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So the 14th Feb is just around the corner, have you got your Valentines Cards yet?


Just wondering, is Valentines a big thing for you, and on the receiving end, would you rather get flowers, chocolates or a dinner date? (and no you can't have all three! :P )


Or is valentines just another one of those over commercialised reasons for shops and restaurants to rape the wallet one more time so soon after christmas and the sales?

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Why can't it be both? :P


Probably is just a way to take your monies, but that doesn't really mean you cant actually go through with it. Doesn't mean much to me; I'm not much for holidays in general though. Only one I remotely value is the birthday, as it actually needs th e person to remember something about you... Goodness knows I won't remember an anniversary for the life of me.


I'd rather grt a dinner date; much more possibilities. ;D


And, you know, it's food. I love food. It's also more romantic, if done appropriately.

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Valentine's Day is a big deal for me and my boyfriend, especially this year since we're finally gonna get to do one of our *ahem* "costume" fantasies. :*) But I'd pick dinner too. Flowers are nice, but they die and I don't like chocolate. But dinner is fun and romantic and we have so many restaurants that we like going to. The only thing that's a bit of a pain in the ass is getting there early enough so you don't have to wait an hour, since it's not exactly an original idea, lol. We learned that lesson our first Valentine's Day together.

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It is a day for spending money on stuff that mostly ends up in the trash.  It's the biggest day of the year for selling flowers, and I suppose it's pretty big for chocolates and jewelery too.   But it's a day when people can show their love for someone and do it in a way that puts that love above the value of money.   That's a gift in itself.   So, if I was going to pick one thing of those three, it would have to be a dinner date, a private one with a private chef, and it would last all day, and include more than just dinner.   Flowers and chocolates I can have any time, but that's not always true about spending an entire day with my special boy.  :)

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Aww Yettie, why can't i have all three at the same time :) I think Valentine's day is  a big thing if you're dating. If you're not, it's a great day to binge on chocolates without feeling guilty for the extra calories and wear red clothes for fun. :2thumbs:

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Well, I love valentines day :) I haven't been single on valentines in 4 years lol


I've sent my valentines gift to my boyfriend and its gonna be awesome ^_^ 


I'm a super soppy romantic, so these sort of days give me a major excuse to be majorly mushy and cheesy :P Oh wait hang on... I'm always like that (In private :P) hehe

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Brett and I don't do the Feb 14th thing.


We celebrate on January 25th, St Dwynwen's Day; she's the Welsh patron saint of lovers.  It's not as big as St V's Day (and probably not really celebrated outside of Wales), which means we get the reservations, the cards, and the sexy undies,erm I mean the choccies, without the extra 25% bumped on top.




But to all those who are celebrating St V's Day, I hope you and yours have a great day.

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Definitely a flower person.  When your special someone spends money on something that does not last long, but still feels the money is well spent, then it makes it all the more special.  Yellow roses preferably, but I love a nice spring arrangement also:)

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I feel so weird after reading all these comments. For me and my boyfriend, Valentine's Day is no big deal. I don't think we will even meet this Thursday (both of us are busy right now). For us, we celebrate our birthdays to show that we are here for each other. A whole day with each other, gifts, going out... 


Anyway, wish everyone celebrating lots of fun and love. :)




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Of course we can have all three! :P


Given the circumstances here, the SO and I tend to have our romantic dinners at home. Is it overly commercialized? Probably. But what better reason for a holiday than celebrating romance? :)

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My roomies and I will have our annual anti-valentines movie night, which usually ends up being horror movies or action flicks. One roomie will make dinner, the other will handle the drinks and I'll bake a pretty pink cake, made to look like there are holes stabbed in it and blood oozing out, and we'll  just hang out. Valentines day is too commercial, its not like you can really go anywhere and have a nice private meal because everywhere is packed with people looking to spend as much money as possible as quickly as possible just to try and prove something to the other person. My daughter passes out cards each year, and pesters her brother with questions about who he gave a valentine too. All in all, a fun day here. I made fleece tie blankets this year for everyone in the house, as gifts, since it's still really cold here. But no flowers, and no chocolates in this house lol.

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Like most guys, when it comes to "gift holidays," I'm whipped. There had better be something special on certain days, or I get guilted.


Usually, the gifts I give are practical, though. I'm not gonna give somebody something that'll be in the trash in a few days.

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