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  1. RafaelDe

    Chapter 48

    For every evil, there is an equal and opposite good. With no Eike, there would be no Cyn. Eike is, in his own right, a blessing
  2. RafaelDe

    Chapter 20

    Haven't been on GA in many a months. With wild curly tickling at my chops, popped on site the other day only to come across your cathartic tale. Had to come out to say, "Well writ, Signore!" Looking forward to next installment.
  3. Whisper me sweet nothings As you lick my ear Tell me that you love me Even if untrue Fill my head with little lies As you steal me way For I am your menagerie Naked for your pleasure; Willingly penned in Undulating not for show But basking in your favor
  4. LOVED Lovely One Vamps Erotic Dalliance CRASS
  5. BATCH Balls And Todgers Captivate Him RIVAL
  6. MAYBE My Ass Yap Barks Emissions TROLL
  7. RafaelDe


    Grazie for this beautiful poem...truly an entree for the mind to munch on with good friends and a glass of vino. My two cents...?!? Time is man's invention... impatience with a side of blinders. But Once dust is dust, and spirit's free... joker's surely wild! Happy Springshine­čî×
  8. That she was. Being my first "relationship", she started me on the road of responsibility, patience, fierce loyalty and unconditional love. She showed me if you love completely, without reservation, you will never want for love...never feel the need to take what's not freely given. She was my Lil Scottish Yodita! Grazie, Bella. Your words here, and throughout GA, are like little warm hugs! You, Missy, are a blessing! Happy Easter Sprinshine­čî×
  9. COLES Colon Obliges Lust, Elicits Spasming SPORT
  10. As spring surrounds us with the sweet smells of life born from the nutrients of a slumbering death, I'm reminded of the first puppy that was ever labeled "Mine". Back home me mum raises Scottie Dogs, and I was given responsibility of one wee little runt that quickly dug her way deep into my heart! This is her story... Tough lil' scottie dog Fearless with his hardened head Cement pond his doom R.I.P. Duff Or so the story's told His daughter was my favored pet
  11. HOSED Historically, Oral Symposiums Entail Dictation DRIED
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