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  1. stlstage

    Mr. Neighbor and his crew

    as much as I disliked the "hook-up" chapter, this chapter is amazing and full of heartwarming values!
  2. stlstage

    Aqu Chapter 9

    Just as in your other stories, your main character, Trenton, is a selfish egotistical asshole. He left the ship without any speaking to anyone but Mitchell and now he rewards Mitch by telling him a relationship is out of the question. Mitch deserves better but he won't get it from someone who is so heartless as Trent.
  3. stlstage

    Chapter 26

    Beautifully written story, JDonely. I enjoyed every aspect. You should be a screen writer for crime shows!
  4. stlstage

    TC3 — Chapter 5: A Day to Remember.

    I have loved your stories, Bhopper2. Please keep them coming. The references to places in the Tampa area make it so much more believable as I have been to several of the places many times. Thanks.
  5. stlstage

    Chapter 10

    Beautiful Story, Backwoods Boy! I have often read about Native American's references to "Two Spirit" people, and it was refreshing to see this positive story.
  6. stlstage

    A Whole New World

    Flyonthewall: Hunter Hayes??? Same name as the hottest young country music star that's out there right now. Coincidence? I think he is straight, but still single. He's from Louisiana though, not TX....had to throw that in...
  7. stlstage


    What an incredibly sad story, Steven. I can't help but think it's autobiographical. Growing up in the same era, most of us who are gay had similar crushes on straight friends as we had nowhere to turn and nowhere to find potential partners. I hope you have finally found the peace you deserve.
  8. stlstage

    Chapter 14

    Your play by play of the game is excellent...didn't expect that!
  9. stlstage

    A New Horizon

    Great Story! Just the right amount of conflict and a beautiful ending.
  10. stlstage

    All Out War!

    Sorry, I am going to have to stop reading your stories. There is nothing good to come out of them. It's almost like being gay is accepted, and so for that matter is gang violence illegal racing and illegal fighting...and everyone is doing it. I think your ideas ore delusional and unrealistic.
  11. stlstage

    The Minister's Kid

    I am late on the scene here, but have enjoyed this story and are awaiting the next one between Justin and Harrison. Remember this is YOUR story, not ours. You can take it wherever your want it to go...
  12. stlstage

    Chapter 10

    Wonderful story
  13. stlstage


    Great Story. The plot could be used for a action packed suspense movie. Keep up the good work!
  14. stlstage

    Chapter 13 - Two Bullets

    I have had it with your stories. There is little happiness to found anywhere and stupidly unbelievable. I keep waiting for things to get better but there is no hope.
  15. stlstage

    Chapter 13: The Chase

    Colonian, you are a masterful story-teller! I enjoyed your tale immensely and it would have worked even in with a straight plot.

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