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  • Renee Stevens

    Reminder: Spring/Summer Anthology Due May 31st!

    By Renee Stevens

    If you have any questions, send me a message or you can always comment on the blog or in the forum thread! Roll Call: if you have an anthology entry, comment below!  If you want, you can even share your story name and description to make your readers drool in anticipation!    ~2021 Spring/Summer Anthology~ Now, let's take a look at the themes and guidelines for the first anthology of 2021! The themes of the 2021 Anthology #1 are: Top Theme #1: On the Ro
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Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 21 - Mar. 27)

Taxes, taxes, taxes, oh my   I do believe my friends to the south have to have their taxes in by April 15th this year, and we up here in the Great White North have to have them in by April 30March 31. Thanks @Mikiesboyfor correcting this. No relief with Covid. I wonder what it would be like to have no taxes whatsoever like some countries in the world. No federal, no provincial/state, no sales tax, etc. I do have to admit that when I do mine and my dad's taxes every year it isn't that big of

Little Moments

What creates a story? What creates an unexpected thrill? What connects the writer to the readers that they're attempting to entertain? These are all questions that should be lingering in the back of your mind when you're writing your story. NOT in the forefront, because writing a story isn't all about catering to an audience. Instead, it should be about exploring your true self and your deepest emotions. Having an audience enjoy and appreciate what you do is a thrilling side effect to all o


Comicality in Articles


My husband and I had our first night out in over a year in a physically distanced, but indoor dining situation. We went to a spot we love - a little, intimate place with dark, burnt orangey walls, ferrous-stained concrete floors with these glorious cracks filled with rust, and of course a terrific menu. The servers all wore masks, and all the patrons did too until served. Between courses we masked up again, and were all more than six feet apart from other tables. To add a bit of security, I

Wayne Gray

Wayne Gray in Blog

Anthology Changes.... Again

First off, let me start by saying that the Anthology deadline of April 1st has been extended to May 31st!!!!  Hopefully that will give everyone time to write something for the anthology. So, what does that mean for the mid-year anthology?  Well, that deadline has now been extended to October 31st. Which leaves us with the Pre-2021 themes anthology. Sometimes we have to make some tough decisions, and it's become clear that the anthology participation has been declining for the past few

Anthology Entry Revisited: The Truth is Out There

Upcoming Anthology Due: April 1, 2021 (1 week remaining) Top Themes On the Road Forbidden Pot Luck Themes But Wait; There’s More     -     Through a Glass Darkly     -     Of Gods and Monsters     -     It Takes All Kinds     -     Darkness Falls Boys of the Hills     -     You Wouldn’t Understand     -     On the Beach     -     Great Balls of Fire   

Featured Story: Broken

As always, a huge thank you goes out to our review team.  Without them, I don't know what you'd review on these featured story days! Broken - A Camp Refuge Story by Wayne Gray Reviewer: Parker Owens Status: Complete Word Count: 38,510 Broken is the fourth story in Wayne Gray’s Camp Refuge series. The story revolves around Lee, a young man with a horrific past and who has drawn the interest of the police. Camp Refuge is the last stop, the last chance, before getting swallowed

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 14 - Mar. 20)

Well happy first day of Spring. Not too often I will share a joke, but @AC Benus' status update had me laughing  . It is kind of related to Easter, well loosely to Easter  It has a rabbit in it  And a priest and minister , Curious yet? https://gayauthors.org/profile/18130-ac-benus/?status=143484&type=status Go over and enjoy   So what happened this week at the GA News Blog you ask! Well I will tell you! Free of charge, no subscription fee, no monthly payments. Free, free, free


Hahaha! Raise your hands if you saw the title of this writing article and immediately groaned and rolled your eyes at the idea of hearing me talk about it! Yes, yes...I know. If you thought it was a secret, it's not. I am well aware of my use of teen angst in my stories, and have gotten countless angry emails about it over the years. Trust me...I know. BUT...if any of my readers feel angry, impatient, worried, or sexually FRUSTRATED beyond belief, when reading my stories...then congra


Comicality in Articles

Prompt 868 and Prompt 869

March is flying by and we are already halfway through the month. Where did the time go? And the are expecting snow? Oh well. It is Friday, that means it is time for the new prompts. Prompt 868 - Creative Tag - Oh, Pup! It snowed last night and you woke to a foot and a half of the frozen mess. You made coffee and were about to head back to bed when you heard a thud near the back door. Afraid that ice had fallen onto your grill, you open the back door to check. Instead of ice, you s


comicfan in Prompts

Anthology Entry Revisited: The Challenge

Upcoming Anthology Due: April 1, 2021 (2 weeks remaining) Top Themes On the Road Forbidden Pot Luck Themes But Wait; There’s More     -     Through a Glass Darkly     -     Of Gods and Monsters     -     It Takes All Kinds     -     Darkness Falls Boys of the Hills     -     You Wouldn’t Understand     -     On the Beach     -     Great Balls of Fire  

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