gonna get you anywhere."
    "But I thought you liked taking care of me. I'm just trying to live up to my role."
    "Can't deny it, I do love taking care of you. But it would be nice if you reciprocated once in a while..."
    "Dammit, why do you have to give me the puppy-dog eyes? I can't say no when you do that!"
    "Especially considering what this week is, I'm hoping you'll consider taking this to the next level. You do remember what this Saturday is, don't you?"
    "Forgot I completely. Is it Mother's day or something?"
    "Going to need a little reminder are you?"
    "Hehe, well I am forgetful"
    "In that case, meet me under the bleachers after Gym class and I'll remind you so you'll never forget again!"


    Edit: Oops, I didn't realize we completed it So... new scene
    Edit 2: Reader I added your response


    Scene: Two elderly men in the park complain about a group of teenagers some distance away
    Letter: K


    "Kids these days!"
    "Long haired hippie freaks. All of 'em."
    "Maybe they're into drugs, too. Say, do you remember when we were that age? I had long hair like that; had an old VW too."
    "No. No, I have no recollection of being that young, if I ever was that young...."
    "Old age is not an excuse, I remember when I met my wife back in college, and you cannot remember being young?"
    "Perhaps, I should see a doctor about this gap in my memory? Then again, as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss...."
    "Quite right, it's not like knowing something is important, and for God's sake Edward, that was sarcasm."
    "Really though, you had a VW? Like a Hippie bus? Did you go to Woodstock too?"
    "Sure did. Had the time of my life, too."
    "That must have been something. I never got into the Hippie culture, you know. I was actually a soldier at the time."
    "-Up!" a teen yells as a football whizzes by them, "Didn't y'all hear me? I said heads up!"
    "Vietnam," Edward continued, not noticing the approaching teen, "Vietnam was a crazy place, let me tell you, it was-" the football bounces back to Edward and lands in his lap. "Well what do we have here? These damn hippie boys don't know how to throw!"
    "Well, show them how!"
    "Xavier! What's going on?!" another teen said as he caught up with the first.
    "You threw the ball and it land on the old people"
    "Zachery, did you hear that, whatever happened to respectin' your elders?!"
    "Awww...they don't mean any disrespect."
    "Be right back, I'm gonna give those kids a piece of my mind!"
    "Can it you big oaf. Why don't you and I show these youngsters the proper way to throw a football before somebody gets hurt?
    "Damn, hey guys!" Xavier yelled, "these two old geezers think they know how to throw a football!"
    "Even if you practice every day, you'll never throw as well as this old geezer. Watch and learn, boys!"
    "Forty years ago, I was a professional football player."
    "Great! Then, show those boys how a pro throws a football!"
    "Here you go boys! Go long! Longer! That's it, keep running!" Edward throws the football as far as he can, only to have it land in the middle of the park's large duck pond.
    "I'm sorry about the ball landing in the pond boys. Guess my throwing arm is a little rusty." muttered Edward none too convincingly.
    "Jesus! How are we gonna settle this?"
    "Killjoy." Xavier uttered under his breath "Never mind settling this. That was my brother's football. He's gonna be pissed!"



    Scene: The local Dairy Queen has stayed open late to help their customers beat the heat. Mike and Jeff decide to head over.
    Letter: L


    "Luke's working at DQ. Want to go and see if he'll give us blizzards on the house? You know, since he likes you and all."
    "Maybe for me, but I don't know about you. The way you're always hanging on me people think we're dating rather than best friends. You might make Luke jealous."
    "Nah, I highly doubt Luke listens to that gossip."
    "Oh, you'd be surprised."
    (Please disregard that we’re missing “P” ;) )
    "Question time! Do you like anyone?"
    "Really? You're seriously asking me that?"
    "Sean, please answer."
    "That's not fair. You know I hate my first name," Jeff pouted.
    "Uh huh, you know when I use your first name, it means I am being serious."
    "Very funny. You.....serious? Give me a break, you don't even know what the word means!"
    "Well, the person I like is . . ." Jeff looked down at his lap, his hands clenched in fists in order to keep his fingers from fidgeting nervously. "I can't tell you. I'm sorry, I can't tell you Mike. I don't think you'd understand."
    "Ximena? Is she the one you like?"
    "You, Mike . . . I like you. And I know what you're going to say about how you thought I was straight, but you're the only one I want."
    "Zero chance!" and Mike looked into his face and saw the truth, "b-but how? You've always talked about girls... when did this happen?"
    "About a month ago, at the school dance, Shelly saw me watching you and Luke. We talked and she helped me realize my feelings for you went deeper than friendship...."
    "But . . . Jeff, you should have told me a lot sooner."
    "Couldn't tell you what I didn't know myself. By the time I realized the truth, it was too late. You only had eyes for Luke"
    "Do . . . Do you hate me, Mike?" Jeff's question was dripping with hesitation. He wasn't used to Mike being silent.
    "Every day since freshman year we've been together one way or another. Doesn't that tell you that I could never hate you? I was worried that you, my straight best friend, would hate me if you knew that I was in love with you. That's why I never said anything. " Mike finally said so quietly Jeff had to come closer to hear his words.
    "F*ck, really?" Jeff whispered, seeing Mike's near-imperceptible nod, he leaned in and gave Mike a brief kiss.
    "Guess we need to talk, don't we?" Mike said as he grabbed Jeff's hand and smiled.
    "How are you going to explain this to Luke? Isn't he going to be angry?"
    "I don't care if he will be angry, I love you and that is all that matters."
    "Jeff, let's get out of here, so we can talk in private, okay?"
    "Kiss me again, first, and then I'll go anywhere with you."


    SCENE: Two female burglars attempt to break into a museum to steal priceless works of art.


    "Slide in through here. The air vent is going to be a tight fit, but I think it will work as we planned."
    "Tina, are you sure this is a good idea?"
    "Ugh. This is a tight fit. I need to lose some weight."
    (Very kind of you to let it go that we missed “V”)
    "Watch it! You just stepped on my head!"
    "X-ray will see if there is lasting damage," Mary said as she continued forward, "although I can't say much for your brain," she mumbled.
    "Yuck!! There is something gooey on the walls and I just put my hand in it. I seriously need to wipe it off, like right now!"
    "Zero-tolerance for your bullshit right now. This is a serious heist, and we can't be acting like children."
    "All right, all right, don't get your knickers in a twist."
    "Brits," Mary rolled her eyes and continued, "Just focus, all right?"
    "C'mon. Let's get on with it, then."
    "Down one more section and we're in, so get ready."
    "Even if we do get in, what's your plan for getting past the alarms?"
    "Follow me down! Make sure to keep an eye out!"
    "Great! Just great! She didn't answer my question, so I bet she doesn't have a plan. Crap....!"
    "How are we supposed to get out of here now that we're in?"
    "I know how, so don't worry about it!"
    “Just hold it right there Miss ‘I have a plan but am keeping it a secret’”. Did you want me to come so that I would be a distraction while you escaped with the loot?"
    "Knew you would pull your gun on me!" She aims her own gun at Tina.
    "Like hell, you're gonna pull this crap with me!"
    "Make a run for it b*tch, 'cuz I am coming after you!"
    "Not even in your dreams can you beat me. What's with you, anyway? Everything was fine until you started acting like a spoiled 5 year old."
    "Only because you were gonna ruin my master plan!"
    "Pleezeee. You're doing a fine job of that all by yourself. You don't need my help, that's for sure."
    "Quiet! Stop right there!" yelled a security guard.
    "Run! C'mon Tina, book it!"
    "Stop!" I heard the guard yell again. "Is that guy crazy or what, Tina? Does he really think we're going to stop because he says so?"
    "This is Officer Mullen, I have already called the police!" and with that he aimed his taser at the two would-be-burglars.


    CURRENT SCENE: Unfortunately, for Tina and Mary, the old security guard was a track star in high school. When necessary, he could still move like the wind. The squabbling between them has only gotten worse, now that they were in jail.




    We hope to see you over there. As for those who've already participated, I have a question for you. What do you think about connecting the scenes? Since we already used one name twice, and it's easy to believe that they could be the same character, I think we could easily make it happen.


    Cast of Characters
    Noah — High school student. Best friends with Zach
    Zach — High school student. Best friends with Noah
    Tommy — High school student. Best friends with Luke
    Luke — High school student. Best friends with Tommy. Was casually dating Mike
    Edward — Grumpy old man. Played football in college and fought in Vietnam.
    Zachery — Sarcastic old man. Was a hippie in his youth.
    Sean Jefferson Adams — High school student. Best friends with Mike, and soon to be boyfriends. Just came out. Goes by Jeff (He’s my favorite so far, so he got the full name.)
    Mike — High school student. Best friends with Jeff, and soon to be boyfriends. Was casually dating Luke.
    Mary — Burglar. Partnered with Tina.
    Tina — Burglar. Partnered with Mary.
    Charlie — Punk rocker inmate. Her full name is Charlotte.

  7. ColumbusGuy
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    You may remember my Traditional Siamese Bortai from previous blogs...I got her and her brother Genghis when they were only a few months old back in 2001...Genghis was stolen in 2005, which left just me and Bortai until I got another stray Siamese, Chula, from my sister. Chula has been gone just over two years now from a resistant respiratory infection...she was eight years old.


    Two weeks ago, Bortai had small swellings around a couple of her mammary glands, so I was going to schedule a vet visit, then last Friday, she stopped eating much or drinking, so I got the appointment made for yesterday morning. The additional symptom of congested breathing which developed last Friday was not something to be cured with antibiotics as I'd thought: it, and the small swellings, were symptoms of something else. I knew it wasn't good when the vet asked to do x-rays...turned out her chest and lungs were full of cancer--the appetite loss was due to the fact that she couldn't eat and breathe at the same time.


    With no options, I had my beloved little girl put down at 12:06 yesterday. For over an hour I cried over her before, and then after the shot--and the vet gave me all the time I needed. When I could speak again, I asked her to arrange cremation. This is one of the pics she took of us before the injection.


    Bortai 1


    I want to thank all my friends here for their well-wishes and wonderful support...I hope you know what you mean to me!

  8. Well in my last blog I talked how I had a bad reaction to some medicine and to recap, made me dizzy and loose balance which in turn caused be to fall down the stairs since it was a really bad spell, and in the process, destroyed my tablet and forcing me to get a new one.


    Now back to our regularly scheduled blog...


    The new tablet I picked up was the iPad mini 3 (Apple's newest edition) since I needed a tablet that was small but could run the eTextbook program and still keep me in the tech loop (if you haven't guessed I'm a technogeek with aspirations of being a computer teacher). Now I could have easily picked up a replacement tablet at a fraction of the cost and still display my textbooks just as well but I didn't and went with the Apple option.


    Now going with the Apple option makes my world a little more interesting since I now have my iPad, a Samsung Note Pro (10.1 inch screen with handwriting stylus) and Samsung Note 4 phone (both Samsung devices run Android) and my Desktop/Laptop running Windows 10. If you lost count that's three separate operating systems that, on a good day, don't interact well with one another. Windows and Android both sync through my Office 365 account and on my iPad I'm running Outlook as well to keep things synced. With web browsers, I'm running Google Chrome on all three so my bookmarks are all synced as well.


    So, you maybe asking yourself, why is Eric complaining if everything is working? Well the reason is I'm transferring information across three different environments and I like keeping everything consolidate to one system BUT currently I can't for reasons I just wrote previously. I used to be a huge Apple fan a couple of years ago, but switched to PC/Android when I got frustrated with the lack of innovation and the closed system that Apple runs. That said, I got rid of all my Apple products and built myself a nice super powered Gaming Rig (I could go into details with the specs but to save you the headache of trying to figure out the technobabble, let's just say it's a monster of a computer that won't need upgrading anytime in the near future haha) and got myself into the Android system with my phone.


    Now here we are about three or so years later and I'm locked into this tug of war between three different systems. All of them have there pros and cons but it's frustrating to me that I have my information spread out like I do, where Apple, Google and Microsoft have my info stored on the cloud. In some ways I wish I just stayed with Apple and gone from there but then I wouldn't have my gaming PC and be able to play games like I can. Also I'm regretting getting a Samsung S Watch since it's locked into Samsung Only phones which means I can't get an iPhone or Windows phone without loosing a heavy investment into my wearable tech.


    With that I feel stuck in a situation that makes me uneasy and irritated with closed systems, conflicts when syncing information and finally having my information spread across three systems, one of which is notorious for looking into your stuff and making ad's based off of it. I'll probably come up with a solution down the line and hopefully be happy about it.


    Now for the idea part and no it has nothing to do with computers, I Just wanted to bitch about it haha. My idea is actually a story idea that has been rattling around in my head for a while now, and it's a genre that I'm well versed and theory I have a good standing in as well. It's a Pre/Post-Apocalyptic military story that'll take place in seven acts. Now I'm not saying it's going to be posted all tomorrow or very soon (Well maybe the prologue) but it'll be posted in the near future under the title "Cocked Pistol" which, to some, has some meaning, to others well, you'll just have to wait and see why it's titled that.


    That's all for now and keep reading children since I might put snippets of my story in my blog to see reactions and the like.



  9. It’s heartbreaking getting the call that one of my oldest friends is very sick. I scrambled to try and see him, but sadly, two days later he passed away.


    My friend, Mike and I had grown apart over the years. Our lives took different paths, but I never stopped thinking about him. He was a great guy. We talked fewer and fewer over time and now he was gone.


    I heard that his parents retired and moved away from the city. When Mike got sick, they wanted him to be closer to them and the funeral would be several hours drive to their new town.


    As soon as I got the address, I immediate recognized the tiny town. It was a place I had visited many times as a young kid, it’s were my paternal grandmother lives. I would literally be driving right passed her home.


    (My parents had a very messy divorce when I was a kid. Not only did my Dad leave us, I haven’t had contact with his family in years.)


    The entire drive down to the funeral, I kept contemplating, should I stop by her house? It’s been years since I’ve seen her. Would she even recognize me? I pushed it out of my mind and focused on Mike.
    Once I stepped foot in that town, time moved at warp-speed. The funeral was suddenly over. Mike was cremated so there wasn’t any burial service. It was just…finished. He was really gone! His life was over. I felt numb, like everything was off kilter.


    Back on the road, heading home, I passed a familiar spot and stopped. My hands trembled as I turned the steering wheel. I knew where I was going, even if my brain wasn’t sure, yet. One life was over. There hadn’t been any last words, no goodbye, no farewell with him. I guess I was being nostalgic, but I spotted the high fence surrounding the property and turned in.


    The big iron gates were wide open, so I drove up the long gravel driveway. Everything was just as I remembered. The grounds were perfectly manicured. The trees and shrubs trimmed. The gray stone house still looked icy and cold even though the outside temperatures soared.


    I parked my truck and stared at the big old house. The tall windows were all open. Shear fabric billowed in the breeze. It took several minutes to settle my nerves and walk to door. I rang the bell. It was a familiar chime and I waited…


    It felt like an eternity standing at that doorway. I had forgotten about the woodwork. It was amazing, large flowers carved into the solid wood door. I heard a small voice inside say, “Hello? Who’s there?”
    Fear struck me! What do I say? What if she doesn’t recognize me? Worse yet, what if she doesn’t even know who the hell I am?


    My voice trembled as I blurted out my full name (first-middle-last.) I know it’s silly. We share the same last name, but I was worried that she would think I was a lunatic off the street and yell for me to go away or she would call the police, but instead, She opened the door and let me inside.


    Her white hair was pulled to the side with a clip. Her silver rimmed glasses made her eyes look so incredibly bright blue. I stared at her. It was strange…this woman and her entire family turned their back on us years ago and now I was standing there, face to face with her. She looked the same as I remembered, only much older.


    She told me sit in the living room before quickly disappearing into the kitchen. I figured she was going to get drinks (preferably with alcohol in it) and possible collect herself from the initial shock at finding me at her door. She was old. The last thing I wanted to do was give her a heart attack. I walked around and looked at the artwork in her house. There was a stack of mail with several unopened colorful envelopes on the tables. They had my interest, but I didn’t touch anything.


    “It’s my birthday,” she spoke from behind me.


    I jumped and turned so fast I nearly fell on the floor. She held two glasses of lemonade and handed me one while nodding towards the stack of cards. “My birthday is the day after tomorrow,” she said. “I’ll be 94 years old.”


    It suddenly hit me, I didn’t even know her birthday. I didn’t know how old she was. I didn’t know anything about this woman…her maiden name? Does she have siblings? How long she was married? Her favorite food? Favorite color…nothing!!!


    I had stopped by her home on a childish whim. Now, this could be my only chance to get to know her. “I was hoping we could talk.”


    To my surprise, she smiled and pointed to the chairs and told me, “I’d like that. What do you want to know?”

  10. rich_e
    Latest Entry

    When I first met you I knew you were special. I can still see your dirty blond hair, your warm hazel eyes, and your silly goofy smile. Being around you made me tingle. When I was with you I was exactly where I was supposed to be. You made me feel alive.


    I remember our playful banter. I remember the smile you gave me when you saw me. I remember looking off the railing while we were together. The feeling of absolute happiness and joy I felt when you hugged me from behind and we just stayed there in silence. I remember the way you made me absolutely crazy. When I tried to make you see that I was hopelessly in love with you you pulled away. When I told myself I was going to move on you didn't let me. I remember you sitting on my doorstep when I came back from a date and the look you gave me.


    I will remember how you kissed me. I was sitting and you came up behind me and tilted my head back and smiled as you kissed me. Inside I was sure that I would never let you go. I still keep that memory with me. You broke my heart. You didn't feel as strongly for me and deep down I knew it. When you said goodbye I held myself together and acted like everything was fine even though I was screaming inside.


    I tried for a long time to get over you. I wanted to hate you. I wanted to find out you weren't so great after all. But I never did. I didn't get over you. I don't think I will ever get over you. I don't think I want to. I will keep you deep inside my heart. The emotions I felt for you were never lukewarm. I was never really yours, but you were mine. You were my first love. You were my favorite person. You were my friend. You were my unboyfriend.

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    it doesn't make sense when you put a story and you work it out but then people read without leaving a comment. Even a bad one, I wouldn't be left with nothing to work on.


    Is the idea attracting the audiance?
    Is the idea need something to spice it up?
    Maybe I should make it rated.
    Maybe I should add some blood
    Maybe I should change the whole concept.
    Maybe I should go on with it.


    this is why I want reviews. I need answers!
    I need to answer myself.
    I need to find this story's voice.

  11. Read a very interesting article, which didn't bring in politics :P


    The Declaration of Independence


    The right to Life; the upholding of Obamacare to ensure all Americans have the right to live and have access to the medical treatment to pursue that.


    The right to Liberty; States removing the Confederate Flag and symbols of the flag which is looked upon by the majority of Americans as being as a symbol of old attitudes and discrimination.


    The right to the Pursuit of Happiness; Marriage equality allows all Americans to pursue marriage which some would call the most significant symbol of happiness.


    I think that the US had a giant correction to make this document even more true and meaningful once again. Even in the 2000's, shy of 250 years later. Also this declaration was the document that some will argue framed the US constitution.


    My congratulations is not just to the US for the Marriage Equality, but to all Americans for what may be looked back upon as one of the most historic weeks in the history of US in hundreds of years :hug:


    Please note that the first and second many be contentious among different members. I just feel if you look at America as a whole, this is a good example of progress. I'm not looking for an argument, but, if you so feel to argue against the points I won't stop you, just I won't respond :)

  12. Daddydavek
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    If you read Abel III's Awakening you know it involves telepathy. In my story, Basking Sharks on earth formed a primitive telepathic network in the world's oceans and seas. The news from Australia shows a picture of one that was inadvertently caught and the article is located at the following URL




    The more descriptive Wiki article on this species is found here:




    These are gentle giants that eat plankton and fill a vital ecological niche in the world. The sad fact is that like the land, the oceans are in trouble too.



  13. Zombie
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    Germany has accepted, atoned for and come to terms with its past and moved on to become a modern, progressive, successful and generally enviable nation.

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    So it's been 9 months. Nine months of growth, evaluation, of distance and of course pain. Does it really matter anymore, they way I feel? You're uncertain and so am I, neither of us knows what the best path will be. You just want me to be be happy, and all I want is you. But I can't have you, you can't trust me. Can't see past the pain I caused you. So now I'm the shattered one, a martyr to my own love.

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    Five years ago I spent ten days in Kathmandu. It was on my bucket list, and I must say that I was enchanted with the people. Watching guys as old as myself holding hands while walking was a pleasant surprise -- not necessarily gay but just friends. I understand that the hotel I stayed in went down. I am so glad that I did include this trip in one of my novels. May the people of Nepal recover

  14. blog-0528994001428759836.jpgShakespeare really did write the best insults.


    Anyways, not a ridiculously eventful week, besides my lack of cash and some nasty people in my life. Watching alot of television, going on spur of the moment dates, and getting trapped in the rain.


    Been reading alot of astrology lately. Some philosophy here and there, and classic theatre. Shakespeare. King Lear in particular. Some Hamlet, but i've been through that so many times it barely counts.


    So last year, i was in a... i hesitate to call it a relationship, but arguably it was my first major relationship in a couple years. Long story. To summarize, he was a liar and a cheater (big suprise, huh?) but the thing about it being that the man he cheated on me with (the one i know about) works at the business where i work. I have to see him every now and then. And of course theres the fact that i found out FROM him, after a hookup. And of course we never talked again. We trade awkward glances every now and then, but he's never said a word to me outside of generalities.


    I loathe to be reminded of him, and the sense of dread i get whenever i walk into the local walmart is only amplified by the fact that i can't put this damn relationship behind me. It follows me to work, home, and i can't even go shopping.


    "Methinks thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created for men to breathe themselves upon you."

    I really have talent for writing depressing posts, don't I?


    On the bright side, my boyfriend/lover/date/undefined has his prom next weekend, and i'm going.


    Always end on a high note.

  15. wholysoul
    Latest Entry

    Well 365 did fail for a myriad of reasons. Some out of my control, some totally in my control and some old issues which were brought in to the light due to the concept. So yes I failed but it wasn't 100% and the large goal of pushing myself to mend broken parts and face new challengs was meet. And I think I may try again this year but the approach must be far different.


    I think the block for this year is finding a non-baised way to hold myself accountable. Here isn't the best place, not that those who might repond will judge more some of the walls broken down are quite personal and being they type who doesn't actualize thoughts until they are said outloud or written, a blog isn't the best place to do so. Maybe go back to the old school journal.... eh I will figure something out probably after I get some more legit suff on here.

  16. Thanks to those of you who have sent me e-mails, pms, or otherwise showed concern as to where the fuck I’ve been. To answer the first, most obvious question: I’m fine. Life has its challenges, and I have mine, but there’s nothing there that’s debilitating.


    There are three major areas of my life that can impact my writing. My health/wellbeing is obviously one of those, but as I’ve said, that’s pretty good. The next one is the relative level of activity in my life, and I’ve had an awful lot to do. This looks to be a pretty active year for me. To do what Will does to JP, that means I’m busy. J The combined forces of work, home stuff, research, etc. are a bit crushing right now.


    The third factor is my muse, or ability/desire to write. For some reason, that has temporarily left me. When I’m busy, but still want to write, I usually find time to do it, but my production fades. In this case, I really haven’t wanted to do much writing, so with the added pressures of real life, I’ve let my online life sort of drift unattended. And I’m finding that there’s really no fighting the relative apathy that envelopes me when I’m in this mode.


    In the past, this has happened when I’m in a conundrum about a story, but I have a very clear idea of how I want to proceed with both of my series. With CAP, I have an idea of how I plan to end “Streak” and the initial parts and premise of the next story is already forming in my mind. With Bridgemont, it’s a bit more open-ended, but I have some pivotal events in store.


    I’ve been feeling a bit more motivated lately, and I’ve actually done a little writing, but I’ve spent more time reading than anything, and that includes going back over my recent stories for reference. Spring Break approaches, so I hope that in the next month or so I’ll be productive again.


    I really do appreciate all of you who read my stories and give me feedback, and I feel bad for leaving you in a lurch. At the same time, I know that you’ll understand life’s pressures, and how a perfect storm like this can really impact my writing.

  17. Greetings, minions! :joe:




    I hope all of you are doing well and that your year has been running smoothly so far. :)


    As for my new year, you ask?


    Well, I wouldn't use the word "smooth" in any way, shape, or form. I feel like my life has been like a soap opera or something over the last 2 months! It's seriously been too insane to believe, but what I'm about to tel you is 100% true.




    So, in my last blog I described the sad ending to my 2 year relationship with my girlfriend, Ariel. If you don't want to go back and read it, the short version is that she cheated on me with her best friend, begged me for forgiveness, got it, then decided she didn't want me back after all and left me for the best friend. Get it? Got it? Good. :P


    Well anyway, this is where it gets interesting (as if it wasn't interesting enough already!):

    After Ariel left me, I was heartbroken. So I turned toward my artwork for solace. In my grief, I created several paintings that reflected heartbreak, and Ariel saw me working on them one day. She seemed a little upset once she realized they were directed towards her/ our relationship, but she didn't say anything other than that they looked nice.


    A couple of weeks later, my art teacher put up those pieces on the bulletin board out in the hallway. She didn't ask me, but I didn't mind. A couple of days later, however, I noticed that 2 of my pieces were gone. I assumed that my teacher had taken them down, but BOY was I wrong. It turns out, they had been STOLEN!!! :o:unsure2:


    3 things immediately stuck out to me:

    1) TWO pieces of mine were missing. Not just one. And no one else had anything stolen

    2) The pieces hadn't been signed. This appeared to be a personal attack, since two of my pieces were gone, but someone had to have known I had painted them since they were unsigned.

    3) I don't have any enemies, so who would do this?


    My mind went immediately to Johnny. The best friend. My ex-girlfriend's new man. :pissed:


    So, I explained my theory to my teacher:

    1) Ariel saw the art pieces and told Johnny they made her upset

    2) Johnny decided to get rid of them so she wouldn't have to look at them

    3) Because he's a dick, he probably destroyed them too.


    And guess WHAT? My art teacher confronted Johnny, and he lied to her a few times before finally CONFESSING! That jerk!!! And I was right on every single point! You cannot believe how happy it made me to hear that he was responsible, because I knew I'd get to see him PUNISHED! And guess what? They suspended him for 4 days! Now, I think he should've been expelled, but whatever.


    Want to know the worst part in all of it though? Ariel totally supported him. She didn't think what he did was wrong and she didn't feel bad that my feelings got hurt or that my art got ruined. There was a time when she would have cared... but she's turned into a total bitch. I think he's rubbed off on her. She never used to be that insensitive to people. It's sad to watch, and hurtful to endure. :(


    Oh well.


    Anyway, I just thought you would find all of that at least moderately amusing. High school drama... there's nothing quite like it :o


    Thanks for tuning in, everyone!

    Dylan :)

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    I bought this bunalow house built in 1915 last year and have been restoring and remodeling non stop. This month I had some new wiring installed in my master bedroom only to find out the house still had 45 % of the original knob and tube wiring system being used. Most of it was hidden under the installation of the attic and some walls. Not only is this type of wiring not up to to code, its down right dangerous. A week later, it had all been replaced by a professional electrician.


    I can do most things myself but when it comes to electricity I tend to say, "no freakin way." Sticking a fork in a toaster at the age of 6 to get a stuck peice of toast out, kinda makes an impression on ya.


    One hundred years that wiring performed like it was meant to. It got me thinking how much this old house stayed the same as the world around it changed.


    World war One had just started. President Woodrow Wilson was in office, and the Germans sunk the Lusitania. Einstein published the Therory of Relativity, and Congress rejects a proposal to give women the right to vote.


    US Population.................................100,546,000 Avg. Income...................................$1,076/year New Home (Median Price)........................$ 3,200 New Car (Avg. Cost).................................$ 642 Milk (Qt).....................................................9¢ Bread (Loaf)................................................6¢ Eggs..................................................34¢/doz. Steak (lb)..................................................24¢


    Gasoline 20 cents per gallon

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