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"Love Is All You Need?" Movie

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I won't lie, but this movie can be hard to watch in its last 30 to 45 minutes. But I truly think it's worth the discomfort, as it really hammers home the gritty reality of what it is like for a lot of people to be gay in certain parts of this country, and indeed, the world.


This movie takes place in what you might call an alternate universe. Where being gay is the standard, and being heterosexual is actually seen as a sin and a disease amongst 'normal' people. This is also a world where religion is SUPER involved in this particular community, and there will be some heavy religion bashing in this movie as well. Just letting our religious Shackers know ahead of time.


It surrounds two or three different stories. One is about a female football star (Yes, gender roles have been switched around in this new world, as well), who discovers that she's heterosexual and begins to have a secret love affair with a boy she meets in school. The second story is about a girl in middle school who develops feelings for a boy in her class, and suffers bullying at the hands of his older sister. The third story is about a teacher who is putting on a play of 'Romeo and Julio', but dares to change it to Romeo and Juliette...with a heterosexual couple being the focus of the story.


The whole movie, when you watch it, seems really bizarre at first. But I LIKE that! Because it really shows us all how brainwashed we are to believe that life is supposed to work one way and not another. It shouldn't be uncomfortable to think that a girl could play football, or that two people could love one another without it being dirty and wrong, or that people could have two dads and two moms. Why is that so weird? It causes you to ask yourself just how 'programmed' you are. So, very cool.


However, as I said, the third act of this movie goes to a very dark and brutal place, but it's realistic. I mean...'truth' right? Anyway, I think it's important for people to see this. Gay and straight and everywhere in between. It's a movie that might shake some people out of their comfort zones and put some deeper thought into what gay teens go through on a day to day basis. The dangers they face, and the prejudices working against them.


Check it out! I loved it!  



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Also, be sure to check out many MANY more of my personal favorite movie recommendations on the 'Monday Movie Matinee' playlist! Hundreds of trailers there, more being added all the time! And I guarantee you that you haven't seen (or even HEARD of) half of them! So enjoy!


If you think you've seen it all...hehehe, you haven't! Have fun! :)




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Yeah Comet... Have you actually seen the movie itself? I would love too but there is no way without a planned screening evidently. I will probably contact the production staff and see if they plan on making physical copies or digital download purchases a possibility. I mean, I would absolutely be willing to buy a copy of it based on the premise and the trailer alone and I’d bet I’m not alone. ;)



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Okay... I spoke too soon.


Found it on YouTube in it’s entirety. (Their own website doesn’t mention where to find it. I just took a blind stab and got lucky.) I watched it and agree, we need to see this, all of us. I think the idea is amazing and maybe that message will be heard by even more in this fashion. Removed by reality, the typical stigmas may appear to be far enough removed for those unable to find that common ground. The basic idea that those who are homophobic would end out pulling for the ones who are being discriminated against for having those values... It could be enough for them to make the connection to senseless hate that is very real here and now. What an excellent film.


“I’m not crying, you’re crying!”



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Sweet! Thanks, Jeff! And yes, it can be heartbreaking in places, but this is what happens. And one of the reasons that the world is like this is because other people think they're NEVER going to be in the same position. They NEVER think they're going to be the odd man out. And it's disgusting. :( 


Why do we have to suffer ourselves before we can sympathize with someone else? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.


Anyway, I definitely suggest that everyone watch it. Share it. If you get a chance, let the folks that put this movie together know that you liked it. Because we need more films like this. It might just make a difference.


Thanks for the link, dude!

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