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My Favorite Cop by Rush

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Rush, I know you were nervous about this story, but there's no need to be. It is just a simply lovely tale of two guys getting together :wub:


You also didn't give in to clich

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And you were worried about this story? It read smoothly, so you shouldn't worry about your style or characterizations and all those other technical terms.. lol. Of course everyone has room for improvement, but I really liked the story.


I got the feeling that their feelings were reciprocated at the end upon seeing one another for the first time when Brock stopped Leo. Thirty minutes is longer than some first dates, so. The Oops being that they both failed to ACT on something they both kind of felt would happen anyway. It's like they were in a relationship the entire time, but they didn't see it. (Everyone else probably could see it)


Anyway, like others have said, I liked that they didn't jump into bed to have sex. It was romantic, but I think their obviously close friendship/relationship feel wouldn't have made it inappropriate if it was to happen.


Oh... and I have a weakness for men in uniform myself really.. haha.. I've dated a few uniformed men in my days. :lol:

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a most excellent debut!



good job Rush.



Couldn't agree more. Fantastic debut. Though how anyone could resist a man in uniform I'll never know! :wub:


Thank you guys for the kind words, and I also agree, Men in Uniform are YUMMM!!! :ranger: I've received comments of encouragement to continue writing and that is exactly what I'm doing! Thanks!!!

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