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A submissive's journey ... Gratitude

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i am grateful for many things in my life. i have been Michael's collared sub for nearly ten years.  i am grateful for that. i am grateful for all He does for me and for us.


i am truly grateful.  i am not very good at showing that i am.  i am not very good at telling Sir that i am.


my rules have become blurred, and lazy and i do things by rote.   i am working to correct this.


many subs greet their Dom in the same way ... we kneel and our Dom pulls us close into their body and holds us there. there may be more but not always. it is a time to reconnect and part of that is their scent.  when i am upset or distracted, Michael's scent can calm me as much as the hug. it is home and safety.  Touch is part of that too. Most subs like to be close.


i have ensured lately that i thank Him, while i kneel there, before He releases me.


He does much so i do not have to; things like laundry, shopping, and prepping dinner. He looks after me, thanks me for cooking, or washing His back, or for making His tea. I asked Him once why, saying he shouldn't need to thank me.


He smiled at me. "Of course, I must, boy. you need to know you are loved and that I am grateful for you too."


That He is is very humbling to this boy.


i love this Life. That i am in it, is because of Him.  thank You, Sir, this boy is properly grateful.

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2 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it’s great to see that you have so much love for each other.

Thanks chris .. i appreciate you being open. Your support is amazing and i am grateful.

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