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Writing Prompts Special Anniversary Prompts



How can we have an anniversary week, without anniversary prompts? But oh - Comicfan, the ever resourceful has solved this dilemna with these two wonderful writing prompts. As always, we hope you share your responses with the community in the Writing Prompts forum...


Special Anniversary Prompt #1
Tag: Anniversaries
Anniversaries are always something special and unusual. What makes the one you are attending that way?


Special Anniversary Prompt #2
Tag: Save the Date
I know I had been asked to save that date for a special occasion but so many things have come up I forgot. What was the reason you were to save that date?


Looking back on past prompt responses, what would be more appropriate than a prompt and response posted about a year ago. Prompt #66 was:

So you have gotten comfortable with your writing and you feel you need a challenge. Remember dear old Dr. Seuss. Everyone seems to have gotten a hold of one of his stories. They are fun, they make you laugh, and they rhyme. Your task, should you accept the challenge, is tell us a story, any story you like, but do it like Dr. Seuss and all in rhyme.


Dolores Esteban wrote a wonderful and fun response, The Quest. Here's a taste of it:

The Quest


There once was a time when a young prince was lost
Away he had gone; he had gone on a quest.
He had left at night and he had left no trace.
People were worried back at his place.


A week went by; he did not come back.
A noble knight set out and followed his track.
The forest was dark. There was barely a light.
And there were strange and spooky noises at night.


The noble knight, however, was courageous and brave.
He explored the forest until he found a dark cave.
The man went inside with a torch in his hand.
The ground was slippery. It was hard to stand.


The knight looked around. His eyes widened in fear
At the sight of a creature that was about to come near.
It was a huge frog, skin green and brown.
The frog gazed at the knight with a grim frown.


"What is it you want?" The frog yelled at the knight.
The knight waved his torch. The frog blinked at the light.
"I’m looking for Prince Edward. Did he come this way?"
The knight asked, his face ashen and gray.


Love it as much as I did? Check out the rest of The Quest.


Recommended Comments

Dolores did a great job with it. It was a lot of fun to read. Can't wait to see what people do with the Anniversary Prompts.

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