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  1. MJC


    I think you manage to get the balance between characters just about spot on. Trying to maintain the focus on too many characters can make the story difficult to comprehend and keep up with at times. Given that I read a 'lot' of stories (lol) this can sometimes be an issue for me... but never with your stories Thanks again. Michael
  2. MJC


    Simply wonderful. A satisfying and emotional ending to an awesome story. Thank you... may there be many more wonderful Camp Refuge side stories such as this Michael
  3. What a beautifully moving and wonderfully positive note on which to finish this story I hope you have more 'Pern dragon tales' planned so we can continue this amazing journey of dragons, boys and men Thank you for sharing your work and dreams with us. Michael
  4. MJC


    These 'Camp Refuge' tales are wonderful, warm stories of human salvation and enduring love. I really enjoy them and I'm sure others do as well. Thank you for spending the time making all your characters come to life for our reading enjoyment. Michael
  5. MJC

    The Story

    We did have both series on Oz TV, and I enjoyed both of them as a kid I do remember Astro, but clearly I missed the Tralfaz episode... or maybe it's just my long term memory going... alongside everything else!
  6. MJC

    The Story

    Thanks, Geron You really do know how to make a Christmas 'magical' And loving P.S. I have absolutely NO idea where you got Tralfaz from lol. And I DEFINITELY appreciated the chapter numbers as it took me a lot more than one sitting to complete reading it
  7. MJC

    Chapter 10

    Thanks, Geron A really delightful Halloween interlude
  8. MJC

    Chapter 1

    Hmmm... how is Kippy with 'snakes' And, how about sharks and stingers... I take it Kippy can swim like a fish... a very fast fish lol!!!
  9. MJC

    Chapter 1

    Wow, ten chapters! Thanks, Geron If you wanted a Covid-free environment, you could've sent the boys to my place in Far North Queensland I'd enjoy being 'babysat' lol. Plus, I have TWO beautiful dogs that they could spoil with attention and affection And there are always plenty of noises in the dark up here lol. It's when all these crazy tropical denizens come out to play I can just imagine Kippy sitting bolt upright every ten minutes saying 'what the heck made that noise' lol. Still, I'm sure the boys will enjoy their current adventure in any case Thanks for all your hard work for our reading pleasure
  10. MJC

    Chapter 50

    First off, let me say thank you. I really enjoyed this series. I actually enjoyed this series way more than I expected to - the '1000 word' format is not my favourite 'style' as a 'reader only' I enjoyed it for two main reasons. Firstly, some of the scenarios really were funny and entertaining. Secondly (and predominantly) I really liked some of the major characters in this story. Especially the main character. Have you ever thought about giving Rob his own story in a longer format? As a reader, I kind of feel as if he deserves his own story, so you can develop his character and his life in more depth outside of this camp experience. Just my opinion of course Still, as I said first off - thank you, this has been a wonderfully entertaining read Even though I did read ahead when you posted accidentally, I still came back and religiously read every new chapter as it was posted Thanks again
  11. MJC

    Chapter 33

    Yep, another beautiful story, Ronyx I think you've outdone yourself with this one Thank you, as always, for the time and effort you put into creating beautiful, moving and timeless stories.
  12. MJC

    Epic Life - Day 2

    I agree... but just think how 'freeing' it would be if you had the guts to open up about every single thing you've held in all your life
  13. Well... perhaps we can keep Noah and co in our loop if we have a 'Jonah Prescott' story lol.
  14. MJC

    Chapter 7

    Best Charlie Boone story so far, Geron
  15. MJC

    Chapter 1

    Nice work, Geron . A really exciting start for the new Charlie Boone adventure .
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