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Holiday Monday...

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It's Memorial Day weekend. We had a big family reunion/BBQ planned for this weekend, but, a lot of the family can't make it because of the flooding. My youngest brother and my Aunt both live between Austin and Houston and that entire area is in VERY bad shape. Plus, in the last few days they have had some terrible tornadoes there as well. So, the entire weekend kind of got cancelled. It's a real bummer because I was really looking forward to seeing the extended family.


It's given me some more free time to work on my story. It's coming along pretty good. I think it's a pretty good story, but, I am biased of course. I am trying to make it a very character driven story with an interesting and unique premise. I am a bit worried about the amount of sex in the story. There isn't much and it doesn't go into great detail. I want to publish it on GA and Nifty, but, I am wondering whether or not it will appeal to these audiences since it has so little sex. But, at the same time, because it has ANY gay sex in it, the story really doesn't appeal to the mass market. I am afraid I am writing a story that no one will want to read. It's a little discouraging, but, I am trying not to think about it too much. My goal is just to finish the story. That will be a major accomplishment for me. I will be very disappointed if only 2 or 3 people read it, but, oh well, it's not like I am trying to make money I am just trying to tell a story.


I am spending quite a bit of time on the GA chat in the evenings. It's pretty interesting. I have also discovered the PROMPTS. I am committed to writing a quick blurb on the next FIRST LINE PROMPT. Pretty scared, but, excited about it.


That's enough verbal vomit for now.


Take care,

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I'm thinking that worries about popularity and readership regarding sexual quantity on Nifty isn't really worth your time—but to each their own. You can always write two versions.


Sexual acts in a story aren't necessarily a death knell. You can include a sexual act or scene just fine if it's integral to the story or the needs of the characters. Of course, you can also write sex peripherally, that is, by acknowledging that the act took place but not delving into detail. Sex is a part of life, whether that be included as part of a space opera, drama, or detective story, etc. The point, as it were, is not making the sexual act the point of the story, or, in fact, the specific scene—but another facet of the whole—you see?


Sorry your get-together was a no-go.

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Hey Ron,


Thank you very much for your insight.  I appreciate it and will take it to heart.  It's great to hear your advise and perspective.




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Hey Cody!


Sorry for your rainy weekend and drowned plans.


About the sex, lots of stories on GA, good and popular ones, do not have tons of sex, or graphic sex. You might find more 'gratuitous' sex on Nifty, but not even necessarily there either.


Write the story which wants to flow from your pen. That's the only story you should write. I'm new to writing, which should be pretty obvious, but that is the one thing I know.


btw -- everyone is supportive here on GA!

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I wouldn't worry about the amount and detail of sex in your story. As long as it’s part of the story in a logical way, as others have pointed out above, it will be fine. When you read here on GA, you'll notice quite a few stories have no sex and are still popular. Why? Because the author has a story to tell and an honesty in doing so. Make your characters as real as possible emotionally (they can be vampires or aliens, so no need for total realism ;) ) and readers will respond. Sex or no sex.


As for readership, I think being active around the site and engaging with others help you get noticed. If people know a little about you, they will be curious. Don't worry if one story has few followers. You'll still learn from it. Then suddenly another of your stories get more attention for no apparent reason. Just enjoy it. And keep writing!

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Write what feels right for you. I've written stories with graphic sex and where it's hinted at because graphic just isn't needed or right. Once I had a many days discussion with my editor who wanted me to leave the sex and I didn't feel it was for the best. But in the end I left it and it was the right thing to do in that case. 


I dont read stories because of the sex in them. I read them because i like the characters and/or the situation. Frankly too much detail and sex altogether can be dull. 


So write your story!


all the best,



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Hello All,


I apologize I can't figure out how to reply to each of your comments individually.  As has previously been established, I am an idiot *HA!*.


Anyway, thank you all for your encouraging comments and suggestions.  I am putting the whole "amount of sex" concern out of mind and concentrating on finishing the story.


Again, thanks for taking the time to give me your insight.




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