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Welcome to the New W.L and his writing style



First I want to thank my Team:


NotNoNever- Thanks for keeping me anchored to the vernacular and keeping the story simple enough for readers

BlueSoxWSJ- Thanks for being my secondary source for finance information as we both come from different viewpoints, it's a thrill to do this together.

SidLove- You are a great beta and insightful on ideas. I will need to work with you and Blue on the financial appendix very soon, so readers can track back on meanings

Harcallard- Don't worry Harc, you have been a good friend and I think you are a decent editor.


It took several editors and betas, basically an entire team of people from across the board. This is a big story and requires a larger team than I have ever worked with. Without you guys, I would not have finished the first chapter, now we must move onto the 2nd.


To Readers: I am changing my writing style, not just a genre shift, but an entirely new framework of writing that GA has not seen in a while.




The Big Squeeze is my first prototype for this style. You will notice much more detail rather than cerebral issues, more real life and real facts than theoretical science fiction, and far more engrossing plots between complex characters with personal and professional problems.


The first chapter uses a table of stock/index for beginning and ending that writers on GA have not done yet as far as I can tell from my reading, I might have missed your story if you have done the same thing (please tell me I love learning from example, too.) I want people to see how thing deteriorate from point A to Point B.


I also split things out into three perspectives, instead of my usual cerebral 1st person way of telling stories. They all have back stories and conflict between themselves, their profession, and their environments, which is all eclipsed by the coming financial crisis.


Also, this story will have grand scope. What starts in the United States with Lehman Brothers and AIG will not be the end of the story. I am going to be crossing the US and the world. You will see breathtaking issues of financial market problems from New York to London to Shanghai. It's not just US regulatory issues, UK bankruptcy rules, European market legislation, Chinese investment issues, and any single point. We were all in this financial crisis and the fight to save the global financial system.


I love input and please tell me if you guys have any issues with reading or if I need to make corrections.

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