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  1. Daveh

    Chapter 18

    This just gets better and better as it goes along great read
  2. Daveh

    IOI Chapter 31

    Hopefully Lewis will find some time amongst the rest of his duties to find some romance?
  3. Daveh

    TC3 - Chapter 1: Meet Jeremy

    Great to see the family back for another great outing. Shame about Jeremy's parents but he will overcome this trauma with the help love and support of his family.
  4. Daveh

    Chapter 13

    This just gets better and better with each chapter it's maturing nicely like a fine vintage wine love it!
  5. Daveh

    Chapter 5

    Brutal harrowing compelling words are not needed to express the horror of what happened to gay in the camps
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Daveh

    Chapter 73

    really love this story started reading it last thursday afternoon, and have devoured, laughed cried and got angry with all sorts of other emotions thrown into the mix. beautifully written real characters romance sadness happiness what more could you possibly want in a story?
  8. Daveh

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    wonderful tale brilliantly written great read left me wanting more please continue this fantastic tale
  9. Daveh

    Chapter 31

    It's no good I'm now starting forever again from the beginning and its all your fault!😂 sleep who needs it when you have forever ......
  10. Daveh

    Chapter 1

    Just started this book at about 3am this morning after reading the first 2 books the day before thank God I had 3days off but who needs sleep when you can devour brilliant addictive writing like this I just can't stop myself.
  11. Daveh

    The Strong Silent Type

    Absolutely loved this chapter as I said I'm my previous comment this is going to be a rollercoaster of a read bring it on!
  12. Daveh

    Lost and Found

    Ok you got me hooked on this need to know more,hopefully this is going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions can't wait for the next chapter !😂
  13. Daveh

    Chapter 18

    Wow what a chapter ! Jack has come into his own and is moving forward with his life. continuing the great back story to forever. Thank you
  14. Daveh

    Chapter 12

    Wow poor Jack what a way to find the truth at last and Clyde really cared for his 2 friends
  15. Daveh

    Chapter Two

    Looking forward to reading the lot great to have the back story to Jack to tie into the forever saga thank you

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