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Between The Lines Gets A New Face!

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I found out that the dimensions were off (Or rather, Smashwords changed their guidelines to make the dimensions of their covers MUCH bigger than they were before). So I figured, as long as I was changing the size, I might try to improve on it a little bit. Not a <I>huge</I> change, but a bit more enticing. Hehehe! It's also been changed on Amazon.com, so don't get weird if you see it with a different cover. Hehehe, cool?

All of my ebooks can be found in the COMICALITY EBOOK SECTION (http://www.imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality), if you're ever looking for it! More ebook exclusives are coming! I'm trying to finish off "Darkness Waits" in time for Halloween, as well as "Empty Corners" (For the <I>SECOND</I> time! Ugh!), as well as "GFD: Persona" (The first ever 'ebook only' vampire spinoff! "Always: Witness", "Boys OF Widow Lake: Depths Of Devotion" (Which also needs a new cover. I don't like the one I have right now), and "Savage Moon" Book 5, 'Unleashed'! And "Backspace"! And...well, let's just say that my keyboard is getting a workout these days. I may need the extra cash soon. VERY soon. Sighhh....life. But, it's win win for us all! Desperation is the mother of creation, right? Or...something like that. Hehehe!

Anyway, seezya sooner than later!



And coming SOON...



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