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June CSR Discussion Day: Dolphin Delivery by Carlos Hazday



Well, I don't know about what it's like where you are, but I'm stuck in a heat wave. What a time for some ocean-related story fun! I can imagine enjoying the cool water now, and if there were dolphins? *squee* I hope you enjoyed reading, or re-reading Carlos's Earth Day story, Dolphin Delivery. Share your thoughts in the comments below after you enjoy my interview with him! 


Who do you like best, Jerry or Tom?

Jerry Maguire or Tom Cruise? Aren’t they the same person? LOL.

I love the way you start these interviews with questions out of left field. Smart way to put the interviewee at ease.

The mouse! Although the sound of ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry’ rattling in my head reminds me too much of Jerry Springer. The fact I’m not a big fan of cats may have something to do with it.

Top sheet or no top sheet?

Top sheet.

The question reminds me of something that happened a couple of years ago. I wrote a scene where a character pulled a bed sheet over himself and his other half. A reader mentioned I was obviously a Floridian because I didn’t mention blankets. It was a learning moment in my writing career. I’ve been careful with little details since, taking into account my experiences don’t always fit a character. It’s helped me differentiate my men and women enough readers sometimes recognize who the individual is through speech and actions before I identify them.

If you were writing a book about your life, what would that title be?

So little time…

I’m a wannabe explorer and a bit of a daredevil, and I’ve realized I’ll never live long enough to experience everything I’d like to. I mean, I still have nine states I’ve never visited!

Having characters do some of those things I haven’t has been a poor substitute, but at least I’ve been there in spirit. In CDMX I wrote about visiting Chichén Itzá, something I haven’t done. But researching and writing about it made me feel as if I was traveling with my characters. I hope my feelings translated well enough readers had a similar experience.

Are there any new authors or books that have grasped your interest?

I don’t read as much as I used to and most of what I do read is non-fiction. Biographies, history, journals, and current events analysis.

On GA, I’ve enjoyed works by some of our recently promoted authors. @Mawgrim has me hooked on his PERN fanfiction. @astone2292 deserved his promotion; I’ve been helping him clean an older story and he most definitely shows promise. @Mrsgnomie writes beautifully, but with her stories, I have to pace myself; everyone knows I’m allergic to romances. LOL

For some reason, shifter stories attract me. Surprising since I’ve taken a couple of stabs at the genre and haven’t been happy with the results. @kbois and @WolfM have written stories I’ve enjoyed reading.

What advice would, or do, you give to new authors not sure if writing is something they can do?

Try it.

The worst that could happen is you’re not good at it. Success is sweet and failure can be painful, but we learn more about ourselves when things don’t go well.

And when you do try it, take your time. Read other authors for inspiration. If you’re posting on GA, figure out who the popular authors are and study their work. Why do readers enjoy their stories? Pay attention to how they write more than what. Research the subject you want to tackle and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Is there a theme or plot device you’d never be able to write into a story?

Not sure about plot devices. I think I want to try a story told by a narrator. Would that be second person? I’m so ignorant…

However, there are plenty of themes I’m not interested in writing about. Most involve sex. I also don’t do well with angst, so I’m unlikely to write a story where the character’s overly introspective, tentative, or indecisive. My characters, males and females, tend to be take-charge people of action. And sometimes they act or speak before thinking!

If you had to cast two people or actors as Pete and Tag, who would they be?

CJ Abellé and Owen Liston. LOL

Okay, for those scratching their heads, CJ and Owen are the MCs of a series of mine. The Earth Day stories were supposedly made up by Owen, an environmental attorney, for their daughter, Liebe. Hence the name of Dolphin Delivery’s protagonist.

Pete and Tag are stand-ins for CJ and Owen and therefore resemble them. Pete’s of Hispanic descent, olive complexed, and hairy chested. Tag’s a fair-skinned blond. If you become interested in CJ and Owen, google Maxi Iglesias and Alexander Ludwig. Those are the actors I think could play them when the movies are made.

But I may have to interview a few candidates before settling on the ones that fit well.

Did you have the dolphin rescue idea first or the knowledge that Tag was a fishing guide?

The rescue came first. Along with Liebe. Then it was a matter of creating the right conditions for the action I envisioned.

I chose the Florida Keys as the setting because it’s an environmentally sensitive area, and it’s a place I know well. Enough so I could write about it without constantly consulting google to see if I had it right.

Since the real Liebe’s parents are wealthy, white-collar men, I wanted Tag and Pete to be of more modest means and work with their hands. Tag as a fisherman/guide/diver epitomizes the Florida Keys and gave me a character I could have out on a boat constantly. When you read the other stories in the series you’ll see what I mean.

What is your favorite part of Dolphin Delivery?

It used to be the actual rescue. I’ve seen similar ones live and they’re thrilling.

Today, I’d say it’s how Liebe interacts with her fathers and describes them.

WARNING- You had to know if I was involved, there was a chance politics would surface.

For the change in my preference, you can thank Florida’s governor, and his championing of a law trying to eradicate the acceptance of GLBTQ individuals. For that is what could happen when children are not allowed to learn. When we don’t teach about differences. I’ve been wondering if Liebe would be allowed to talk about her family with classmates. Would the teacher get in trouble for letting her do it? What would have happened to my niece when she wrote about her favorite family member? Me. The one she said liked boys better than girls and had a really nice boyfriend.

Revolutions never end. We fight daily to preserve the country we call home and the LGBTQ community must continue fighting to prevent hate-mongers from taking back our hard-won rights.

Off the soapbox.

Can you share a little of your current or upcoming work with readers?

I set myself the goal of publishing something every month this year and so far I’m six for six. The next six months will see a variety of short stories, mostly following my most recent story. I have a short character story for someone I’m introducing as a recurring character in the series, a wedding as the backdrop for an anniversarythat will be for GA’s Anniversary Anthologya week-long sailing trip in the Med, and I’m outlining something involving the Coast Guard, a foggy port, and a creature of the sea. That one’s just for you, Cia. LOL


Thanks for the feature, thanks for the opportunity to ramble, and thanks to all of you for reading.

Okay, I open the floor for questions and comments.     

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On 6/27/2022 at 6:48 AM, Carlos Hazday said:

Have you read the reports on doctors trying to combat allergies in kids? Parents are supposed to feed them tiny amounts of peanut butter, increasing over time to build tolerances.

What is more of an interest to me is if researchers can discover what is causing allergies in kids and seeing if those same causes are affecting older people. For example, I discovered that I was allergic to peanuts in a rather dramatic way 3 years ago, was eating cashews and a friend said I all of a sudden started turning colors, ending with dark gray. In case people are unaware, cashews are cured in peanut oil and no manufacturer uses any other type of oil. I have to read labels of food items to make sure it doesn't contain anything that I am allergic to and peanuts or its oil are in a lot of things. 

Peanuts are the latest food allergy for my list of what I can't eat, a list that started when I was 6 when it was discovered I was allergic to yuckamadoes (avocado) - My mom's friend had an orchard of them and had invited me to go pick them off some trees. What wasn't mentioned that me wearing sandals meant that I would be walking in rotten fruit on the ground and that's what started a visible reaction of the allergy - My feet and ankles swelled up like Popeye's arms. Between my mom and doctors, we discovered that the oil around the avocado pit is also very much like the oil found in a number of other nuts, like walnuts, hazelnut, Brazil nuts.... I recall eating walnuts and having odd like pimples appear in the roof of my mouth so even as a younger kid would take walnuts out of food I'd eat just to avoid that reaction.

As I said though, am very interested in knowing what are the root causes of allergies, is it something in the environment or something humans have done?!?!?

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The various allergies kind of surprised me when they appeared, like eggplant, same reaction as walnuts. Then in 2004 it was tomatoes, can't touch the plant without gloves, touching the inside of a cut tomato and I get a rash on the arm... When I was a kid/teen ate lots of cherry tomatoes right off the plant, not any more. Nightshade plants are off limits unless I'm dressed in a hazmat suit. lol

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