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  • Cia

    April Classic Author Excerpt: NickolasJames8's Bodega Bay

    By Cia

    This scene is what inspired the banner. It's a rare moment of simple enjoyment in Kevin's life, but you can see he's hesitant to burst the bubble. Why? What has taught this youth to be so thankful for a day with his dad? Well, that's explored before this scene and more comes after. Read on and see what you think!  Want to read more? Click here
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Ask An Author 3.0 #4

It's the first Wednesday of the month, and you all know what that means! Bringing a fresh face to the Ask An Author universe is always an interesting maneuver, and we got a juicy one! I was sent some questions for a story that differs tremendously from the last AAA. We're going from sweet romance to dark and dangerous! Have you ever wondered what a serial killer thinks about? Well, @C. Henderson did with this gripping story! ***This is a warning to potential readers. The following interview



In Defense of Editing

Readers are a wide-ranging bunch and enjoy tons of different content. Some will read certain genres far more than any other - romance, sci-fi or only want happy ending stories. As a writer I can't possibly fit into all categories, nor should I. Rather than write something I wouldn't enjoy as a reader, I tend to write the strange things that flit across my consciousness and just hope someone else enjoys them too - that's the easy way. Then there's the complicated way, but to get to that I think I


Dabeagle in Reading

April CSR Feature: My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha by Thirdly

Welcome to April! It's spring, love is in the air... so why not a story about a stalker alpha? How could that possibly go wrong? LOL My Faceless Bus Stalker Alpha by @Thirdly   Length: 38,016 Description: As if it wasn't bad enough that Avion was a Yorkshire Terrier shifter with albinism, he also had to deal with his impending birthday and a crazy Alpha.   A reader said: I missed my sassy doggos. Can't wait to see what you put out next ~Hellsheild   Don't


Cia in CSR

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 28 - Apr. 3)

Wow! Spring has sprung here and I'm sure our Australian cousins are settling in for a long, hard, cold winter  Other than maybe up in the mountains, does it even get below 0 C? What about New Zealand, @Stellar. Do you get a cold snowy winter, even on the southern tip of the south island with their spectacular mountains? I guess it was spring break here at GA, which means this will be the quickest wrap up I've done in a long time. So shall we see what went on here? Monday, Cia hopped in

Painting Yourself Into a Corner

You know, when I started the Comicality Library on Voy (http://www.voy.com/17262/), I found out that even when I tried to alter the length of the posts that were acceptable...my chapters were still a little bit too long to fit within the confines of the space that I was given. And I didn't want to put 85% of a chapter in one post, and a measly 15% in the second post, just to split them up to make them fit. That would have looked weird. And, to me, looking weird is bad presentation. As Stan

Prompts 870 and 871

Hi y'all!  Not who you were expecting this week, right?  Unfortunately, @comicfan is having some issues getting the site to load, so he asked me to share this week's prompts with you! Happy Writing! Prompt 870- Creative Tag - Blessing The last year was not good to you. However, when you went to sleep last night and dreamed everything would slowly improve. As your dream was ending a little child walked up and handed you a lily and said you would be blessed. You wake up, turn on the

March CSR Discussion Day: The Elf's Hunt by Yeoldebard

Is your March coming in like a lion? Or how about an Elf Hunt? Because that was the story I featured this month, The Elf's Hunt by Yeoldebard. We went from space to soul searching fantasy. What did you think about the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but first! A Q & A for your enjoyment. Chocolate or Vanilla? It depends on the characters. The Elf's Hunt sticks to the vanilla, but doesn't really have much material to go off of. What brought you to GA? I


Cia in CSR

2am Phone Calls

Brother [M] called at 1:44am this morning. Dad -- who would have turned 100 on Oct. 7th -- had been sliding a bit but not rapidly. We expected something soon - but not this soon. He was hurting quite a bit last night so Hospice gave him what M called "a very tiny amount" of morphine just to knock the edge off the pain.  Before he left they said his vital signs were really good.  He hadn't been sleeping that well. The morphine allowed him to relax enough to go into a deep sleep and...just di

Fae Briona

Fae Briona in Family

Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 21 - Mar. 27)

Taxes, taxes, taxes, oh my   I do believe my friends to the south have to have their taxes in by April 15th this year, and we up here in the Great White North have to have them in by April 30March 31. Thanks @Mikiesboyfor correcting this. No relief with Covid. I wonder what it would be like to have no taxes whatsoever like some countries in the world. No federal, no provincial/state, no sales tax, etc. I do have to admit that when I do mine and my dad's taxes every year it isn't that big of

Little Moments

What creates a story? What creates an unexpected thrill? What connects the writer to the readers that they're attempting to entertain? These are all questions that should be lingering in the back of your mind when you're writing your story. NOT in the forefront, because writing a story isn't all about catering to an audience. Instead, it should be about exploring your true self and your deepest emotions. Having an audience enjoy and appreciate what you do is a thrilling side effect to all o


Comicality in Articles


My husband and I had our first night out in over a year in a physically distanced, but indoor dining situation. We went to a spot we love - a little, intimate place with dark, burnt orangey walls, ferrous-stained concrete floors with these glorious cracks filled with rust, and of course a terrific menu. The servers all wore masks, and all the patrons did too until served. Between courses we masked up again, and were all more than six feet apart from other tables. To add a bit of security, I

Wayne Gray

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