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You want what?!



When I moved in with my son, I broached the subject of getting a dog or atleast a big cat. Each and everytime I brought up the subject, N was adamant we weren't having a pet in his house. Well, last week he said "we need a dog."


I've been hallucinating so much for the past couple weeks, I couldn't be certain if he said that or not. Afterall I'm the resident cracker box around here; and, having a dog just might get me moving, "Have you walked the dog?"


Not only does he want a dog, he wants one in my height range, knee level. This cannot be happening. Trust me, I know crazy and N was definitely pushing all the nut basket buttons.


And, yet, he's got the whole fence thing all figured out in his head. We'll put up a temporary fence first; then sometime in the future, we'll put up something a little more permanent.


As far as the new long story goes, I'm finishing up Chapter 4. I can't be certain if I'll keep the end of 4 in Chapter 4 or move it to the beginning of Chapter 5; and the way my mind has been working (or not) it may take a few weeks to get it all sorted out.

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*snickers* Yay! Strike while the iron is hot, go dog shopping this weekend!! As an alternative to the fence, you can always use one of those massive screw in yard stakes with a loooong chain/leash so the dog can have freedom and not be a flight risk at the same time.

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