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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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Well, it looks like we have our Finnick O'dair : Sam Claflin Cast in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I'm a little disappointed because I really wanted Armie Hammer as Finnick, but I have faith that Lionsgate knows what they're doing.

It's pretty hilarious reading the bitching from the fans because Sam Claflin isn't good-looking enough for them, though. Hair and make-up can go a long way, and charisma can turn a cute guy into an extraordinarily hot guy, like Andy in Cross-Currents. Although Sam will really need to buff up- we're supposed to believe he can carry Peeta and Mags over his shoulder in the scene where they're being chased by the poisonous fog. I'm not buying it with Sam Claflin as he looks now.

In any event, I can get over Sam Claflin not being a perfect physical specimen the way Finnick was described as being so long as the dude can act- that's first and foremost important, despite what the fans who expected and demanded a model-looking actor for the part.

Fifteen more months until Catching Fire comes out! I'm so excited!

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I thought he'd have to have more sex appeal and a more of a surfer look. Although, that is casting just on physical descriptions and most of the time people will be disappointed based on looks. I'm sure he could act like their Finnick - the one written in the script. It is the most annoying aspect of Books to Films. Everyone already has their "perfect" characters in mind. When they cast Josh Hutcherson as Peeta I about keeled over - he didn't look or seem to be able to act like him based on past performances, but I think he pulled the character off well. I was actually surprised in a good way when they cast Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, but I feel that Woody butchered my Haymitch, so it goes both ways.


On a side note, the same thing happened with this other Book the Movie series franchise in the making - "The Mortal Instruments" - Everyone wanted Alex Pettyfer for the part of the lead male role. I wanted to strangle those people lifeless, because I think the guy is an idiot that can't act. Then they cast Jamie Campbelle Bower and I went "blah" again.. lol.. he looks too... grunge - for the part, but they say he nailed the character, so for now I'll just have to wait and see.

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The thing is, it was going to be almost impossible to pull off casting someone who fit everything about Finnick in the book- he was described as tall, tanned, with bronze hair and sea-green eyes with looks so beautiful that people fell over themselves to sponsor Finnick in the Games. That's a pretty narrow description, and if you only go after people that fit that part physically, you run into the risk of getting a pretty boy who can't act. I'd rather have a guy who can actually act than look like the model that Finnick was described as.


As for the other bit, I think Josh pulled off Peeta well- my only beef was that the movie took out so many of Peeta's great lines from the book and made Peeta a little more bland. They also toned down Haymitch's character- he was supposed to be a complete and total mess, which he wasn't in the movie.


As for the Mortal Instruments, I heard that Alex Pettyfer wanted 4 million dollars for the part and walked when they wouldn't pay him that. Dude's pretty, but god what a diva.

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Yeah he's a diva. Usually on a first movie in a franchise they're lucky to get much on the contract for the first movie... 4 million would be a crap load for a first movie.. Jennifer Lawerence only got 500k for 'The Hunger Games' as a starting salary. :P

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Jennifer Lawerence only got 500k for 'The Hunger Games' as a starting salary. Posted Image


I find this number very hard to believe when I first heard it as they (movie producers and directors) knew how popular the books were and the anticipation were speculated to match that of Twilight. Lawrence herself made waves in the acting world in Winter's Bone too. Oscar nominated and everything. I wasn't expecting her figure to be double millions... but somewhere at 1 million. It's so weird as I think actors are over paid and yet when they get paid in a "small" amount like that, my head reels cause other actors would get paid more.


I just finsihed watching the movie for the first time half an hour ago (didn't have the chance to when it came out to theatre) and it drove me to actually pick up Catching Fire and I have to say, it's a good thing because I'm finally getting over my qualms about the second book being similar to the first and is now able to enjoy it.


I think that actor (for Finnick) is cute. Contacts and dyed hair and he'd be good. I'm betting he'll put on some weight like Lautner did for New Moon.

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I actually think Sam Claflin is pretty cute too, in that British lad kind of way. It's funny though that people are bitching he's too young to play Finnick- Finnick is 24; Claflin is 26. I think we're so used to seeing people in their mid-20's play teenagers that we tend to "see" someone that age and think of them as a teenager.


I gotta admit though- I totally thought they were going to get an actor who was about 30, 32 because Jennifer is six years older than her part.

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Catching Fire started filming this week, and the first cast pictures on-set are arriving...Claflin is looking pretty good with the fake tan and bronzed hair:


Catching Fire Set Pictures


I think he just might pull it off. I really like how his Finnick look is shaping up- the haircolor they picked is great. Now they just need green contact lenses. I'm also really excited for Alan Ritchson playing Gloss...he was absolutely hysterical as Thad Castle on Blue Mountain State(you guys probably best know him as Aquaman on Smallville), and I'm glad to see him getting some high-profile work.

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