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  • Cia

    October Classic Author Feature: Myr's A Ranger's Duty

    By Cia

    October's a month for fantasy and fun, so who and what better to feature than Myr's short story, A Ranger's Duty? This is one of my favorites of his work, and I always hope he'll go back to write more. Let's encourage him, shall we? Length: 3,930 Description: A trade caravan left on the King's Way as soon as the roads cleared, but Winter hasn't quite given up yet. A storm is bearing down on them, and Ryn needs to get them off the road before it hits. A Reader said: I hope th
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Book Review: Arkansas by David Leavitt

Arkansas is a collection of three novellas that show David Leavitt at his best, exploring the lives and emotions of his characters. The first story is The Term Paper Artist, which is the closest he has come to writing a sex comedy. The narrator is a disgraced novelist who is hiding at the home of his professor father. He soon becomes involved in accepting sexual favours from jock-students in return for writing English literary essays for them. Soon, word spreads, and he has several jocks an

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Book review

My Daily Bread Crumbs 13 Sep

September 13th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Feast of the Cross (Assyrian Church of the East) Aimé (Amatus) Ame Eulogius of Alexandria John Chrysostom Marcellinus of Carthage Maurilius (Maurille) of Angers Nectarius of Autun Venerius the Hermit Wulfthryth (Wilfrida) of Wilton September 13 (Easte


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 63

Case Studies in Modern Life, blog

Case Studies in Modern Life is my first published book and it has been a long time in writing. I have been writing all my adult life. I was eighteen when I discovered I could write stories. At first I was writing sketches for a drama group. It was an amazing feeling turning an idea I had into something written down that worked and then watching actors perform my words. It was also the first time I realised I had an ear for dialogue. I would hear people talking in public and remember how the

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Writing

Ask Me Anything - James Matthews 1st Q&A! Plus Whats Planned In StoryLand!

The BIG and Debut James Matthews Q&A   Ask me Anything! Plus, whats planned and coming soon!   Thank you very much for all your questions, whether through GA or e-mail. I got 13 in all (lucky for some) and am happy to answer all of them. So you should all have an answer. I am not leaving any out. Lol. Some I will keep short as they do not really need explaining. Some do. After the Q&A, I will be giving you my rough plans story-wise for those who follow and read m

James Matthews

James Matthews in Q&A's

Featured Story: Days Like This

Sorry all, running late today, so let's get right to today's story review! Days Like This by Drew Payne   Reviewer: Timothy M Status: Complete Word Count: 98,599 Some authors on GA attract attention from many readers the moment they start publishing a story. Others sneak up on us, quietly putting out a short story here and a longer tale there, until one of them gets noticed, often acquiring a small group of dedicated fans who like the author’s style. It’s always rewarding

My Daily Bread Crumbs 12 Sep

September 12th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Ailbe (Elvis, Eilfyw) of Emly Ebontius Guy of Anderlecht The Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary John Henry Hobart (Episcopal Church (USA)) Laisrén mac Nad Froích Sacerdos of Lyon September 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Commemoration of the mass hanging of the Saint


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 62

Character Building

I find characters fascinating. If the story isn't that great, sometimes a neat character can really lift the whole thing up - or sometimes poor characters can drag down a neat story idea. When I write I can spend weeks thinking of the story and how a character may react in a given circumstance - sometimes coming up with scenes that would be very deep into the story and then having to write all the supporting scenes to get to that point. Character building can be done tons of ways, but I usu

Chapter 3 of True As It Can Be

Chapter 3 is now live and I should shed some light on a few things: 1. If it's not apparent by the end of the chapter, Brad is not as crass or crude as he may seem. Beneath his psychological and physical issues, he's actually a very intelligent and strategic guy. He's pushing for Beau to stay in the house to protect him for more than the stereotypical "you're my future boyfriend" angle in romance fiction. He's fine with Beau not wanting him and still wanting to protect him from Gary. Beau i


W_L in Writing Stories

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 5 - Sept. 11)

I'm giddy   My football team has been having a really, really bad year this year. If you are thinking of the CFL, then you got the right league. If you don't know what the CFL is, then there is no hope for you as a true football fan  But, I imagine the majority of you are saying something like why the hell does he talk about sports here! Not a question, but a statement . So they kind of lost on Labour Day against their arch rivals and the rematch was tonight. Needless to say the won, bringi


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

My Daily Bread Crumbs 11 Sep

September 11th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Battle of Tendra Day (Russia) Christian feast days: Blessed Francesco Bonifacio Deiniol Felix, Regula, and Exuperantius Harry Burleigh (Episcopal Church) John Gabriel Perboyre (one of Martyr Saints of China) Leudinus (Bobo) Our Lady of Coromoto Paphnutius of Thebes (Roman Catholic Church) Pa


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 61

About the Authors

It's not you, it's me, or more accurately, it's us. At thirty-three, swiftly approaching thirty-four, I didn't think I'd be coming out about another thing ever again. There are some parts of my identity which have been kept very carefully from public view for the bulk of my life, and I had honestly grown so used to the idea of not addressing them that the thought of doing so had stopped crossing my mind years ago. Nevertheless, it seems my soul has other things in mind. We have DI


Cynus in Mental Health

My Daily Bread Crumbs 10 Sep

September 10th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Amerindian Heritage Day (Guyana) Children's Day (Honduras) Christian feast day: Alexander Crummell (Episcopal Church) Aubert Blessed Thomas Tsugi, Charles Spinola, and Great Martyrs of Nagasaki Edmund James Peck (Anglican Church of Canada) Nicholas of Tolentino Theodard of Maastricht September 10 (Eastern Orth


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 60

My Daily Bread Crumbs 09 Sep

September 9th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Charles Lowder (Church of England) Ciarán of Clonmacnoise Constance, Nun, and her Companions (Episcopal Church) Our Lady of Arantzazu (Oñati) Peter Claver Synaxis of Ss. Joachim and Anna, an Afterfeast. (Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches) September 9 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)


sandrewn in Bread Crumbs 59

Anthology Entry Revisited: The Keys to the Far Castle

Upcoming Anthology Due: October 31, 2021 Top Themes A Winding Path An Unconventional Gift Pot Luck Themes Pick Your Poison     -     Lockdown     -     Left Behind     -     Dire Monotony     -     Mutation is Progress     -     Blood Moon Birthday Presents     -     Falling for Fall     -     Elves or Elvis?     -     Life’s Past     -     The Woods Rings of Fire     -     Plateau Wolves     -     Rock     -     Men and Women     -     A Legend Retold Ech

Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens

My Daily Bread Crumbs 08 Sep

September 8th - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian Feast Day: Adrian and Natalia of Nicomedia (Roman Catholic Church) Corbinian Disibod Nativity of Mary (Roman Catholic Church), (Anglo-Catholicism) Monti Fest (Mangalorean Catholic) Our Lady of Charity Our Lady of Covadonga Our Lady of Good Health of Vailankanni Pope Sergiu

My new story and some thoughts as I experiment

Well for those people who follow my writing, book reviews, and stories, you probably noticed I started a new series, True As It Can Be, a story inspired by the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. I have read the classic fairy tale La Belle et la Bête in high school french class, along with watching the Jean Cocteau 1946 french film and 1991 Disney animated movie. Everyone has seen or heard of the classic, most of the folks probably have seen the Disney version as kids like me. How


W_L in Writing Stories

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