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Editor needed. First story.

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My first story chapter 1 is ready and I'm in need of an editor. I'm in need of an editor going forward. I'm still learning your tags, so, basically it's about 2 14 year old high school students, both gay but nobody knows, not even the other. They develop a friendship externally while internally having to deal with growing feelings they're having for the other. The story culminates with them coming out to each other. Plans are for the story to end there with a sequel to go from there. I expect 10 to 15 chapters for this one releasing 1 or 2 a week.


I'm using one office so just about any format works for me. In line edits work best in my opinion but that's not a requirement.






Things CAN Work Out







From what I've read, approximately 10% of the world population is gay. That means that one of every 10 people you know is probably gay. My Dad likes to gamble a little and he says that only a fool thinks he can win on a 10 to one shot. So, I guess that means I'm most likely going to lose.


I'm Tommy. I live in your typical middle class neighborhood. I just turned 14 about a month ago. Back when I was 12, I came to the absolutely terrifying conclusion that I'm that one in 10. I'm gay. I didn't necessarily WANT to be gay, it just happened.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to accept that I'm different than my friends? To be scared that they'll find out? That they might tell anyone? That they might tell EVERYONE? I guess I'll have to do what just about every other gay boy has to do to at least survive high school. I'll have to lie. To act in a way that is just so against how I'm actually feeling. To be someone I'm not. Just because... I'm afraid.


I wonder sometimes what it would be like if everyone knew. I've heard stories. Kids getting kicked out of their homes because their parent or parents can't accept having a 'freak' for a son. Having people who were supposedly your friends beat the living shit out of you. People who told you that they'd have your back no matter what tell you that they never want to even think about you again. I'm sorry, but I don't think I could deal with that.


So, for now, I'll play the game. I'll pretend I'm someone other than I am. I still wonder how I'm going to pull that off for 4 more years until I move out or go to college. If only things were different. If only I could find ONE person who would understand. Someone I could talk to. Someone I could confide in. That would make all the difference in the world.




You know, moving sucks. I had to leave everyone I knew, everyone I grew up with, everyone I cared about. Now I have to start over. No friends. Making friends is difficult enough if you're normal, but it's almost impossible when you're gay. Not when you're 14 and in High School. Most High School kids are SO homophobic. They're afraid that if you're gay you'll infect them somehow.


Back where we used to live I had just told my best friends that I was gay. I'd actually built up enough trust to tell them, and they were cool about it. Well most of them were. Now, I've got to start over, so, for safety's sake, I'll put myself back in the closet. Maybe, Eventually, I'll get close enough to my new friends to feel safe coming out... again.


School starts in 4 days. I'll be hopeful that it won't be that bad. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Hey ATF. If you look at the first pinned post of this forum you will find the guidelines for writing support requests. Following the guidelines will give you a better chance at gaining some help. Good luck on the writing.

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