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Final Prompts from Comicfan



We're not ready to let go of Comicfan as our resident prompt genius, so we are featuring his last prompts again, Prompt 892 and 893. If you would like, you can take a stab at either one for a lasting memorial to Wayne. Anyone that wants to, please post a prompt in honour of Wayne. I've created topics for each one of them, 892 and 893. Let us know in the below comments which one you did :).


Prompt 892 - Creative 

Tag - List of Words

Use the following words in a story - a storm, a broken fence, a scared dog, a flash light, and an old typewriter. 

Prompt 893 - Creative

Tag - Viral Video

Most people who make it big on Tik Tok or YouTube work hard to become viral. Unfortunately your video went viral for all the wrong reasons with two and a half million views. What is your video about?



Do you have a favourite prompt he shared? Let us know so we can feature it again!

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Recommended Comments

Wayne's prompts inspired me to start writing on GA, and I have three collections of prompt responses in my story list.  The first prompt I posted was a story about a little girl finding a 'kitty' and the subsequent consequences.  Both Penguin and Alex's Legacy were inspired by prompt responses.  Those are two of my favorites, as is the one I wrote about the zombie apocalypse.  

It's really hard to choose a favorite, but I had a lot of fun writing my response to Prompt 310 - 


Prompt 310 – Creative

Tag – List of Words

Use the following words in a story – tent, a running river, a wolf, a lighter, and a bowl of cereal.


Even though I've slowed way down on writing prompt responses, I looked forward to them every Friday.  Wayne has left us a treasure trove of inspiration. 

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