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Digital Driver's license on your smart phone

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I came across this article discussing how several states are starting to provide digital driver's licenses and found it interesting enough to pass along.  I was struck about the point that many drivers will keep going if they forget their license but will turn around and go back for their phones.....


Here is the link:


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This is great. Being blind, I hate pulling out wallet. That’s why I love paying with Apple Pay.

I wonder if it will accommodate Real ID. A Real ID is also given at DMV, but given through government to enter federal buildings.

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Our Federal government isn’t even accommodating enough to provide Braille markings on our currency! All the money spent on anti-counterfeiting with no thought about the visually impaired. They have those embedded plastic strips with the microprinting on them, couldn’t they do something similar for Braille?


I guess the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) didn’t cover this sort of thing…

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