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a song for sub life

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i'll do anything for you, foster the people


never wanna stand up for myself
never wanna get in the way, i said it
i don't know what the plan is
but You can share with me, 'cause i'll
be listening here
to everything You say, i won't turn away
and i will listen, open up my heart and
i must say that i love You, so...


every day is a battle i face

strange life i live but its what You've decided
i'll give it all into Your hands
do what You will with me, and oh
i'll smile when you speak
remember all those times i was hoping for something
and shaking my head from all i have done
but You never left me...


give it up for You, i would give it

up for You

i would give it up for You, i'd do

anything for You...



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I know we listen to some of the same music. I love this song. Not for the group singing, but the power behind the words. I connect to my feelings and the world through music. Thanks for sharing a connection to you.

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i love  music and my musical taste varies. between you, jp and AC, i've been opened to whole new wavelengths. thank you! really enjoyed this piece. (and @BlindAmbition, i've missed your "throwback Thursdays"  <giggles>)

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The lyrics do speak to our Life, don't they, boy. Thanks for sharing to let others see how D/s can be a rewarding experience.

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