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Will The Cubs Finally Win A World Series?



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  1. 1. Will the Cubs beat the Indians in the MLB World Series?

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    • No

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Some may ask, why is WL a Cubs fan.....<looks at my location>.....Aren't you from Boston?


Yes, if it was between the Red Sox and Cubs, I'd side with the Sox all the way, but in their absence this year due to poor management, I will side with my team's old Manager Theo Epstein, who brought us 3 World Series Championships and our old Player, Jon Lester.


The Cubs are a well deserving team to win, their city is proud and boisterous, and I hope others will join me in cheering them on against the Cleveland Indians, who though deserving too are let's say have a strange  "mascot" versus a seemingly innocent bear cub, who will bite your head off :evil:

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I don't really follow sports, but I have been hearing a lot about the wonderful  performance of the Cubs. :) I do hope they win!


PS: WL, as a Red Sox fan, have you ever been adventurous enough to wear a Red Sox jersey in the middle of NYC? :P

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I'm glad they won. They show what a nicely rebuilt and properly managed team could achieve if they keep looking forward. There seemed to be a lot of life around their dugout and a lot of fun. Baseball needs fun, it has become too business oriented as of late.. and some brevity and something new.. could only be good for the sport. They also were pretty dominating in the regular season, I do hate when teams flounder at the end when they do so well, so I'm glad to see their hard work paying off.


I am a Reds fan too. I cannot ever be a Cleveland fan (and don't get me started on St. Louis), so I was happy when the Cubs battled all the way back to tie the series 3 - 3 and then win last night. :D


Also.. the cubs have an interesting way to celebrate home runs in Chicago... I won't say more on that. ;):P

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