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  1. WildcatLes

    The Tin Man Who Didn’t Want A Heart

    The "nut" is starting to crack. I'll let you guess who I consider the "nut". With the reawakening of both Carter and Alex, something new is being added with each chapter. Aron's questioning of Carter is quite interesting. Carter is holding back with his comments, but eventually he will reveal his true feelings for Aron. Carter almost blew the lid off when he called Simon by his real name. I look for that slip to be more revealing in future chapters.
  2. WildcatLes

    New Best Friend

    Wesley's comments are always so uninhibited. Several of the stories that I followed were recently completed, so I looked for another one to read. This story is becoming quite interesting after only three chapters. Artie is definitely refreshing for his classmates. They really enjoy his accent and his open mind. The addition of Lindsay to the mix really creates some interesting thoughts. It seems that Artie has more in common with Adam than I originally thought. I'm looking forward to more.
  3. WildcatLes

    Not Good at Feeling

    I love Carter's final comment in this chapter. Without telling Alex too much, he lets him know that he realizes everything that Alex had done during the two years of marriage to Aron. That should set Alex back on his heels, since Carter could reveal all of his secrets to Aron. I can hardly wait for the next chapter to find out the reactions of Alex and Aron. You are going to have some juicy information to share.
  4. WildcatLes

    Chapter 12

    This story had a surprising ending in a short time. Scott calling Mark to apologize took some intestinal fortitude, also known as guts. Perhaps you will have more to this story and the developing relationship between Scott and Devin. Although was despised in early chapters of this story, it is refreshing that he finally found his way. Thanks for writing this enchanting tale.
  5. WildcatLes

    Enough to Make a Difference

    My WOW reaction was due to the last few lines of the chapter. Something dramatic happened when Carter (in Alex's body) touched Alex ( in Carter's body). You left us with a cliff hanger, although that is better than the drivel from Simon. Simon needs to go out to pasture. Aron's mother almost realized the switch that had been made due to the actions of Carter (as Alex) in their home. He was acting as if he knew exactly what he was doing. I'll be waiting with baited breath for the awakening in the hospital room.
  6. WildcatLes

    Chapter 26

    I will look forward to your next story. Don't make us wait too long for you to spin another tale. This story was amazing.
  7. WildcatLes

    Chapter 25

    The new twists and turns in Kyle's work brings back memories of Perry Mason. Kyle is really sharp to have put inconsistencies together from the meetings with Gordon and his high-flying attorneys. You left us waiting with baited breath for the new evidence. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.
  8. WildcatLes

    The Shape of Truth

    Well! Well! Well! The author decided to throw some twists and turns into the mix. I was expecting something different with this chapter, but I will have to wait. You were getting close to revealing what happened with the body switch between Alex and Carter. David provided some interesting things about what is coming. In Alex's body, Carter has opened up to new and different twists with Aron. Aron should be getting suspicious. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons that the went to David. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.
  9. WildcatLes

    Chapter 12

    Lots of progress happened in this chapter. David told his son, Kyle, many things that happened in his lifetime. The loss of his lover, Travis, definitely had an impact on Kyle. Then, Andy and Brian finally tell each other the feelings they have had for each other since they were teens. Jacob is almost to the breaking point. I imagine that meeting Matt and finding out the rest of the story will break him. When Kyle told his father about Matt, the healing process definitely was speeded up. I can hardly wait for the next chapter. Reading two chapters in one sitting really got me going.
  10. WildcatLes

    Chapter 10

    As usual, you left us hanging at the end of the chapter. The chapter included a lot of tension with David and the five boys. I sensed that a significant amount was released between David and Kyle, I'm waiting for the longer reunion between them with the hope that more healing will result for both of them. Depression is wicked, but can be dealt with and healed through medication, counseling, and talking. The notifications indicated that another chapter was posted, but Gay Authors usually limits the author with posting one chapter each day. I did detect some thawing between Jacob and Kyle. What I sensed that both of them want to reconcile.
  11. WildcatLes

    Chapter 9

    WOW! That chapter was full of memories and surprises. The surprise that Brian and Andy are a couple again. That secret was not hidden in previous chapters. The reaction from Brian and Andy was a surprise, although the greeting of "the Prodigal Son" told a great deal. I hope that Chapter 10 comes quickly. I want to read about the reuniting of father and son.
  12. WildcatLes

    Chapter 7

    Saying goodbye brought lots of tears and aching hearts. The emotions in this story are gut-wrenching. I wait in anticipation to read each new chapter, although I am waiting for Kyle to reach out to his father. I can surmise that there are many more chapters to follow the tales of each of the five "brothers" in their jouneys. Thanks for writing.
  13. WildcatLes

    Chapter 76

    I had to laugh about your comments about preparing your taxes. I'm a retired CPA and used to prepare income tax returns, as well as trust and estate tax returns. The standard procedure for distributions from some estates is to withhold 10% for Federal income taxes. I'm surprised that your received a refund from California. Governor Moonbeam likes to tax everything whether or not he has the authority to do so.
  14. WildcatLes

    Chapter Eleven

    "As The World Turns" is all that needs to be said. The mysterious happenings in and behind this story leave me wondering what is coming next. I truly hope that Miranda and Dustin can reconcile, but he needs to change his attitudes and ways. The spider and the webbing may be hiding more secrets.
  15. WildcatLes

    IOI Chapter 33

    I am guessing that the author has some surprises in mind with all of the guests who are arriving for the installation ceremony. Lewis is being overloaded with responsibilities, but I imagine he will adapt. He will have things running smoothly in short order, especially with Kylie there to help him. Each new chapter brings new surprises.

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