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[dkstories] Things You Learned from the Do Over Series

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This is intended to be a thread where we can discuss what we took away from the experience of reading the Do Over series (aside from having met most of Dan's family, of course).


For me, the two serious lessons were the Butterfly Effect, something I'd already understood intellectually but it took the stories to make it visceral as well, and the Law of Unintended Consequences. And those were lessons I very much needed to learn from it.


On a lighter note, let me propose "Rule's Rule": Never set out on a time-travel trip in the middle of a nuclear war; it always gives you a bad headache!

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Very good lessons, indeed!


I think others would be the Murphy's law on time travel, if anything can go wrong, it will, which is a reason behind certain things happening i.e. Davey's mother and sisters deaths, the miniature and grand world war III, and finally the Gulag for Brian.


A perfect time line is never completely possible, which begs the question: what would the object of time travel be if you just keep changing the past hoping to un-"do" something that was created by another time traveler? The answer was in Doing it Right, try your best to give mankind a shot at whatever peace we can manage and just let it rest with that. Davey's action in that time line was not only beneficial; it was a great way to create some peace at least for a few decades.


On the human lessons learned, love may change due to lost and time, but if you truly hold some one in your heart; they are never forgotten or lost forever. Davey and Brian's love are eternally bound with numerous times of loss, but they always find each other. It makes them a couple as equal to Romeo and Juliet, Brutus and Cleopatra, or any other famed tragic lovers. As long as one is alive, the other will keep the faith in the next lifetime.


A final comment about these stories, Davey and Brian are classic romantic couple, if society were not as it is today, I would guarantee you that this set of stories would be made into epic movies. Dan has crafted a story far beyond what could be hoped for with a blend of Sci-fi, action, suspense, high politics, and sex that would make Tom Clancy jealous with envy.

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This is where I have to say I blushed after reading this post. Thank you for the very high praise!

You deserve it :worship: !

What I like particularly is, from one story to another, is the change of the first person from Davey to Brian. It's the occasion to better understand the particularity of each character and it makes the duo even friendlier.

Old Bob

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