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A new guy, Aaron



A few days ago I was at work and this cute guy sitting at the counter gave me his number, last night (my first night off) I gave him a call and he came over... we went to a little park and hung out for a bit, then headed back to my place and had a couple drinks. As I was walking to his car we kissed...


I was taken a bit by surprise at his kissing style. How to describe it.... well, it was a lot more... aggressive than what I was used to, and quite a bit, um.... sloppier. But, as we continued the more "sloppy" aspect of the kiss turned into neck kissing, which just drove up the intensity level immensely. We ended up in the back seat of his car, where the making out continued... eventually he asked if he could unbutton my pants "May I...?" .... like I could say no in a situation like that!? He surprised me again when he started giving me oral... I hadn't quite expected that and I was a little uncomfortable since neither of us had been tested and we barely knew each other, but I still reciprocated when he asked....


The boy was delightful... I'm looking forward to having a chance to cuddle up with him and watch a movie or something. I'm sure we'll end up doing more than cuddling... but still, it was awesome being able to hold him in my arms, even if it was only for a short while.

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Sounds like this one moves quickly. That can be a lot of fun so long as you're on board.


Good luck :)



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