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My laptop has been updating for the past few days...


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And that makes everything EXTREMELY slow on my system! So it takes me forever to even click on links while that's going on. So my apologies if I'm a little behind on things at the moment! But I want to THANK you guys for all of the comments and feedback you've been giving me on the story chapters and all lately! Also, thanks for the responses to the "Wounded" story for Gay Authors' Anthology! I was worried that it would feel 'rushed'. But your support made me feel really good about it! So thanks for that!


I'm going to be reading and giving my thoughts on all of the anthology stories this week if at all possible! I can't wait to read what the other authors have submitted! I always enjoy the anthologies! It reminds me that I'm in GREAT company when it comes to this stuff! Hehehe! So look for my mini reviews soon! 


Sorry it took so long! 



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