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How I became a sinner!



I've been staying with Chaz and his family for the last couple of days. It's been really fun. I think I've met everyone that is related to this family also as they have big family get togethers. I've been here a couple of days and they've already had two get togethers. One to meet me and a second to make sure I met everyone else. It's definitely weird but awesome in the same sense.


In one of the get togethers I was invited to join in a game of poker against Chaz's Grandmother and Granfather. Now these two are a pair of nuts. I Instantly liked them as they would do anything to win. Chaz's mother also joined the game. As we played I seemed to be winning when the grandmother whispered under her breath. "The queer seems to be winning," to her husband.


I was about to take great offense. I really thought they liked me, I mean for the first time in my life I cared what someone thought of me. When the Grandfather says, "We dont call them queers anymore they are gay." I would later find out that this is the tactic they used to throw people of their game. It almost worked too if Chaz's mother hadn't whispered in my ear what they were up to. They whisper insults just loud enough so that the insultee could hear.


So as the game progresses we find ourselves passing insults back and forth. I was stilll winning and the Grandmother wasn't having it. She pulls out her bible and starts quoting from it. I start to hum a song to drown out her bible chant. Chaz's mother is in hysterics and I had to stop and laugh when the grandmother says, "Only sinners hum when the good word is spoken." Even the grandfather was laughing. Needless to say we have another rematch and I know what book I'm going to quote from.


GREEN sin is in.


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Green is it ok... or rather can you and Chaz talk and ask if it would be ok for me to adopted Chaz's family as mine. Those are two really great grandparents there. I really wish all families had members like that.


Ok take it ease dude. I'm glad you are on the up and up these days.


See you around Sinner Green :2thumbs:

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Green...at long last you have an awesome family to be a part of...now marry that boy and have them adopt you!!! Those are very cool people and one set of very funny Grandparents..not to mention Chaz's Mom is a living doll (your Mom is too....and patient..)


I am still laughing that Chaz's Mom clued you in on the grandparents' gayme plan (no pun intended) and I bet you will have lots of rematchs....um, next rematch, I suggest you bring the cards..>>I wouldn't put it past the bible toting quoting Grandma from bringing her own cards-marked ones that is...that is too funny:)


I am glad you are having fun..you deserve it..now kiss and hug Chaz (and other unmentional delicious yummy things:) and hugs to his family:)



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