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I got my muffin and I ate it too



So this morning I didnt have time to eat breakfast and we were out of milk anyway so I planned on eating at school. This was fine with me cuz I had been craving a blueberry muffin for a while, lol. Well the last few days we had been on stage during chorus because we have a concert monday night, and when we're on stage he keeps us a little late. Well the breakfast line closes at 8:25, and it was like 8:21 so I tried to hurry out of the auditorium. I jump off the stage and someone was like right in front of me so I put my hand down to direct my body where to fall. I didnt even feel it till after I raised my hand...there was a loose nail where I put my hand down and it had ripped a little gouge in my hand! :o By the time I got all my stuff together and got out of there, I had a handful of blood but I knew if I went to the nurse first, I would miss the breakfast line. So I go to the breakfast line and get my blueberry muffin, string cheese and milk and ask the lunch lady to punch in my number for me since I had my food in one hand and blood in the other, lol. So I go to the nurse and set down my muffin, string cheese and milk and show her my hand and she fixes it all up for me...and boy, she was the furthest from stingy with that triple antibiotic ointment, she like put a tablespoon of it on my half-inch wound, lol. So I got my muffin and ate it too :P ....with my non-wounded hand.


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:P Atleast we know you can fend for yourself, eh?

:o And sowwys bout the hand, hope it feels better!!




-Nate(y) :P

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Xander....ouch ouch ouch..I hope you are feeling better.


Wait did you try out for the school play and did you make it? grrrr..a cliffhanger in the making from your last blog entry and you didn't mention it.....please don't keep us in suspense!



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Wait did you try out for the school play and did you make it? grrrr..a cliffhanger in the making from your last blog entry and you didn't mention it.....please don't keep us in suspense!

Heh, sorry Michael, I thought I told everyone that one night in chat...I thought you were there, my bad heh. Yes I did try out with that friend of mine, Meghan. The singing part of my audition kinda sucked because I couldnt seem to stay on track with the music...that's a hard song to do when you've only heard it played like twice, heh. You may remember me saying that I didn't want that big of a part cuz I gots some stage fright, and that's what I got ;) . I got like 4-5 little parts and then I'm a part of a few group dancing and signing parts and that's fine with me because I seem to be fine as long as everybody is doing the same thing as me, lol...like with chorus ;) . Oh, and my friend Meghan got the part of Annie :) (she's a redhead, lol).

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Congratulations!!! No, I wasn't part of the live chat...but sooo coollllll to hear that you are in the play:)


And this way you also get extra instant bonding with new people in the group stuff of singing and dancing you will do within the play..a play/musical within a play/musicals:)


Congratulations to Meghan too:)


Now, this is your big chance to get close to cute and hot dancer guys and singers:) and to develop great friendships:)


Go for it and enjoy and take the time to enjoy all of it and keep up the friendships after the play ends.


Did you find out what happened to the Gay neighbor? Did he move? I hope not and I hope you found him and are developing a friendship there:) Let us know!!


Bravo and standing ovations for you and Meghan:) and your whole group!!




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Congratulations Xander, for getting the parts in the play. :2thumbs:


And also congratulations for having the courage to audition. A lot of people who have not auditioned because of stage fright but you went up there and faced your demons and you got the part.


Facing our fears and overcoming them are some of the hardest things we do in life. You should be proud of yourself. Everyone else is proud of you too! :D



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woo hoo! WTG Ronnie! Congrats about getting the part :D


Ouch! about your hand :( That completely sucks. Glad you at least got your breakfast though. I hope you heal quickly. Good Luck and take care :D



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