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Real Life Tristan :)


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Hehehe, the first time I saw this I couldn't help but to think, "Omigod! Tristan from "Jesse-101" came to life and now he's on YouTube!" So weird. But that's exactly what I had in mind, from the look, to the mannerisms, to the humor. What do you guys think?


(By the way...if you haven't seen any of the 'Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared' videos, prepare for some nightmare fuel. :: Grins :: They are just plain freaky and weird...and yet you can't turn away.)



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Okay. I am a blushing mess while I was typing this comment. Ooohhh!!! Comsie. Your version of Tris is so cute. While I was seeing the video, all I was seeing is his long fingers.


Uff!!! I said it. Yeah, all I was seeing his long fingers doing all sorts of things. OMG!!! :blushing: That sounded corny. Don't take it like that. What I am trying to say is, I have a thing for long fingers and I liked that boys fingers... :rofl:


And never mind my rambling nothing but cosy... :)

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Also, super cute as he is, Ryan has never once said that he was gay. Nor has he ever made a mention of it being important. Which I respect a lot, because (like he says) "WHO CARES???" Well, maybe his high school boy admirers care, but in a larger sense there's no need for him to run around being 'macho' if he doesn't feel like it. So applause for that. :)



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Well, the verdict is in! Cutie Ryan and his long fingers have officially come out of the closet! So, score one more for OUR team! YES!!! MWAH!!! :)





He grows more handsome as he ages. He's becomeing a serious dreamboat! I may have to leave comments for him...

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