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2021 Fall Anthology: Wrap Up!

Renee Stevens


Well, that's it for this year's anthologies!  A lot of great stories by some very talented authors. Thank you to everyone for participating, whether you are an author or a reader!  If you haven't gotten to read all the stories, don't fret, I'll link them all in the wrap up so that you can easily get to any that you missed!

A huge thank you to the team who made the anthologies possible!

2021 Fall Anthology Support Team

Anthology Coordinator
Renee Stevens

Tech Support

Proof Team
Parker Owens

Anthology Banner Creation
Mann Ramblings

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1 hour ago, Myr said:

Anniversary Themed Anthology

Give us details sooner better than later. I keep my word. I'll participate.

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4 minutes ago, Carlos Hazday said:

Give us details sooner better than later. I keep my word. I'll participate.

It'll be like the last anthology, due around Sep 1, 2022 with topic of "Anniversaries", or near enough to this that you can start planning. 

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