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Spring 2019 Anthology - Into the Stars


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So the Spring 2019 Anthology theme of Into the Stars seems tailor made to be a Sci-Fi story.

I've just started my brainstorming plot ideas for this as I intend to put two entries in.


Have you guys started yet?

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This was one of the themes I suggested, so yeah, I'm getting things ready for one as well.


Someone suggested on my anthology story for Fight Back, One Little Snowflake, that a story with the two kids might be good pursuit. I think I'll do that.

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While space Sci-Fi is fun; making it original is very difficult, since several TV shows and movies with "Star" in its name, have made it rather difficult to go boldly go where everyone has gone before.


Guardians of the galaxy and Orville are fun takes on comedy and heroics, but great Sci-Fi makes you question things and ponder what is around the corner, being a cousin of Horror genre. The future should be inspiring, but also terrifying and alien.


I am toying with an idea, maybe it will be part of this anthology.



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