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  1. I honestly don't know how you could even match, let alone surpass, this story, it's an absolute masterpiece... in my eyes anyway . Beautifully written, brilliantly conceived... thank you for sharing this wonderfully evocative, psychoanalytical tour-de-force!
  2. MJC

    Let's go camping

    I'm glad you were talked into continuing this 😊
  3. Thanks for this story, Graham. It helped to bring my relationship with my own father into better context. He would've been in his early 20s when this attitude was so prevalent and I'm sure it impacted on the philosophy of both he and his brother/s. It kind of makes more sense now why he was like he was.
  4. MJC, I am a bit late, but my wish for you is still the same. I hope that you had a very Happy Birthday and a really great day.


    Best (belated) wishes


  5. Happy Birthday!  (although as you are a day ahead, it may be a bit behind the times....)

  6. MJC

    Chapter 10

    The romantic in me would have enjoyed your 'happily ever after' option but the practical in me sees this as a sensible and logical conclusion. Wonderful read. Thank you very much for your time and effort in putting this story to paper.
  7. Thanks for the reads and likes on my books! Lots of chapters coming! :boy:

    1. MJC


      No worries my friend. I'm always slack at writing comments after chapters and this is a simple way for me to show you that I both appreciate and enjoy your writing ?. Sexy young guys learning about life is always good value reading ?. I will definitely keep reading and enjoying ?. Thanks. Michael.


  8. MJC

    Chapter 13

    This was a wonderful story, Sasha, right from the get go. Both boys obviously felt this huge 'spark' between them and it made for some really 'hot' scenes lol. I loved how you finished this story off. Clearly both boys still had some growing up to do and to come back some years later, with both being successful in their fields, and that spark still so clearly there just made it a magical finish. Loved it. Thank you .
  9. MJC

    Chapter 1

    Aah, glad I’m not the first. Thanks, Parker! I simply have to write to compliment you, Geron. All your stories are always so beautifully crafted and this one is definitely no exception! It can’t be easy to combine exceptional spelling, punctuation and grammar with excellence in style and writing flair… yet you do so every time you write… so thank you for giving me so much reading pleasure! As you well know, I’m a real sucker for a ‘feel-good’ story and that is something that you always provide! Please don’t stop! Beste wensen Michael
  10. MJC

    American Land

    I can only agree with what everyone else is saying, Carlos. This has been an amazing series of adventures all the way back to book one of CJ. And, Like everyone else, I can't wait for the next edition to get under way at Walls If CJ is a wonderful lead character and amazing in and of himself, you have certainly created an enigma in Harley! I can't wait for that day when meeting 'someone special' just knocks him off his feet... he is an awesome character and please, please let it happen lol. So, congratulations on a wonderful series and thank you for a huge amount of reading pleasure. Sounds like you might have heavy writing commitments over the coming festive season, please don't get too distracted by other fun things All the best. Michael.
  11. MJC

    Part 3

    This was indeed a wonderful story, Sasha. The background information on tattooing (for a non-inked person like me lol) was very enlightening. Clearly the degree of artistic skill and creativity that goes into tattooing is exceptionally high. And I loved your portrayal of Kip and his burgeoning relationship with Niels - the problem is that I now want MORE of these two lol. Perhaps, further down the track...? Do I have to beg... pretty please lol???
  12. MJC

    Blue Age

    I also enjoyed your first chapter... enough to put a 'follow' on it lol. Didn't want to be the first 'reviewer' though, so thank you Carlos I do love a story that is well-written and grammatically sound, so I'm REALLY looking forward to upcoming chapters
  13. Just loving the story, Riley, so thank you very much for all your wonderful efforts Clearly the situation with Simon has to 'open up' soon for his sake, but also for the sake his family and friends. And happy birthday for yesterday (sounds like you may have had 'too much' fun lol) - and good luck with getting those reviews!
  14. I've long held a 'personal' view that 'historical tribalism' could easily have seen the advent of 'modern homophobia'(perpetuated by power brokers and religious institutions for their own benefit naturally lol)and now we see similar 'pressures' brought to bear in a very futuristic colonial view of mankind. Very interesting Loved the chapter by the way... and the direction of the story thus far :)Looking forward to future chapters!
  15. You're welcome 'Riley' Sorry about the wrong name... still getting used to how this site works and how I need to work with it Keep up the great work... please
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