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[Menzo] A Measure of Love by Menzoberranzen

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Quite the bittersweet story. Love found and enjoyed but then lost. Not through a lack of love but because sometimes it's just not enough to hold 2 people together. Very interesting take on relationships, definitely not a happily ever after but a good read nonetheless.



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What is love, what is lust, what is family love. Is pure love enough? This is a unsettling story, maybe it is because it is too true. I very well written story, a very well thought out story, well worthwhile the read

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I went to work after reading this and it came with me. I kept thinking what I'd do in Aiden's shoes. I'd just die. But still. I would want to feel that kind of burning even if it was not meant to be.


This was thoughtful, beautiful and heartbreaking story.



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I think that when some people are in love there comes a time when it has reached a completion, and they can't see that there's a comfortable continuation that they could accept. A Measure of Love is an achingly poignant story that forced it's way into my conscience.


Colin B)

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The love that these two shared.. rather Share, is not something that can be just let go of.. or even replaced. You capture the turmoil so so well... Aiden's pain all but broke my heart! such a touching story.

Loved it :)



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Thanks for the positive response guys!


The story is somewhat inspired by my own relationships, and somewhat by the things I have observed in others.'


I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the 'one half of a whole' plot thread. For me, that intersection between independence and co-dependence is crucial to the story.


Thanks for reading! Your comments are always very much appreciated.



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A beautiful story. I found it quite easy to empathise with the narrator, although I got the impression that he was... I'm not sure... holding back? in his interactions with Aiden... Was that intentional?


Your work is incredibly powerful.

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