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  1. Ronyx: The Mustard Jar www.themustardjar.com Codeysworld: www.codeysworld.com
  2. It's a gay novel if the characters and the plot revolve around the characters getting into gay relationships, or even hookups. So if the little twink with the big dick gets the football player (or the coach), with a big sister or otherwise untouchable female whose got the twink's best interest at heart (even if she's clumsy about it), then you've nailed it. Also, one of the pair needs to end up in the hospital so that the other one can prove their love.
  3. Stay out of the bookstores in Portland, you'll have a relapse if you go inside
  4. Mozilla has a very lgbt friendly culture. And people that use it's products tend to be under 40 - people who are very tolerant of lgbt issues. They also use a lot of developers, mostly younger people as well. They need those developers - they are the engine that makes the company run, in a lot of ways. Eich's views about gay marriage - which he has never denied that he still has - threaten Mozilla's ability to keep the developers. I think that's why he had to go.
  5. YOURE A HORRIBLE PERSON. and so I retaliate: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZTstNLpEY
  6. Good for him. That's brave, and it shows his trust in his friends and family. I had a bit of a thing for Lil Scott too. Also Randolph Mantooth from Emergency. Which is now on netflix if anyone cares
  7. I can't wait for the hospital scene and the I'm-in-love-with-my-best-friend-so-I-must-tell-him-scene. Your grammar is to good and u need less punctuation also
  8. Sorry for your loss. Facebook has a process for memorializing a profile. It basically freezes it. You can look at it but not post to it. You have to send them a copy of the death certificate. I have a porn buddy. If I die, he has my passwords and account info for all the websites I visit, and I'll leave it to him to delete or deactivate the accounts. I'll do the same thing for him if needed - but I hope I go first
  9. Sure, it's all fun and games and then you come down. The desolation, the regret...
  10. Just got The Who's entire discography from a friend. Mamas got a squeezebox. Headphones rock.
  11. I want a review box at the bottom of every chapter, like efiction had. I'd be a lot more inclined to just drop words in a box about the chapter I've read if I could do that. That review could pop up on the reviews page for the story.
  12. Skydive is sweet. Live mesh was cool too, but I guess they're killing that. I'm a M$ partner so I get 25 gb free. If anyone has onenote, it can sync to a web (skydrive) notebook, meaning you can have a notebook that syncs in addition to documents.
  13. I've done two book reviews on the book's page on Amazon to let people know the story was stolen, and they're deleted within hours. So the author is obviously watching that. However, he's not watching this: http://www.goodreads...s#other_reviews So at least there is a place to notify people that it's plagiarized. Hopefully it helps drop some book sales (and KC has been there today, putting the word out).
  14. Let the power of the dark side...
  15. Yeah, I can see where your bag is tweaked to configuring specific gear. Mine is really wide open, I tend to go site to site, and never really know what the heck is going on when I get there.
  16. Nice kit. Mine has (in addition to many things from your bag) - Two 1.5 TB USB hard drives for data backup - One USB/e-SATA dock for disk cloning - Two SATA/USB enclosures for hard disks - 2.5 and 3.5 flavors - One adapter for USB to IDE/SATA/SCSI drives - A pile of flash drives for sneakernetting - Three or four bootable CDs/flash drives for booting systems outside their OS (Hirens, TrueImage, two or three Linux distros) - One USB hard drive with a full set of Dell openmanage/server build disks and a bunch of Windows images - Two or three Dell disk carriers for server disks and a couple of HP ones - One bag-o-cables of just about any sort - A box of cat5e, some wall plates/remod boxes and jacks - Cabling gear (push sticks, a fish tape, two testers, toner, zip ties, punchdown tool, scissors, cable stripper etc) - A ladder and a step stool - A separate box of keyboards, mice, and some stuff I can sell (like network cards, small switches/routers) The mandatory laptop, a not so necessary ipad, and the relevant crap that goes with that stuff. I like comparing gear
  17. 1. I first read HP when I was 38 or something. It was awesome then. It's just a good story, age has not much to do with it.Having good casting and direction really helped the movies. REALLY. 2. The Percy Jackson movie sucked, Logan Lerman notwithstanding. His acting talent - and those of his costars - were wasted here. Riordan's writing is pedestrian but reasonably unpredictable. It helps to have unpredictability when you're not a very good writer. 3, Don't ever read Eragon or any books in the series; avoid the movie at all costs.
  18. Yeah I kinda think its actually you.
  19. Run your life like it's none of your business. Allow your instincts to work, and don't overthink things.
  20. Truly heartfelt: DK please reconsider, if not, then a very real good luck in your future endeavers.

    1. dkstories


      I thank you for your sentiment and wish you well. Look at the silver lining - you'll get to see part of what we discussed in your thread put into action.

  21. So is this the mainframe on Saratoga? DON'T TEASE ME True story: My dad worked for Compuware for awhile. Their core piece of software was a little tool that would assist mainframe guys with getting a box back up fast after an abend. They made MILLIONS. They called it...abend-aid. ...I'll get my coat.
  22. I've learned more from the experiences of transgendered people about the strength to fix the things that are wrong in life than any other group anywhere ever. I embrace anyone that takes on the immense challenges of changing gender - no matter where in the transition - as being someone I'd like to emulate. Being cisgender, I'm probably not going to go TOO far with that, but I think you get my drift. Good on you.
  23. Just wait until we adjust the number 1 to the number 1.24. THEN you'll see how this hopey changey stuff works out for you!
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