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Writing Tip: Getting In The Mood - Part Deuce



So, last week we brought you one part to a tip on getting in the mood. We received so many wonderful thoughts from the authors here at GayAuthors that we just couldn't fit them all into one blog entry. With that in mine, today, we bring you "Getting in the Mood: Part Deuce". Enjoy!!!


Hosted Author: Comicality


Well, I kind of do things backwards. Meaning that I let the mood dictate what I write instead of the other way around. One of the reasons that I have so many stories going at once is because I follow the 'mood' so I can get the strongest material for everything that I write, and it doesn't always fit with what I want to work on at that particular moment. It depends a lot on what I've been going through on that specific day in lie or at work.

When I'm angry, or sad, or happy, or horny, or just feeling kind of 'preachy'....I follow that emotion and choose a story that fits that particular mood. It allows me to really channel what I'm feeling into my writing. And if I don't have a story fitting that feeling or motivation at that time, I'll write something else to get it off of my mind. It's hard to have something bugging me and trying to write about something else. So I either have to put those thoughts into something ese that I'm working on, or I have to write something personal that nobody ever sees, and get that angst and those bothersome thoughts off of my chest so I can write something for the 'public'.

Other than that, music helps. I have CDs that I've burned for certain stories, that I listen to in order to create a certain frame of mind. Find songs that really have a true meaning to you in tone, vibe, and lyrics...and put them all on the same CD. Play them while you're writing. Not only will it get you in the right mood, but it can set a natural rhythm for your words while writing. I do it all the time.


Promising Author: CassieQ


Getting into the mood to write is mostly about telling my brain that it is writing time. That means no distractions. People, television and the Internet are all made to catch and keep attention. I take these away (as much as I can, TV and Internet are easy, people not so much) and put on some music, usually something familiar that won't draw my attention away from my project and help block out the world around me and I am good to go. Sometimes, if I need a little extra motivation, I'll listen to a song that remind me of the story I am working on, or research some aspect of the story to help me get into it.

As for the mood of a story, I tend to leave that to the elements of the story itself--plot, characters, setting, dialogue, etc. The only limitation is that I might have trouble writing a dark themed story if I am in a cheerful, bouncy mood, and vice versa. That is why I have several projects going at once…one for each kind of mood tongue.png


Promising Author: Dolores Esteban

I can’t write without inspiration. A piece of music can help and reading a book or an article on the internet sometimes inspires me to write myself. Experimenting with different genres and writing styles can also serve as an inspiration. Sometimes a whole story just pops up in my head. Once the story forms in my mind, it’s easy to jump into this world of my own and get into the heads of my characters. This is when I feel the need to start writing. I must not miss this moment, else the energy is lost. I can write non-stop for hours and it’s almost like the story writes itself. I’m enjoying this flow. This is my reason for writing. However, I can’t force myself into it. This just doesn’t work out for me.


Poet: Foopy


Well, unfortunately I'm a bit odd in my writing habits, as I feel I don't personally create the story, it simply uses me as a conduit to the world... I will suddenly have a chapter (or part of a chapter) appear complete in my mind as a movie, and I just have to transcribe it out...


With Poetry... The idea for the poem comes in, but then I have to work at it, and tweak it to get the flow/emotion/words I want in. This usually involves a lot of 'back-burner-ing' lol, as I'm too much of a perfectionist to get things right quickly. I like to use a thesaurus, but I will not use a word that I don't fully understand (for instance, if I am making a poem, and the Thesaurus has a cool looking word that I've never heard of before, I likely will not use it) So i'm a very slow poem-writer... It's more a science than an art for me for poems.


Author: SidLove


Doing things to get in the mood to write is not really me. Unless I am struck with a brilliant idea for a new story or a chapter, I never get in the mood. The mood comes to me. Really if my senses don't feel like I should write, however hard I try to sit and write, I just can't lol But of course there are times when I am inspired, I have the idea where I have to go with the story because of my preliminarily worked-out outline but I just feel lazy to write. Yet, I drag myself to sit down with my laptop and open the word file. The neglected cursor blinks on the blank document and the window remains minimised while I am on MSN, FB, GA, etc... The day just ends like that and I close the blank document before I go to sleep.


BUT the next day, I am determined. I wake up early in the morning, shower and all, have a nice, healthy breakfast before I sit with my "lappy" again. I disconnect my internet and first thing I listen to my most current, most favorite song. It has to be a romantic song or something related to the story subject that I am writing. For example, when I was writing the story "When time has come..." which is about fashion world, I used to listen to this specific song which was used on a runway show. It would remind me of the excitement I felt watching it on TV and that would set the mood. OR like my current story "The Life of Him" which is about a man getting raped and his struggle to find himself and love, I always listen to that new song from Katy Perry called "Part of Me". Then I would sit to write and words would flow out of me!

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Thanks to everyone that participated in this. I see I'm not alone with the music, after reading many other authors words. Music for me is the key to emotion, but that's just me. Love that I'm not abnormal either. HA! ~Cheers~

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Once again, I have to make sure to say THANK YOU to podiumdavis for coming up with this idea!

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Looks like music wins out here, it plays such a huge role with everyone. Once again i find someone I identify with, SidLove. That whole spending the day procrastinating online while the blank page mocks me thing is a killer. Great post.

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