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  1. MJC

    Chapter 50

    First off, let me say thank you. I really enjoyed this series. I actually enjoyed this series way more than I expected to - the '1000 word' format is not my favourite 'style' as a 'reader only' I enjoyed it for two main reasons. Firstly, some of the scenarios really were funny and entertaining. Secondly (and predominantly) I really liked some of the major characters in this story. Especially the main character. Have you ever thought about giving Rob his own story in a longer format? As a reader, I kind of feel as if he deserves his own story, so you can develop his character and his life in more depth outside of this camp experience. Just my opinion of course Still, as I said first off - thank you, this has been a wonderfully entertaining read Even though I did read ahead when you posted accidentally, I still came back and religiously read every new chapter as it was posted Thanks again
  2. MJC

    Chapter 33

    Yep, another beautiful story, Ronyx I think you've outdone yourself with this one Thank you, as always, for the time and effort you put into creating beautiful, moving and timeless stories.
  3. MJC

    Epic Life - Day 2

    I agree... but just think how 'freeing' it would be if you had the guts to open up about every single thing you've held in all your life
  4. Well... perhaps we can keep Noah and co in our loop if we have a 'Jonah Prescott' story lol.
  5. MJC

    Chapter 7

    Best Charlie Boone story so far, Geron
  6. MJC

    Chapter 1

    Nice work, Geron . A really exciting start for the new Charlie Boone adventure .
  7. MJC

    Chapter 22

    Thanks, Dabeagle. Really enjoyed these characters and very much appreciated your efforts in bringing them to life
  8. MJC

    Chapter 21

    Oh man... those conversations with the two girls seemed almost beyond weird... certainly would've fried my brain totally if I was still Drew's age lol. Heck they fried my brain 'now'! Gotta say that Brax has been the standout in this chapter... definitely too smart to be a jock (as the flame jacket goes on lol). Is it nasty of me to hope that 'grandaddy asshat' says something to rile one of his fellow prisoners and gets the crap beaten out of himself while he's in jail... enough to be totally out of action for a goodly while anyway lol?!?! Yeah, it will be sad to see this story come to an end... and I would also enjoy these two making an appearance in a Sanitaria Springs story some time in the future .
  9. MJC

    Chapter 20

    Oh my lol... shower and bathroom items aren't always that strong are they... brings back embarrassing memories from younger days... things I laugh about these days lol. Nice bit of humour to end up with, Dabeagle
  10. MJC

    Chapter 19

    Sometimes the solution that is the simplest and easiest one is the one we think of last... or don't think of at all until it smacks us in the face Seems like we even have nice teachers around . Keep 'em coming, Dabeagle, it's a wonderful story
  11. MJC

    Chapter 17

    Lights... camera... action! Well, kind of lol. Followed by Gay Sex 101 with Teo. Told ya Teo would be good for Drew Nice chapter, looking forward to the next installment
  12. MJC

    Chapter 16

    Drew has had to put up with a lot of shit over the years. He's now found a reason to not want to have to put up with continuing shit He's gonna feel 'protective' and he's gonna act that way as required I may be in the minority re his 'anger management' lol, but I'm glad that he is standing up for himself and for those he cares about. And between he and Cole (and Teo and Alessia) he's more than capable of working through it... in my opinion Good news with the pup kid, too
  13. MJC

    Chapter 14

    Wow... coming out thick and fast now Thank you And yeah, I think they make a cute (but manly) couple
  14. MJC

    Chapter 11

    Wow... there you go... been involved with dogs for over 30 years (agility judge, instructor, competitor and enthusiast lol) and I hadn't heard of the Catahoula! Good looking breed Glad your beagle is doing better, too, bet he hates his diet though lol. Have owned lots of dogs over the years but currently have a Belgian Malinois and a Working Kelpie. Dogs are simply wonderful companions when you don't have 'people' companions
  15. MJC

    Chapter 11

    A rather interesting way for the boys to actually 'find' each other. Did make for an exhilarating read though Dog lover from way back, glad your pooch is getting better Is it a 'beagle'
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