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  1. MJC

    Chapter 12

    IOMFATS is a really good site, Awesomedude might also work for something as high quality as this. Just my opinion
  2. MJC

    Chapter 30

    Amen to that, Howzat
  3. MJC

    Ripples in a Pond

    Totally awesome... truly moving... simply brought tears to my eyes... in a good way of course . Thank you for you wonderful story.
  4. MJC

    Part 4

    Nice work, Geron. Probably my favourite Charlie and Kippy 4th of July story . Enhanced, of course, because finally 'my' Mikey looks like he is going to end up with a boyfriend of his own with whom to enjoy future travels and adventures . Cheers 'Aussie Mike'
  5. MJC

    Chapter 23

    I think that only works if people specifically follow 'you' as the author... but don't quote me on that, I'm definitely not a GA expert lol. I think people mostly just follow stories as a general rule. Well, I know I do anyway. But I have also followed you as well... just in case lol.
  6. MJC

    Chapter 23

    Stirrer! At least we all got ONE answer! AND there was nothing 'untoward' about it . I still want to know why Spencer and Anthony are 'doppelgangers' for each other... but I'm sure you will 'string' that one out for us lol. Super story, nothric, a tale well told. Looking forward to parts two and three .
  7. MJC

    Chapter 22

    LOL. Just don't do a Comicality on us and have so many stories going at one time that they take forever to get finished... luckily, he is a great writer lol.
  8. MJC

    Chapter 22

    It would be truly awesome if you could give us more of Kes and Spencer (and the camp) post mystery . I think one of the most difficult things for a writer must be in developing characters that people really identify with/respond to, and, personally, I think you've managed that very nicely with your current crop of counsellors. They all have their own unique personalities but they all 'fit' together so to speak. I would, however, understand if you wanted to move onto different challenges and different characters. Still, Kes and Spencer (and the others) could easily make for a nice continuation, in my humble opinion anyway . Just remember though, nothric, you be da boss .
  9. MJC

    Chapter 22

    Tune in for the next exciting chapter of 'Bowden's Camp For Boys', brought to you by the one and only... 'nothric' ... first-time writer extraordinaire! The problem is that when the mystery is solved, I'm still going to want more of Kes and Spencer... they seem so cute together... but I doubt I'll get that lol. So sue me, I'm a romantic at heart lol.
  10. MJC

    Chapter 22

    Think that's a question we're gonna have to direct to nothric, after all, he's the one running this show .
  11. MJC

    Chapter 22

    Hmmm... yes, there is the mystery as to what actually happened to Anthony and what Bowden's involvement is... although from the two rings, clearly they were close. I have to wonder though if there is also a second mystery - why does Spencer look identical to Anthony... or is it simply chance? And yes, I was amused that Smits wanted the company of a 'gay boy' in his bunkhouse lol... although, of all of them, he was the one who was most clearly freaked out by Anthony's ghost. Nice work yet again, nothric .
  12. MJC

    Chapter 21

    Damn, nothric, are you totally sure this is your first story??? You're unbelievably good at finishing each chapter on a note where we 'always' want more lol. Lots of individuals 'boats' being rocked in this story lol... poor Smits . Another excellent chapter. And no, I still can't 'see' any of the extra chapters... sorry . Definitely bedtime is Aussieland!
  13. MJC

    Chapter 20

    Ummm... you do realize that you'd have to send me chapters 'before' posting... otherwise there'd be no point to it at all lol. But, I have done this sort of thing before if that helps. It's been a while though, and I haven't done it through GA before. At least you have 'nice' chapter sizes for a proofreader lol.
  14. MJC

    Chapter 20

    Gotta love a good mystery ... and that's 'exactly' what you're creating here . Hmmm, maybe I should offer my services as a 'proofreader'... just so I can get an earlier insight into what you're planning. Not that you need a proofreader at all... sigh... lol. Good job, nothric, I'm really enjoying this.
  15. MJC

    Chapter 19

    Yay for 'superman Spencer'... and for his courage in expressing his feelings towards Kes
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