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Cruel Summer

Yettie One


Although the weather is something we don't like to discuss, as its the only topic we can really turn to in an awkward silence, or when trying to be polite to a stranger, I can't help but spend a little time thinking about the glorious summer that's arrived this year!


We are meant to look forward to summer. The sun's back! It's happy time. School's out. Fun, Fun, Fun. Down to the beach, everyone's off on holiday, the sun is shining, and its hot. We can get out of the house, the flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and everyone is smiling. The lads are walking around with their T's tucked into their long shorts (bonus) and the lasses are in skimpy little bikini's on the beach. Did I mention that the sun is shining?






We've had more rain in the last few months than we've recorded since records began. Well that is what they keep telling us on the news. It was the wettest May since records began, and its just been confirmed that it was the wettest June since records began! Have these people not heard of the Flood????


No pun intended, I know that a lot of very unfortunate people have suffered flooding recently, but I get a bit miffed when they rate the miserable weather as being the worst since this or since that. Crumbs its bloody miserable without having a competition about how bad it really is!


I really feel sorry for the American's at the moment. Hell they are having a heat wave like none other. I do not do well in the heat, so can only say I am sooooo grateful that I am not living there right now. I would literally melt!


The US really does seem to have the worst of the worst when it comes to weather. If its not a hurricane hitting land, its tornadoes ripping through the mid west, or heat waves scorching the south, or snow storms grid locking the north, or earth quakes hitting the west. Erm..... Ok so earth quakes are not weather phenomenons Mr Clever Cloggs! But, you get the picture.


I live in little old England, where the most we can complain about is silly rain! Oh hang on, we got ONE tornado in the storm the other day. I think it hit a field. Ha!


When I stop to think about the wild fires that grip Australia and the US, Greece and parts of Africa I am grateful we don't have any tinder dry forests on this tiny island. When I pause to think of the effects of the droughts that strike Africa or the monsoon's that rip through Asia, I'm pretty glad we don't have any deserts or monsoon like rainfall on a persistent level here. You know really speaking, we have it pretty good. Yes we all moan, yes we miss the sun, and when it is hot, its too bloody hot, and the humidity makes us all cranky, and we moan a bit more. It is a British past time. Weather is a topic of national pride. smile.png It's something we are proud of. Our grey skies, and the misty mornings. You can read about them in almost any book ever written about the UK.


So when I think to myself, argh its another crappy day here in the UK, I'm trying to teach myself to look on the brighter side. At least its summer. It might not be perfect, but I'm going to make the bloody most of it while I can. smile.png


Thought for today - "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.


Song for today - Blame it on the Weatherman by B*witched

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Ha! Britain doesn't have a climate, just weather!

And apparently Britain has the second highest number of tornadoes by area. Most are weak - but not the one that hit Birmingham in 2005! Did about 40m quid's worth of damage :(

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Ah heck yeah I forgot about that one! :P

And we got a Hurricane once. :D


Wasn't that the time the BBC weather forecasters made complete fools of themselves? :/

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I'd rather have a heatwave than what we're having right now. Hell...my tan is disappearing fast :D

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And we were all so excited here to get a large thundershower here yesterday after no rain in two weeks, and over one hundred degrees. HOpe u get your sunshine soon.:)

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