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  • wildone

    Ask An Author 3.0 #23

    By wildone

    OMG, where is Aaron   If he lived up here, he might have got hit by a snow plow, but down where he lives that is not very likely. Or is it?   Someone told me that he was stocking a shelf when the whole aisle collapsed on him and he was by himself. Then they say he saw all the spilt liquor and couldn't bare the idea of all the good spirits going to waste. So injured on the floor he started slurping up everything he could get. Luckily he was lying at a low point of the store floor so all
  • Cia

    December CSR Feature: The little Prince that turned into a Beggar by Georgie DHainaut

    By Cia

    This is supposed to be a month of magic, and tall tales, and so why not a little story that reminds me of the old stories? Enjoy this short fiction by Georgie DHainaut in between all the holiday hustle and bustle, or just because if none of that is for you!  The little Prince that turned into a Beggar by Georgie DHainaut Length: 4,664 Description: An”old”  fairytale, but one with a true and modern background in many a real life A reader said: Very nice story. Long enough

Showtime 2022

My big writing news this month is that my short story “Men Online in the Local Area” has been published in Showtime 2022. It is about Harry, a young man living in East London, who is finding building a new life in his new home difficult. Superficially, it is about the ups and downs of using dating apps, but its real subject is about how a big, busy city can be a very lonely and difficult place to form new friendships in. This anthology, Showtime 2022, is special to me because I am one of th

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Writing

Remarkable Cults and Their Followers

Another gaming book that I use as inspiration is Remarkable Cults and Their Followers by LoreSmyth's JVC Parry, Jeff Lee, and RP Davis. Every fantasy world needs a bad guy and every bad guy needs a cult.  This is a great inspiration for different ways you can put things together.  More fodder for world builders.


Myr in Writing

November, Remember

November is a month for remembering things.  Whether it's the Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November, with Guy Fawkes day, or November 11th, the Armistice Day commemorating The Great War, World War I, this is a month for looking back over past events.  Therefore, I'm suggesting prompts that have to do with remembering events of the past. #87 List of items: rosemary, a diary, a chest, RAM, elephant, and a red poppy #88  Your main character lost his memory.  What brings it back?  

Cole Matthews

Cole Matthews in Prompts

Ultimate Kingdoms by Legendary Games

Another gaming-related book in my library that I also supported on Kickstarter when it was running.  This is a handy tool for world building and setting up underlying rules of how things work... even if you aren't talking about it. It makes your created work function in a consistent way.  This makes it believable in your writing bubble.  This helps immersion in the story world.  I find this worth it, but only for really big world builders.


Myr in Writing

Anthology Flashback - 2010 No Going Back

I'm on vacation this week, so decided to re-feature one of our past anthologies.  Check out the stories from 2010's anthology "No Going Back".  Also, please be sure to vote in the two current polls in the Anthology section of the Writer's Club.  Both polls close on November 17th.   https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/category/27-2010-fall-no-going-back/    


Valkyrie in Anthologies

MDBCs 09 Nov 2022

November 9th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan) Christian feast day: Benignus of Armagh Dedication of the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Cathedral of the Pope (memorial feast day) Margery Kempe (Church of England) Martin Chemnitz (Lutheran) Nectarios of Aegina

Nobody Saves the World

This is a cute little game.  fun to play as light entertainment. It is also not expensive or free with Xbox Game Pass, if you are on that. I tried it because you needed to play one of the top ten games on game pass for the reward points. more than worth it and I wouldn't have checked this out if hadn't been for Game Pass and the reward.  But I tried it out on Cloud gaming and liked it so I installed it and spent a couple hours unwinding with it.  


Myr in Gaming

MDBCs 08 Nov 2022

November 8th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity (Roman Catholic Church) Four Crowned Martyrs Godfrey of Amiens Johann von Staupitz (Lutheran) Blessed John Duns Scotus Saints and Martyrs of England (Church of England) Tysilio

GA's Newest Promising Author: kbois

Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating  @kbois in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. She has been a member at GA for just under five years, and in that time she has posted over 900,000 words across ten stories. Writing mainly romances, she's the author of the popular shifter novels Spirit Wolves and Shadow Effect as well as the very entertaining The Devil is Gay short stories. You can find all of her stories on her author page so please don't be s


Graeme in Announcements

Uncharted (Movie)

I'm not going to complain about a movie with Tom Holland... This movie is entertaining as a stand alone thing.  I've only played the game a little bit, so I'm not as married to the source material.  That said, it is a rip-off of Lara Croft's Tomb Raider which is itself a rip off of Indiana Jones.  I'm sure there is a deeper dive there too.  To be fair, I like all the franchises and pretty much most things that fit in this sort of genre. (Don't get me started on National Treasure ) Enj


Myr in Movies

MDBCs 07 Nov 2022

November 7th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: All Dominican Saints and Blesseds Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg (Lutheran) Engelbert II of Berg Herculanus of Perugia John Christian Frederick Heyer (Lutheran) Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen (Lutheran) Prosdocimus

November CSR Feature: A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting by Dodger

November and the months keep rolling by toward the end of 2022 already. Life is what happens when you're not really paying attention, and sometimes things change suddenly and then you have to try and make them work. Well, in this month's feature story we're going back in time and to the summer months to see how this newly single father handles all that life throws at him. I couldn't believe I hadn't already featured this story before, but now you can for this month's CSR. Don't forget to come ba


Moonfall is another movie from groaner disaster movie guru Roland Emmerich.  This movie is one of those -turn your brain off completely sort of movies.  If you are familair with physics, turn that off.  the laws of physics are even more optional in this movie than in 2012, which features a limo doing jumps under a subway train...  the groan are more than that. The special effects are pretty good though. Interesting sci-fi story but we're not talking Arthur C. Clarke here either... If y


Myr in Movies

MDBCs 06 Nov 2022

November 6th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Barlaam of Khutyn Demetrian Illtud Leonard of Noblac Melaine of Rennes Winnoc November 6 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Gustavus Adolphus Day (in Sweden, Finland and Estonia) Finnish Swedish Heritage Day (in

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 30 - Nov. 5)

Well folks, I unexpectedly find myself not at home without anything but an iPhone 😳 So for now I’ll publish the stories updated over the week and then tomorrow fill in the rest of the blanks.    And here is the look at the past weeks postings on all our Authors and Poets! Recently Updated 'Premium' Stories On Fire by Cia (In Process) Recently Updated 'Signature Author' Stories Gap Year by Mark Arbour  Flying Circus by Carlos Hazday  Get Into


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

The Positive Trait Thesaurus

The Positive Trait Thesaurus: a Writer's Guide to Character Attributes by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi.  As you might guess, Positive Traits is the opposite of yesterday's Negative Traits.  Like yesterday's book, this should be in your library too.  Also with yesterday, this helps you fill out your character and make them more well-rounded.


Myr in Writing

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