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  • Renee Stevens

    Author Guess Who #12 - The Reveal

    By Renee Stevens

    Well, it's time to see who our mystery author was for this month. Do you think you got it right? Well, let's take a look shall we? This month's mystery author was..... Parker Owens Did you get it right? Check out these stories from Parker!   https://www.gayauthors.org/story/parker-owens/atoz/  

Oh, Jeez!

Yeah, look at that title, and you just have to know I'm in a pickle. A kosher dill pickle. Not a spear, not a chip, not even relish. A whole dill pickle. No butter or sea salt to be found. And most certainly not sugar free.  I...received a comment on a chapter of Love in the Shadows, which is now almost complete! All chapters are posted, but some minor editing needs to be accomplished. But...this comment. Ooooh, it was a juicy one. A big, juicy pickle. And because of reading this comment be


astone2292 in Blogs

January Classic Author Feature: Days of Farewell by Gabriel Morgan

Welcome to 2021 and a new series of Classic Author features. A lot of these stories are older ones you might not have read before, since many of our Classic Authors aren't active on the site anymore. Enjoy this year's features starting with Gabriel Morgan's short story, Days of Farewell, as we say farewell (and good riddance! to 2020). It's all about the goodbye.    Length: 705 words Description: A Short Story. Thanks to John Mellencamp for the title and story prompt. A


Cia in Classic Feature

Writing and focus on disabled gay characters

Well just to make it clear for people who do not know, I suffer from Congenital Glaucoma, I was born with bad eyesight, and am legally blind with very low vision. One thing I've learned as I read stories, there really isn't much diversity or representation of people with disabilities in various gay fiction genres. People like me exist throughout the world in various forms; for instance, my last boyfriend was deaf, but it very hard for me to find any kind of story that reflect that kind of relati


W_L in Writing Stories

Weekly Wrap Up (Jan. 10 - Jan. 16)

What does everything think of the new upgrade to GA? Myr and I were joking that the new font size was easier for us as we grow older Pretty soon, you might see this font which will be beneficial for both of us   Good Day Everyone! Now don't worry, I'm sure we will have virtual screens by the day that we need this, no monitors or physical screens any more. Hey, that might be a story idea  thinking how technology could improve older peoples lives. Now that I think of my dad trying to us


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

I Feel Like a Dad

Just got off work, and my first instinct is to plop in my recliner, and make such a dad-like moan! This was a major mistake. I need to shower, cook some food, and get some fresh clothes on. In addition to this, our new office desk just came in that needs to be built, trash needs to be taken out, and some general housekeeping needs to happen. But...my recliner is so comfy! Let me tell you about this recliner. It is trash. Just a huge dumpster fire. It is a Wal-Mart branded chair, but I


astone2292 in Blogs

Kill The Dog

Hehehe, you know when I was in college, I had a writing teacher that had a somewhat comical, but very true, rule to follow when it came to getting your audience to truly feel a moment of intense emotional pain in your project. Works every time. He used to say, "If you want to make your audience cry...kill the dog!" And, yes, he meant that literally. Script wise, anyway. You can have Rambo gun down an army of enemies in a foreign land, or have Iron Man burn a bunch of terrorists to ashe


Comicality in Articles

The End

I have hammered out so many words into Chapter 33 of Love in the Shadows. Just today, I knocked out over two thousand words, beating my quota twofold for the day. And some serious thoughts have been coming into my mind. Am I serious about publishing this story? If so, should I keep it a proper length for a novel? How would I do it? Is there even a good way to end this darned thing? All of those questions have the same answer:  yes. But one of those questions can't be answered with a si


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Prompt 850 and Prompt 851

Welcome back to another Prompt Friday. I have some offerings to tempt you into writing. Prompt 850 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - London Bridge, swiss chocolate, a torn ticket, a Welsh Corgi, and a blue umbrella. Prompt 851 - Creative Tag - Destiny It was the day from hell and you weren't sure you could handle any more stress. Falling into you bed, you curse, saying "It's all Destiny's fault." You wake to find an older man who is


comicfan in Prompts

I'm...Actually Doing This...

Starting this blog entry is a little rough for me. Tears are beginning to well up, my fingers don't know where to go, and my leftover hibachi is losing its heat rapidly. I was starting to recognize myself as an actual writer. Over the past several months, I've just been hammering away on my poor Chromebook's keys and my phone's touchscreen, just...going. Non-stop. Writing when I woke up, went on my breaks at work, when I got home, as I tried to sleep. I just kept writing. Just as I'm doing now,


astone2292 in Blogs


Well, that's it. Apart from a little editing, 'Gone Away, Gone Ahead' is now finished. I was tempted to extend the number of chapters, to keep it going a while longer, but I realised that the story I had originally planned had reached its natural stopping point. I'm not someone who plans out a story in great detail. I know what needs to happen and roughly where it's going to happen, but sometimes the characters start taking me down other paths and bring in more twists and turns on the journ


Mawgrim in Writing

Author Guess Who #12

Okay all!!!!  I know I haven't been very active on the site for a while, and I appreciate the rest of the team, especially @wildone for helping get things done. I'm really hoping to be able to be more active on the site, but with a toddler and school, I still might not be able to be as active as I used to be. With that being said, who is ready for another installment of Author Guess Who? You will have until the 27th to get your guesses in. So check these answers out, and see if you think you kno

Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens

Reviewers Needed - Short & Long term

As many of you know, we have an absolutely wonderful team of reviewers here at Gay Authors. The are the ones responsible for all the wonderful reviews you see at least once a month, sometimes twice! Sometimes real life gets in the way and our reviewers struggle to provide more than a couple of reviews a year. We're looking for some more reviewers to help us out! This is open to all GA members.  Can't commit to reviews on a regular basis? That's perfectly okay!  Maybe you've read an awe

Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens

2020 Reviews Revisited

What better way to start the year than looking back at all these awesome reviews from 2020!  If you're looking for new stories to read, maybe one of these reviews from the last year will catch your attention.  Thank you to @Timothy M. for compiling the list of reviews, and thank you to the review team for writing so many great reviews for us to read!   2020 January 13th: 2019 Reviews Revisited - Timothy M. Review comment: I always look forward to reading reviews from the review

Well...Here Goes Somethin'!

Howdy. Well, this is my blog. And I don't know how blogs work.  I'm Aaron. Overnight grocery stocker. Raised in southern Indiana by fire and brimstone Catholics. Taught by a troop of ninja Boy Scouts. Love carbonara. Not a fan of second-hand embarrassment. Can always go for a beer and a dart.  And I was just joshin' ya. I know how blogs work. That's just me sprinkling in my dreams of being a comedian. A lot of people never take me seriously. It has something to do with being a five foo



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