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    Wayne's Prompts

    By wildone

    Thank you to everyone that submitted a prompt reply to Comicfan's final prompts before we lost him   I think we had 5 submissions and each one of them are amazing. I imagine if Wayne had any relatives that were aware of his large participation on site, they would be happy to see that people submitted. I know I'm proud of everyone ❤️ So as mentioned, we wanted to hear your favourite prompts from the past, and we would re-feature them and see if you want to continue on if you already sen


Amateur. That word usually conjures up negative thoughts.  Like: "They played like a bunch of amateurs" or something done poorly. The thing is it doesn't really mean that. It means doing something for the love of it, for pleasure. My favourite quote about being an amateur comes from an old film... A Christmas Without Snow.  i saw it on tv one Christmas season afternoon, while Jeff and i huddled in our room. i was writing what would become my street poems then, and i remember this

Plot Twists

I believe that one of the best ways to spice up a certain type of story, depending on what you happen to be writing at the moment...is to grab your audience and turn them upside down with an effective plot twist. As many of you have heard me say in past articles...the readers that you are doing your very best to entertain are much more savvy and experienced when it comes to reading fiction these days. This is the information age, and things keep speeding up. You're not speaking to folks with a l

Prompt 888 and Prompt 889

Alright, June is here and it is time for Pride. First Friday of the month so that means prompts.  Prompt 888 - Creative Tag - First Line "If one more idiot asks me if I'm a top or a bottom, I swear, I'm going to deck them!" Prompt 889 - Creative Tag - Parade After a year in quarantine, you decide it might be safe to do something outside. You decide to go to the parade. What is this experience like after a year of isolation? So that is this week's prompts. Until


comicfan in Prompts

Pride Month Flash Fiction Challenge

Want to write something short and sweet?  Want the chance to win a 3 month subscription to Premium content? We're hosting a Pride month flash fiction contest! Flash Length: 100 to 1000 words Poetry: Up to 3 poems Deadline: June 19th Subject:  Now all we need is the submission and voting details, which will be posted soon. Until then, get writing! You have until the 19th to write between 100 and 1000 words!

Ask An Author 3.0 #6

Is it Wednesday? I think it is! Which means it's time for...  🎶 Aaaaaaaask An Author!  🎶 Oh, boy! I hope speech-to-text capabilities don't advance any time soon, because that was just awful! My husband's looking at me like I'm a crazy person! Anyway, we have another three questions for one of GA's authors!  • • • • • Solitude of the Photo C.T. Piatt The lens of the camera is shallow.  It sees colour and shape.  It gives the illusion of motion in two dimensions.  It draws the lig

May CSR Discussion Day: Torn in Two by Graeme

Well how did this month treat you? I cannot believe it's already finished, but I am so glad it's done! Here comes June, Pride month! Who has something planned? I know it's a time for many to reflect on our community, coming out, and so much more. I think Graeme's story reflected that quite well, but what do you think? Share in the comments below, but first my interview with him!   What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? I have an idea for a story set in the p

Weekly Wrap Up (May 23 - May 29)

Well hello happy campers . I know it is the Memorial Day long weekend in the US of A, and the Late Bank Holiday long weekend in the UK. Also if you live in Australia's Capital Territory, it is the Reconciliation Day long weekend for them. So did any of you get out camping? Do they call it camping in the UK and Australia? I know here we have trailers or recreational vehicles and tents to go camping, but don't you all call them caravans?  Oh wait, if you are out camping, you won't be here to

Lesson Learned

Well, yesterday tim and I had a rather big yet stupid argument. It wasn't nice, tim was rightly angry and hurt. I don't remember the last time I felt that angry.  It was totally preventable and it was organic.  What happened isn't important, it was a true accident, tim was hurt physically (not badly), but I told him to get out of the way. he took offense to my reaction and left the kitchen quietly. Which angered me more and from there it escalated. Leaving tim angry and telling me I co


I truly think that Mark Twain said it best... "A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory." If that's the case...I wish my memory was a lot worse than it is now, because 'a clear conscience', I'll never have. And yet, I don't see that as a bad thing. Never have, never will. The truth is...I had to grow up at some point. And, yes...I made PLENTY of mistakes! I have plenty of regrets. Lost friends, created enemies, and made a lot of bad choices for selfish reason. But...you know

Prompt 886 and Prompt 887

Here we are at the end of another month. Is it me or did May fly by? Anyway we made it to Friday and two new prompts. Prompt 886 - Creative Tag - Bear In a world of thin, muscular, hairless men he stood out. Older, hairy, and a tall drink of water he was known simply as Bear. He has his sights set on you. What do you do? Prompt 887 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a farm, an old car, a plaid shirt, a blue bicycle, and a pair of mud


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