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March C S R Feature: Crave By Litlover



Okay, so every once in a while I pick a story that falls in my preferred reading wheelhouse, and science fiction is a definite favorite. This month the CSR feature is going to be a story I haven't had a chance to finish, but I will! It's a bit longer than a lot of our CSR features, but you have a good amount of time to finish it since the Discussion day won't be until Monday, March 27th.


by LitLover


Length: 75,896


Description: Crave: Feel a powerful desire for (something).


Some cravings you just can't fight.


A Reader Said: BRAVO!! :yes: You wrote an excellent story. I love stories like this. It satisfied by sci fi side, the romantic in me and oh my ....vampires. :wub: Crave is on my re-read list. :thankyou: and a sequel would be much appreciated. :gikkle:~ LadyDe


Remember, this month's Discussion day will take place on Monday, March 27th!

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Congrats on the feature Lit... Crave was a fantastic debut and a great read. I look forward to the discussion and highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet discovered it.. 

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