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San Francisco and Random Happiness



So I’m in a random good mood and decided to blog about it. Less bitching this time around, I promise! Well… I think so anyways.


California is in 2 weeks! 13 days and 6 hours until my flight leaves to be exact ;) I honestly can’t wait that long. I want to go now and these last 2 weeks are going to drag by so slow. Every time I hear certain songs on the radio, it reminds me of it and I can’t get it out of my mind for a while. It’s irritating! Once I step on that plane though, all will be well in the world and I’ll be the happiest I’ve been in a long ass time. Coming back will suck though. I feel sorry for Michelle. She’ll have to sit next to me on a plane for 4 hours will I sulk and hate the world again haha. We still don’t know exactly what we’re going to do, but I figure if we plan it all out now, I’ll get even more excited and it’ll take even longer to get there. If only Viv was coming so I wouldn’t have to do any of the planning! :D


Work is the only thing keeping me busy enough right now to keep me sane. Some of my co-workers are freaking amazing and so much fun! The others kinda suck, but the good ones out-weigh the sucky ones haha. The good news is, I’ve been getting faster at closing and it never takes me more than half an hour no matter what I’m closing (usually). The bad news is that it’s killing my hours. If I was as slow as some of the other people, I’d have a hell of a lot more hours, but I can’t be lazy like that. If I’m not doing something then I get annoyed/annoying lol. I don’t know if I said this before, but I got the first Employee of the month thing that they gave out. I would have like to get a raise out of it, but a free dinner and T-Shirt works too I guess…


My room and car are a mess. I’ve been lazy lately and haven’t really been wanting to clean anything outside of work so I’ve let them get pretty cluttered and full of random crap. I should blame Michelle for always wanting to do something when I actually do have the time, but I’m the one that keeps suggesting we go bowling haha. Speaking of, I beat my record and made a 175 the other day! I haven’t been able to repeat that, so it was probably luck, but I still got it!


Oh… to all of you people who are on Spring Break… f**k You! I’m stuck in class from 8-12 Monday-Thursday while y’all are out having fun. Or more likely sleeping. So bite me. We had our ‘Spring Break’ a couple weeks ago when everyone else was finishing up their terms so I didn’t really get to have fun on mine. But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. I talked to my counselor today, and she told me I was going to be the valedictorian for my class. We’re getting our Associates at the end of the term before we get our Bachelors in 2 years, and apparently I’m graduating with a bunch of f**king idiots. I honestly would not have expected to get this. My GPA isn’t that great (to me at least) so I guess Northwood people are a bunch of idiots. Which doesn’t really surprise me, but still. I’m just hoping to get some extra money and scholarships out of it. It’d be nice not having to keep getting student loans every year.


Juanita is fixed!!! Juanita is my Explorer for those who don’t know. She died on me on the way to work one day. Then Ford said they fixed her, but as I was driving home from the dealership, she died again. And I waited about an hour for a tow truck to come get me when I was 6 miles down the road. Then they wanted to charge me $2,500+ to fix her the right way this time. I told them to shove it. Took her to a place in Fort Worth and got her fixed up for around $300. So I’m happy now. She’s been running like a beast even with 95,000 miles on her. Doesn’t look a mile over 20,000 though :) Gotta love how the Explorers don’t change designs often.


One bad thing though is that everyone keeps telling me I’m getting fatter. It’s annoying! I walked from the Ford dealership to work when Juanita died, and Kris told me it was good for me because I needed the exercise! And Michelle keeps calling me a fat f**k every time I eat something! And Mason said I put on a little weight. And then Tree’s scale confirmed it all by telling me I gained 15 pounds in the last few months. Well fine. Screw you guys, I’m going home! Well… I am home, but it’s not nice to point out that someone is gaining weight! And I think a lot of it is going to my ass… which is kinda good since they all said I didn’t have one before.


Now I’m hungry. Damn.


That’s enough rambling for the night so I’m going to stop there.






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:o i found out i gained ten pounds (which isn't as much as you) since the last time I weighed myself a few months ago... and the first thing I did was eat more. :( and I'm not good at staying on that whole exercise wagon. but ima try anyways... cause I gotta look all buff for summer B)


hahaha... its one am. and im awake, and IDK why I'm writing this.


have a good weekend



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If you came to So. Cal... then I could do the planning ;) and also... hug you and feed you and watch you smile and hug you and sit next to you on rides at Disneyland and buy you some Jamba Juice and hug you and... :wub:

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Have fun Joe and Michelle too :D when a car dies or has issues try not to take it to a dealer anymore, and make sure the mechanic place is certified, should say it on the outside or in the waiting room. Er fat going to the ass can't hurt...

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Hey fatty.. :P I've already been through my spring break too.. :( And, you lucky ass getting to go to SanFran. I also do feel sorry for Michelle, having to sit next to you for four hours. And, you don't have much of an ass - so maybe the weight gain will do you some good? :)

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So you're saying you put back on some of the weight you lost since last year? I can't say that's a bad thing. You were a bit too skinny in my opinion, and this is me saying it. One of my cousins, who through high school and college was as thin if not thinner than I was, has finally caught up to me in weight. She a bit taller than you are, if that gives you a reference. She bemoans every time I visit that she's now a cow, but honestly she's never looked better. We just can't use the word healthy around her, because healthy=fat to someone who's been scary skinny her whole life, and no one wants to deal with that.


So, enjoy looking healthy. Just because it isn't what you and others are used to, doesn't mean it's bad at all.

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she told me I was going to be the valedictorian for my class

Congratulations!!!!! Have you thought about the speech you're going to give?

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Congratulations!!!!! Have you thought about the speech you're going to give?


I'd rather not give a speech, but no I haven't thought about it lol.

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