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Lost and Found



Found my blue sweater the other day. It's been missing for a couple of months now. It walked into my kitchen the other day on the boy that lives three houses down. Seems my younger daughter 'borrowed' it and then left it at her friend's house. He decided it looked good on him and he was keeping it, so he traded her one of his flannels. I told him that technically, since the sweater was mine, I should have the flannel. He said he didn't think his flannel would fit me. I reminded him that my sweater fit him just fine. He thought about that for a minute and then conceded the point.


Mom: 1

Kid: 0




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do you want the sweater back?


if you do, just ask him if your sweater is part of a wider pattern of cross-dressing.


you'll have that sweater back in no time.

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So you're wearing flannel? lmaosmiley.gif Is it plaid, you know, like a lumberjack would wear?


You got yourself a pick-up truck yet?biggrin.gif

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