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  1. bramonj

    Chapter 15

    Harry is being played. He's changing for the worse and I don't like it. I wonder what it will take to get him to see the errors of his ways. Ron?
  2. bramonj

    Chapter 1

    Great story! Like all good ones, it left me wanting more.
  3. bramonj

    Chapter 1

    Great story. Each party was equally at fault. Yes assumptions are made, but Billy Joe should have disclosed his encounters with Jake long before the mishap. And it was wrong of him to cut off his phone. It's not right to cut off communications. I wish the story would continue.
  4. bramonj

    Chapter 13 Brady

    Finally! Can we enjoy their connecting for a moment before anything happens to disturb it (Justin)?
  5. bramonj

    ATGB X

    Excellent chapter. I felt like I was accompanying CJ and Ozzie on their special day. And I enjoyed every moment. Thanks Carlos!
  6. bramonj

    Chapter 6 - Brady

    I’m really enjoying the story. Please don’t make us wait another week!?!
  7. bramonj

    Chapter 5 - Ember

    I am loving this story. Keep it coming!
  8. bramonj

    Chapter 27

    Everyone is feeling sorry for Galen, but Josh is hurting too. The guilt he must feel has to be crippling. Josh hass been so busy looking out for Galen, but hasn't allowed anyone to look out for Josh. Yes, I hope Galen finds some answers and the ability to stand on his own two feet again. At the same time I hope Josh gets some counseling and allows himself to lean on somebody. Most of all, I want the two to find their way to each other in a healthy, loving relationship - soon.
  9. bramonj

    Christmas Part 4

    That was such a strong chapter. I am just like, wow! I feel great for Mike. It must be such a relief to unburden himself and to find himself supported and loved after doing so. Mike is not alone. And I don't think he ever will be again! (P.S. Chet was absolutely amazing!🤩)
  10. bramonj

    Chapter 24

    Great story. It brings all of our emotions into play. Hopefully Galen and Josh make it back home without any mishaps. Josh is so tired. It probably isn't safe for him to drive. I'm glad to see that Galen is healing and really hope that Josh has the physical, mental and emotional fortitude to hang in there with him. I am really looking forward to the next chapter!
  11. Very interesting story. I certainly would appreciate you continuing it.
  12. bramonj


    Beautiful! Thank you.
  13. bramonj

    Walking the Line

    This was a very different, yet very beautiful story. I am intrigued that some can easily accept the idea of a straight man falling in love with another man, but so quickly reject the idea of a gay man falling in love with a woman. To me sexuality runs on a spectrum, with very few at either end. As Nick and Josie said, "Love is love." And with love, any thing is possible (though admittedly, maybe not probable. 🙃) Val, thanks for writing this story. I really enjoyed it.
  14. bramonj


    Thanks for an intriguing story. Yes, this is a story that should be continued. Your characters are compelling. And I, for one, would like to see how they develop. Who is Charlie? Should we root for him, Jake or neither?
  15. bramonj


    This is a breathtakingly beautiful story - very well written. Thank you for sharing it !
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