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  • Cia

    December CSR Feature: The little Prince that turned into a Beggar by Georgie DHainaut

    By Cia

    This is supposed to be a month of magic, and tall tales, and so why not a little story that reminds me of the old stories? Enjoy this short fiction by Georgie DHainaut in between all the holiday hustle and bustle, or just because if none of that is for you!  The little Prince that turned into a Beggar by Georgie DHainaut Length: 4,664 Description: An”old”  fairytale, but one with a true and modern background in many a real life A reader said: Very nice story. Long enough

November CSR Discussion Day: A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting by Dodger

Welcome to our November CSR Discussion day with GA's newest Signature author, Dodger! Did you have chance to congratulate him before? If not, you can do so here, plus share a thought about his featured story, A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting, or my interview with him! Enjoy! What are you wearing (and no fibbing!)? No fibbing? Okay. Only sweatpants and a t-shirt, which, like their owner, have seen better days. I just got up, and it's my day off, so I'm probably going to stay like t

MDBCs 27 Nov 2022

November 27th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Acarius of Tournai Barlaam and Josaphat Bilihildis Congar of Congresbury Facundus and Primitivus Humilis of Bisignano James Intercisus Leonard of Port Maurice Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Roman Cathol

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 20 - Nov. 26)

I hope my 'merican friends and their families of origin or found  had a super Thanksgiving holiday. Did you eat too much? I think TG is one of the mandatory 'pass' days that you get to eat what you want, how much you want, and for as long as you want. It is surprising that with New Year's resolutions that people make those far stretched promises to themselves to stop smoking, go to the gym, stop drinking alcohol and such, that there is nothing for Thanksgiving. Maybe there should be promises to


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Book Review: Holocaust Tips for Kids and Smite the Heathens, Charlie Brown by Shalom Auslander

Satire is a difficult form to get right. If it is too humorous then it might not be biting enough; if the satire hits home then it can be dry and even dull, and then it can be humourless and miss its target. These two short stories take a satirical aim at religious persecution and antisemitism in particular. Holocaust Tips for Kids is a young teenage American boy’s view of the Nazi Holocaust. It reads like that teenage boy’s scrapbook, facts and reportage sit all beside the boy’s own w

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in Book review


Flashbacks Depending on where you place them and how they are used in your writing...I’ve found that adding a flashback, or even multiple flashbacks, to your fiction can be really effective when it comes to expanding upon the story beyond the story. It’s like...putting two mirrors facing each other and creating that illusion where it looks like it just reflects itself and goes on and on forever in both directions..when it really doesn’t. But it gives your story that kind of vibe when used co

MDBCs 26 Nov 2022

November 26th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast days: Alypius the Stylite Basolus (Basle) Bellinus of Padua Conrad of Constance Ethelwine of Athelney John Berchmans Pope Siricius Stylianos of Paphlagonia (Eastern Orthodoxy) Sylvester Gozzolini Isaac Watts (Episcopal Church (USA)) November 26 (Easter

MDBCs 25 Nov 2022

November 25th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Catherine Labouré Catherine of Alexandria and its related observances Elizabeth of Reute Isaac Watts (Lutheran Church and Church of England) James Otis Sargent Huntington (Episcopal Church) November 25 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Happy Prompt-Day!

I hope everyone in the US who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful day yesterday and has enough leftovers to make more yummy things like turkey soup.  I know I will have stuffed myself into oblivion (no comments on that one, Steve  ), but there's always room for more, right?  We have another holiday of sorts today... Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, that's Happy Birthday in German, to our resident wolf, @Aditus! In honor of Addy's birthday, I've decided to feature a couple of birthday-ish prompts. 


Valkyrie in Prompts

FIFA - an absolute disgrace

FIFA - corrupt dishonest and spineless Association Football (soccer in the US). How did a game invented 150 years in England end up being controlled by an infamously corrupt, dishonest and spineless “organisation” headquartered in Zurich? It’s a while since I posted a point of view but the current World Cup is all over the news and TV schedules and for all the wrong reasons - thanks to the greedy, self-serving, incompetent male patriarchy that has controlled FIFA for generations and no

MDBCs 24 Nov 2022

November 24th 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast days: Albert of Louvain Andrew Dũng-Lạc, Pierre Dumoulin-Borie, and other Vietnamese Martyrs Chrysogonus (Roman Catholic Church) Colmán of Cloyne (Roman Catholic Church) Eanflæd Firmina (Roman Catholic Church) Flavian of Ricina (Roman Catholic Chur

Shrimp & Wild Rice Cassarole

All this can be found at any Walmart. You'll need: 2 X boxes of Uncle Ben's Original Wild Rice 1 pound of small peeled shrimp 1 onion diced 1 bell pepper diced 1 clove of garlic diced 1 cup cheese - your choice but I like medium cheddar   Steps 1 Make the wild rice according to directions. 2 Dice the onion, bell pepper and garlic 3 Combine vegetables, wild rice and shrimp in a mixing bowl and stir evenly 4 Place shrimp and rice mixture


JamesSavik in recipe

My Naivety Betrayed Me

It was spring 1996 and I was on my break at work. The staff room was an old storeroom at the far end of the ward. A collection of old chairs had been arranged in a haphazard circle around an equally old coffee table. It wasn’t highly decorated, or even been decorated in years, and was barely comfortable, but it was a staff room actually located on the ward. Back then that felt like such a luxury. I was on my own there, so often I had to take my breaks alone so we could maintain enough nurse

Drew Payne

Drew Payne in My Story

November Signature Excerpt: Dreams Can Come True by CarlHoliday

Monday I featured CarlHoliday's story, and today it is my job to keep you interested with a tasty excerpt. Skinny dragon called Dreams Can Come True "tongue in cheek" which is an apt description for the novella-length tale. There are moments that make you snicker, some that make you aww, and others that may make you... well, read on to find out!  Want to read more? Click here


Cia in Signature Feature

MDBCs 23 Nov 2022

November 23rd 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Christian feast day: Alexander Nevsky (Repose, Russian Orthodox Church) Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro – one of Saints of the Cristero War (Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church) Columbanus Felicitas of Rome Paulinus of Wales Pope Clement I (Roman Cathol

MDBCs 22 Nov 2022

November 22nd 2022 - Holidays and Observances (click on the day for details) Arbour Day (British Virgin Islands) Christian feast day: Amphilochius of Iconium Cecilia George (Eastern Orthodox, a national holiday in Georgia) Herbert Philemon and Apphia Pragmatius of Autun November 22 (Eastern Orthod

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