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  1. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/05/i-watched-an-entire-flat-earth-convention-for-my-research-heres-what-i-learned/ This article is fun, depressing, and a lot like the US House’s hearings on global warming.
  2. This beautiful description brings to mind Timothy Leary, “Turn on, tune in, drop out!” He encouraged us to experiment with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and see what Kohl is seeing now. How wonderful that only a puff or two of weed sufficed. A poet’s view probably helps. I might be lolling and looking, saying to myself, “Well, that seam is a mess.”
  3. Speaking only for myself, there is definitely a connection, but I see evidence that Kohl doesn’t yet understand Gordon. Or that understanding has formed deep inside but hasn’t yet surfaced. And Kohl’s under more than usual stress. So I read his characterization of his need with a bit of suspicion. Need more! When (if) they rejoin, we’ll see what’s what. EDIT: Or maybe this understanding is welling up just now! We don’t know yet. Kohl is both a person and a frame for satire, and many a hasty conclusion has bit the dust already.
  4. "Shared assumptions about understanding and describing the world through data-driven inquiry are under assault,” a very Mojo message, succinctly delivered by Thomas Rosenbaum, president of Caltech, in an email today. Growing up in a bubble of reason, I assumed these assumptions be widely and firmly shared, so the recent assault confused me. I’ve since concluded that these assumptions were firmly accepted by a minority and flimsily accepted by a majority, while another minority fumed in silence.
  5. Agreed. He seems to pine for a closeness that they might have had. If they get back together, we’ll have to see how this plays out, but at least there’s hope that he’s not, as Parker fears, simply growing accustomed to his condition.
  6. Great verbs! A herioc quest for an erection! Move over, Homer!
  7. And Gordon has annoyed a third, with his banana peels, nail clippings, and egg shells at sea. I wonder if Kohl is saddled with this as well.
  8. Oh. So during Cyrus’s reign, it’s possible that the anguiped moved from Persia to India, where forms of it now survive in Hinduism; meanwhile Iran has moved on. And Buddhism that started in India spread to East Asian countries, while it was supplanted by Hinduism in India.
  9. I think it speaks to needing a sweater. Maybe I’m an unadmitted Gnostic.
  10. Oh, OK. I’m confusing Gnostics with Abracans.
  11. Yeah! I don’t see why a Cock God is any sillier than a flying dick. I still say the magicians and ventriloquists are getting a bum wrap.
  12. From Mojo 19 (GA 20), Kohl says or, in less belligerent terms, all religions deserve equal respect. But later in this chapter, he says And why not? Looking past the still-limp dick, I see a useless blindfold, pencil-thin mustaches, creaky marionettes, chickens, wand envy, and on and on. And while the Priapus group seems to have plenty of youthful followers, the aging Abraca group grows mainly by birth and marriage, a fate shared by many religious groups. But this comparison is mostly a matter of presentation. I accused AC of bias, and if I recall correctly, he repl
  13. I mean GGtG and the Abraca crowd. Yes, very stylish at the end.
  14. I giggle at this vision, and especially how it contrasts with the elegant puppet in the Happening.
  15. No, no, no! Let me fix that for you: “Misguided faith got you into this mess. Let this coming night be a measure of your faith in the true god.” Can’t these guys do anything right?
  16. Because these scenes are beyond ridiculous, I first blew off these crazy references. ‘Pfft. Yeah right. I’m not gonna waste my time looking up this obviously invented drivel.’ Mistake. These scenes are more fun and entertaining than real life, but not necessarily more ridiculous.
  17. Easier said than done. Mahayana Buddhism (sorta like a big-tent version of a political party) offers myriad metaphors to explain and educate. One of the creepier descriptions, from a sect I used to belong to, is “many in body, one in mind.” A poor translation from Chinese through Japanese, I hope. Anyway, droughquake’s stated goal is hard enough without the concept of cultural appropriation. And what of Mojo itself? Talent borrows; Genius appropriates? Can you imagine Petronius Arbiter on the warpath over Mojo?
  18. Watching Kohl tend to his job as Burtron’s assistant—quite ably, I think—I can recall few words in Mojo about Kohl working, that is, adding value to society. There was that modeling job at the Flying Dutchman. Anything else? A while back, he complained of being poor in a way that suggests to me that he might have grown up comfortably, but then fell out with family. Being tossed out for being gay would be the stereotype, but I suspect that Kohl bears some of the blame. Just a guess. Anyway, he can apply himself when it suits him.
  19. But not too closely, I guess. The audience is in another room.
  20. And I remember MIchael Steele’s short stint as chair of the RNC, with Rush Limbaugh in the role of the brokerage-house Massas.
  21. In full pity-party mode, nothing else is a consideration. (He’s got that lament bass going on. ) But maybe he could use some training from a dom. So far, he proving to be a slow learner.
  22. This is one of my favorite chapters, pivotal for both the story and me. At some point, I had written, Kohl needs to take more responsibility for his actions; Mojo may have reached that point. I have struggled to rationalize away the apparent outside interference by . . . gods, let's call them, but now I'm out of ammo. It's possible that Kohl translated the Latin curse and was ready to associate the English version with Parthia, and even imagine her speaking. It's possible that Parthia's gang tracked down Kohl in Venice without outside help. (EDIT: Or the flying-dick punks are everywhere in SoC
  23. Well, you’ve certainly made my day. A bonus is the painfully lovely rendition of Dido’s Lament by Elin Manahan Thomas. I imagine Kohl singing (an octave lower), soaking in the bathtub in his filthy tidy whities. ;-)
  24. And speaking of laments (Ch 17), here’s a cool link on lament bass: https://musictheorybridges.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/descending-tetrachords-muse-and-handel-are-both-sad/ One take away, to oversimplify a bit, is that the lament bass is so powerful, grabs so much of your attention, that it almost doesn’t matter what else is going on. Purcel throws in harmonies that might not fly otherwise, and Muse’s "MK Ultra" is just—well, it’s over my head. But doesn’t this notion remind you of Chapter 17?
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