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Writing Prompts #166 & #167



So - since there may be a malicious rumour going around today, I just want to verify, today is NOT my birthday...






Couldn't be - I stopped having them about 20 years ago thumbsup.gif


BUT - if for some reason, you decide to listen to such spiteful drivel, well - maybe give me a gift. innocent.gif Like - don't just read the wonderful prompt responses from other members, take a stab at one of these great prompts from our ever clever Comicfan, and share your response with the community in our Writing Prompts forum.


So, this weeks prompts are:


Prompt 166 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following words in a story: thunder, surgery, alien, cake, and oak tree.


Prompt 167 – Creative
Tag – Memory
For the past ten years you have lived your life day by day never really knowing who you were. Today on the way home you stopped for coffee and as the man handed it to you it spilled on your hand. Just like that the wall cracked and you slowly begin to remember who you are. What is your story?


Cool, eh? So give it a try!


We also love looking at past prompt responses each week, and last week's prompts have already generated some great responses. Prompt 165 was:

You’ve seen the movies where scientists screw up and try to bring back something that was extinct and cause all sorts of trouble. Well evidently they didn’t and decided they would try with something that couldn’t possibly be problematic. What did the scientists bring back into existence?


Dolores Esteban took up that challenge in a story that made me hold my breath, as well as a response from JamesSavik that actually combined both this and prompt 164. But Andy021278's response is my favorite so far as it was not only suspenseful, but I loved the format he used.


Now, you may have a different favorite, but I think we can all agree that it was great of these authors for sharing these with us!

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167 looks really interesting. The list of words are always fun, and I already have an idea for this one.


Hope you have a very happy non-birthday today Trebs

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